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What’s been happening this week in the world of marketing? Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of social media and inbound marketing.

It’s been an amazing week for inbound marketing, and we’ve got the scoop for the first, fresh week of August! We have been racking up social media updates since last weekend’s Lollapalooza festivities here in Chicago. To name a few newsworthy moments: LinkedIn announced analytics and sponsored updates, Facebook helps you discover organic stories in its News Feed, and seniors are the fastest social media adopters in the US.

More exciting stories are listed below! Check out our list of the top 25 marketing articles of the week:

Search Optimization

Sometimes it is best to go offline to build your reputation online. Casie Gillette talks about seven real-life ways to attract new links for your business.

Glen Allsopp is once again experimenting with ranking quickly in the search engines, and he discovered some mind blowing results. Check out this illuminating post from ViperChill.

Are you experiencing trouble with finding new content week after week for your SMB marketing purposes? Anthony J. Pensabene provides the latest tips on thinking of new ideas.

There are a myriad of resources to generate site traffic, and God of SEO’s Charles Floate presents an entire guide to help you out. We promise you will learn some state-of-the-art Google skills here!

Social Optimization

Learn the absolute basics of blog promotion with Ace Concierge. If you’re a newbie, this memorable post will start you on the right foot.

Quinn Devery provides an accessible guide to boosting your business’s CRM on the Paranet Blog. Click here to download the free whitepaper!

Are Facebook Hashtags influential? V3 Integrated Marketing presents a great piece on the value of Facebook’s invention.

Witness the launch of LinkedIn sponsored feed ads! The aimClear blog gives the scoop on these ad units that are easy to use, give real-time analytics, and much more.

Local Optimization

All businesses must master local SEO in order to make any sort of dent in their local market. Tej SolPro writes about the basics of Local SEO in this interesting read.

Thoughts, predictions, and conclusions from the local SEO experts themselves are here for the taking. In this must read, Moz releases the 2013 Local Search ranking factors.

Brands need a local voice to keep tabs on the action and trends happening on the ground floor. StreetFightMag releases an interview with Jamie Tedford, Chief Executive of Brand Networks.

Email Marketing

Mike Trow advises beginners in the email game on lifting their email response rates. Email examples and tips in this article will prove beneficial for your business.

Pinpointing exactly how to improve your email conversions is a tough job for any marketer. Thankfully there are experts with the knowledge and experience to steer business owners in the right path. Search Engine People takes care of everything you need to know.

Sometimes learning what skills to avoid with email marketing is the proper way to successful networking. MarcEnsign shares a great post using an example email to teardown.

Metrics-based email marketing requires plenty of testing. Discover some proper reporting tactics via a guest post from Managed For Mimi.

Conversion Optimization

The standards for data-driven businesses are increasing to effectively optimize and see results. Mike Greenfield differentiates between good data and bad metrics in this post.

ConversionXL presents 11 examples of advertisement and website synchronization to increase conversions.

Not many businesses think the social media landing page is an asset. Tommy Walker’s guest post on Social Mouths argues for the significance of a landing page as a conversion and traffic booster.

If you are thinking about selling overseas, Psychology Today features a blog post on promoting and profiting your wares in different cultures.

Content Marketing

Portent’s Nick Bernard asks business owners to stop writing static content. Instead, focus your attention on interactive posts to grab more interested viewers.

Can your business tell interesting stories? Well, in the next five years, Shane says this skill will be one of the only certainties that sets enterprises apart from the competition.

Good ideas aren’t pulled out of thin air. Quality ideas are brainstormed, planned, and generated quickly and efficiently. Think Traffic walks you through the process of exposing top notch content.

Where are the best places to find and distribute content? Buffer knows the answer. Read Belle Beth Cooper’s post to find some of the best kept secret content on the web.

Reputation Management

Never underestimate the vast importance of guest blogging. Scan though this well-thought out infographic from the Guestcrew.

The market is overcrowded, and consumers’ voices are becoming more audible. Now more than ever, businesses need to prioritize and ensure they keep customers happy. Alex de Coning highlights five crucial steps to appropriately managing your online reputation.