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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing and social media.

Google Plus announces embedded posts across the web, local search continues to evolve, mobile use is increasing everyday, and more exciting SEO news are all included in this week’s inbound marketing roundup! In a couple more weeks, summer will be gone. For now though, let’s check out the hottest stories on this side of the Internet.

Search Optimization

It is time to hear the women of SEO speak their minds! Kate Gramlich Roumbos gathers the thoughts of esteemed SEOs and conducts interviews on content marketing, gender, search, and social media.

Are SEO companies stuck in the past? Kevin Gallagher tells us the consequences of lackluster SEO tactics, as well as showcases his beliefs on the state of search companies.

Google+ announced a new feature that allows posts embedded posts on websites. This integration will effectively boost your site’s rank in Google and in Google+. James Gibbons discusses this theory in his article.

On-site SEO is a crucial part of getting picked up by the search engines. Thankfully, several simple tweaks to your site content will improve your business’s lot in the SERPs. Brad Kuenn of Vertical Measures gives a detailed breakdown of each suggested refinement.

Social Optimization

Sprout Social’s Anna Washenko puts out an interview with Massimo Chieruzzi, the CEO of AdEspresso, to talk about the opportunity and significance in utilizing Facebook Ads. Test. Measure. Improve. Start over.

Google+ confuses many people and how to measure statistics. Thankfully, Jeff Sauer compiles an expert guide to understand Google+ activity and measurement for optimization.

Sit down, grab some popcorn, and watch this 30-minute video episode on social media for microbusiness and small businesses. Alicia Cowan hosts, answers how to connect with influencers, and discusses mistakes that businesses make online.

Interested in finding out which social media links perform the best out of the others? Read Kristi Hine’s complete blog post on KISSmetrics to learn how to start this process.

Local Optimization

The future of local discovery appears more in the local description than in the actual place itself. Want to learn more? Laura Lippay gives real world examples of companies ahead of their time with their local discovery stories.

The days of local directories may soon come to a painful and slow end. Steven Jacobs sits down with Ari Kaufman to talk about why local directories have dominated for so long and how companies will ultimately abandon them.

While local search ecosystems evolve pretty slowly, new players always fit into the changes in acquisition of search data. David Mihm interprets his thoughts on a big, new player and on global, local SEO.

Email Marketing

Has your business ever thought of going beyond adding social share buttons to the bottom of your email campaigns? Amy Birch highlights three brands that are integrating their email marketing and social media for maximum effect.

What makes people click? Nick Carr delivers insight on the methods that encourage people on your email list to click. This post really pulls back the curtain on the psychology of email marketing.

Beginners who create email lists will find a fair bit of insight in this blog post. Amie Marse guest writes to discuss small business email marketing and hands out some quick tips for your list building strategy.

Mobile Optimization

Get into the technicalities of designing for mobile with this informed blog post on mobile users and responsive performance. Gorka Molero reveals his knowledge on where design is heading and the mobile specs that should be taken into consideration.

Hackers and malware are formidable opponents, but that does not mean Apple is continuously optimizing its mobile practices. Cygnis Media shares industry news regarding Apple and its mobile application security measures.

Mobile application usage can be daunting, even with the tutorials programmed into them. Luke Wroblewski has his eye on promoting better mobile education practices for new adapters by using ‘just in time’ education. Read on to learn more.

Content Marketing

There are a plethora of resources out there for learning the art of content marketing. Maryam Taheri types up a compilation of 20 sites and tips that will speed up the learning process.

Publishing content not only gets you traffic, but also improves other aspects of your business. Miguel Salcido presents the underlying benefits of content marketing on AllBusinessExperts.com.

If you are looking for a consultant to complete content marketing for your business, you might want to think about how to integrate this into your organization first. Cate Conroy explains how content agencies may fall victim to some potential pitfalls.

In the marketing world, Twitter is a splendid asset to use for a business’s outreach. Unfortunately, Twitter’s popularity may have shifted the perception on how to tweet meaningful content. Mike Abasov relays his opinions on the effect of tweets.

Conversion Optimization

Most of us think of conversion problems as solely surrounding metrics. However, it is important to take a step back and think about the customers using the product. Tommy Walker writes about several examples and a tight problem interview script to help businesses with this issue.

Not sure whether your leads are of good or bad quality? Rock9Digital explains several reasons why your leads may not be moving and issues a couple tips on how to earn better prospects.

Reputation Management

Some people like to get their hands dirty to keep their reputation in check. Mike Masnick posts an interesting story about Yelp suing a law firm for posting fake reviews. Read the full article on Techdirt.

Dan Virgillito aids hotels in improving their online reputation. This post might be geared towards hotels, but the advice in here can apply to any business!

These were some of the most interesting ones we found this week. If you have any other great inbound marketing news to share, let us know below in the comments!