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When you start a new business, one of the most impactful aspects you must consider for your business is marketing. Although setting up a business is much more complex than getting your brand recognized, you cannot turn a profit without an adequate marketing platform. For a brick-and-mortar business owners, your first platform is the physical location of your business. However, for businesses that provide online services, your online footprint begins at your domain. A domain is the main part of a URL that your customer enters in to navigate to a specific website. Millions of domains exist ripe for the taking, as well as numerous ways to purchase them.

To get your business off the ground in the digital space, a domain is a necessity. For this reason, we’ve accrued a list of the top 25 resources where you can buy a quality domain for an exceptional price! Enjoy the list, and happy domain-hunting!

1. 1and1.com – 1and1 is the professional solution for web hosting, site domains, and webpage creation. Start your one-month trial with a 30-day money back guarantee, and choose from prices starting at $8.99 for .com domains!

2. Bluehost – Get the best hosting and unbeatable technology with Bluehost! Their supportive hosting packages start at $4.99 a month and come with a brand new registered domain! A non-refundable domain fee is required.

3. Domain.com – Domain.com believes that it all starts with a great domain! Purchase your domain at prices starting at $9.99 a year, and pay for hosting with plans starting at $3.99 per month.

4. DomainSite – Powered by Name.com, DomainSite offers low, low prices for domains. Starting at $10.99, you can purchase your own .com top-level domain. Buy yours today and take advantage of the attentive customer support and extensive knowledge base.

5. Dotster – Start crafting your web presence today with Dotster! Buy your .com domain at $14.99 per year (renewal rates may apply). Upgrade your package to include hosting at $3.75 a month.

6. DreamHost – DreamHost provides hosting and domains at an affordable price! Sign up for any one of their shared hosting packages and get a domain thrown in for free! You pay $11.95 per year for a regular .com domain price.

7. Dynadot – Make use of a perfect domain, snappy dashboard, and free website builder with the incredible Dynadot platform! Domain names go for $9.99 per year (.com only) and hosting is only an additional $1! If that’s not a still, we don’t know what is.

8. EasyDNS – EasyDNS boasts power and freedom with bullet-proof domains and hosting. Plans begin at $15 per year for domain registration, DNS and URL forwarding, and more! You also get an unconditional money-back guarantee to sweeten the deal.

9. eNom – Domain names, integration options, and other online services are available to you with eNom. Buy a new domain for $13.95 a year, complete with help center guidance and product support.

10. FXDomains – No one provides a domain name for everyone like FXDomains! The domain specials range from $8.99 to $9.99, and add hosting for $3.99 a month. They also give you 24/7 support and feedback for a smooth installation process.

11. GoDaddy – Find the right name, right now with the world’s go-to domain name provider, GoDaddy! With more than 12 million customers worldwide, going with the company’s $8.99 per year plan is a no-brainer.

12. Hostgator – Hostgator is one of the brightest hosting companies out there, and you get to register your domain there for $12.95 a year! It’s your one-stop shop for great domains and excellent hosting services for your business.

13. iWantMyName – IWantMyName caters to your domain management needs. With domains priced at $14.90 for several of the most popular top-level domains, you get a variety to choose from. The company also has a wide range of international domains for the global entrepreneur to own.

14. Kualo – Starting at $9.95, you can buy an impressive domain from Kualo. If you’re looking for an even bigger bang for your buck, get web space, email hosting, a domain, and a lot of other service for just $35.40 a year!

15. Name.com – Are you looking for a high quality business name? Try Name.com, with rates going for $10.99 on .com domains. Make the most of this company’s domains, hosting, support, and more when you sign up today!

16. Namecheap – Putting up your site is a lot easier than you think with Namecheap. Find your domain, build your site, and grow your influence in no time by registering at prices as low as $10.69 a year!

17. NameSilo – Check for the cheapest everyday prices on the web with NameSilo! The process is cheap, easy, effective, and secure when you start at $8.99 a year for domains. A lifetime of free privacy, no hidden fees, and seamless integration awaits!

18. Netfirms – Do you want to register fast and have your website live as quickly as possible? If that’s the case, you’ll want to enlist the services of Netfirms. One domain is $9.95 per year, but get two domains free when you sign up for an advantage hosting plan.

19. Network Solutions – Take your small business up to the next level with Network Solutions! Purchase 3 or more domains for $39.99 per year to gain access to the immeasurable value of Network Solutions’s online marketing services. Order now!

20. MediaTemple – MediaTemple has been providing hosting and domain services for over 15 years. As a trusted name in the hosting space with an established track record, businesses can enjoy peace of mind and high reliability with a MediaTemple hosting package.

21. Shopify – Shopify is made for the online store business platform. Prices start at $29.99 for the a stylish, online store with astounding support and thorough tutorials. After purchasing, get a domain for only $9.00 a year.

22. Whois – Whois offers an identity for everyone! Affordable web hosting, email hosting, and webpage creation is right at your fingertips with this brilliant software. Choose from $9.88 .com domains, $6.88 .org domains, and more!

23. Web Hosting Hub – Do you want a free domain for one year with the purchase of valuable hosting? Web Hosting Hub is the digital portal for you! Py $4.99 per month in hosting fees and only being your domain payment of $11.95 per year in the next year.

24. WebsiteSpot – WebsiteSpot is your perfect spot to build your business website! Get a domain for as low as $8.99 a year and add in SEO marketing services for $1.80 a month. Give it a shot!

25. Verio – Search and buy domains with the power of Verio! Buy a domain at $11.59 per year, and get a free three-page website thrown in as a bonus. Feel free to take a look at the other business tools available when you give this platform a test run.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of low-cost domain options! The gamut of domain sites looks covered, but do you think there are some we missed? Let us know in the comments below!