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Marketers are discovering new ways to use Facebook’s Graph Search, and Blackberry lays off more employees to stay relevant in mobile. Seeing how fast things move in the industry, these are just some of the amazing stories in the inbound marketing space this week that truly astonished us!

Before you run off and take advantage of all the cool things inbound marketing offers, sit back, relax, and read the best articles we scrounged up from the past week.

Search Optimization

  1. All too often, we get trapped in our assumptions of how customers will react or respond. Many people in the SEO industry are culprits of this behavior. iAcquire publishes a guest post by Yury Yarovoy that calls for marketers to test and get feedback from the anonymous community of Redditors.
  2. Looking for an effective tactic to gain backlinks? Long story short: you should attempt to provide as much value as possible in these links. Read the longer version of the story at Backlinks.com.au, and check out techniques to acquire links from 11 industry web experts.
  3. SEO tools launch all the time with the potential of helping us research better and improve our marketing skills. Richard Baxter writes an in-depth post that discusses 30 of the best new SEO tools. Netmagazine.com has the scoop.
  4. Danyl Bosomworth points out how the old way people view SEO is dead, and a transition is now emerging. A massive opportunity lies ahead for agencies to embrace the all-encompassing importance of optimizing a web presence to reach consumers.

Social Optimization

  1. Annie Cushing explains how LinkedIn not the most robust social network, and this comes across in its design and user experience. Annie Cushing tells all in this tip-filled breakdown of LinkedIn’s biggest flaws and how to traverse past them.
  2. If you are not yet utilizing Facebook’s new Graph Search, this post will benefit your business. Christian Karasiewicz‘s guest blog on Social Media Examiner highlights 17 strategies to target audiences using Facebook’s Graph Search feature.
  3. Large companies often use social media the wrong way, but many of them do get it right. Read how Honda successfully partnered with Vine to triple it’s Twitter engagement. Great stuff to learn from this Unruly Media article.
  4. Speaking of humanizing brands, make sure your Twitter feed doesn’t prove itself to be a glorified news ticker. Moosa Hemani talks about the drawbacks of automating your tweets.

Local Optimization

  1. Yahoo Local is not on the level of Google Plus Local quite yet. Nyagoslav Zhekov reviews the common issues surrounding Yahoo’s business listings platform.
  2. We here at UpCity love the Google Plus platform. However, Bill Sebald doesn’t find Google Plus as successful. Delve into his thoughts on Google Plus, and read his mini case study covering a client who found great success with the platform.
  3. Lawyer SEO Marketing writes up a case study to understand the impact of review stars in Google. Do they encourage more clicks? Or rather, do they deter users? Read the post to find answers.

Email Marketing

  1. Creating email subject lines can sometimes be overwhelming. Are your titles captivating? Do they stir enough emotion to encourage subscribers to instantly click? Well, wonder no more! The MarketingProfs showcases the most effective keywords in subject titles.
  2. Unconfirmed email subscribers are not what they seem. In other words, they can be won over, but it requires a little tact. Read Lincoln Murphy’s excellent tips to convert unconfirmed email readers.
  3. In reality, unsubscribers are very good for your business. Beth Hayden of Copyblogger provides a piece of wisdom for marketers doing their best to cling to every acquired email address.

Mobile Optimization

  1. The wait is over if you’re wondering how to build a specialized mobile site for your business. Kristina Kledzik helps you realize the future potential of mobile as well as provides ideas to create a successful interface and content strategy.
  2. Want the scoop on Android’s latest mobile update? Mighty Android delves into new features and interesting benefits from Google’s ever-improving software.
  3. We have here another insightful article about writing content for mobile devices. Contently reveals how to craft and design engaging content that keeps within the context of a mobile user’s activity and lifestyle.

Conversion Optimization

  1. “Conversion rates typically rate from 1 to 3 percent,” and “you only have 8 seconds to make a compelling headline.” These are two statistics from the well-thought out discoveries in this article. AdPushUp provides 25 stats about conversion rates and A/B testing.
  2. The power of A/B testing is significant and will transform an amateur website into a highly optimized user experience for your business. Francis Teo writes about the benefits of testing a hypothesis in EyeQuant’s latest article.

Content Marketing

  1. Avinash Kaushik believes framework is an essential component of effective marketing. Luckily, you won’t have to build a framework for your content and marketing strategies from scratch; he’s already built it! Get right into this post to peer into an interesting framework for marketing.
  2. Infographics may look complicated to put together, but they only require the correct software and content to reformat. Here’s a step by step guide from the Content Marketing Institute on how to properly design an infographic.
  3. Steve Brownlie talks about smart ways to write new and relative content. There is a world of topics you can apply your niche; take a chance and wade into the ocean of related topics.
  4. Creating content around events takes a little foresight and a lot of planning. Heidi Cohen writes a 21-step post that walks through the optimal structure for recording event content.

Reputation Management

  1. Online reputation is always a gray area, especially when conflicts between individuals and large entities become involved. In this case, Adecco fumbles it’s online reputation strategy and injures its social media standing. Ian Lurie, the CEO of Portent, posts a review of the incident.
  2. Influential individuals are fairly privy to online reputation debacles. Steven Giovinco imparts five tips for social media users to run their online position.


  • As we’ve discussed in the past, mobile represents a huge amount of opportunity. Many individuals in the disruptive startup space realize this excitement as well. Bubba Murarka elaborates on nine ways to create a new million dollar mobile company.