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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing and social media.

Ah, it’s the last week of August! As the Chicago summer winds down, we find that there has been quite an explosion of inbound marketing news. Google Plus covers more ground, LinkedIn Groups gets a facelift, and Twitter makes their conversations more and more contextual. Long story short, the online world is becoming increasing more personal as a larger share of our lives ends up on the web.

Change can be exciting as well as a bit nerve wracking! Luckily we know exactly what’s going on in the marketing world. Let’s take a look at some of the week’s most notable news:

Search Optimization

As small business owners, we all want high quality links. However, what exactly does that mean? Ross Hudgens releases the ultimate guide to link valuation to help you determine what kinds of links are worth pursuing.

Tim Grice of SEOWizz advises readers on how to make your e-commerce site stand out from the rest of the crowd. Learn how to add value to your site beyond listing your products on webpage.

The NSA is a hot-button topic these days, and Google users are becoming more skeptical about what extent Google uses our information. Maria Bustillos shares her thoughts on the battle for freedom and privacy on the web.

Social Optimization

As with any new platform, people try to take advantage of the traffic possibilities available. Keith Bloemendaal publishes his perspective on the current GooglePlus phenomenon.

Guest blogging is a popular way to gain backlinks and page authority (granted your content is high quality and relevant). DiggSEO introduces a bevy of blogging networks for marketers to take advantage of.

Writing impactful Google+ posts is no easy feat. Demian Farnworth publishes a helpful step-by-step guide on how to exactly optimize your Google+ publishing.

Local Optimization

The Local SEO guru, Mike Blumenthal, releases a guest post on LocalU. He details how to make specific Google+ pages fully functional for your local business.

Richard Marriott of Clambr brings together local SEO experts from across the world to share their tips to take advantage of the local web. Read this article to take your local knowledge to the next level.

Do you know where business owners are hanging out in order to gain a foothold in local search? Jeff Chiarelli writes a list of local social networks to increase engagement and traffic around your business.

Email Marketing

When reaching out to bloggers and influencers, it is best not to wing the delivery and choice of words. SEER Interactive breaks it all down in this top-notch guide to earning email responses.

ExactTarget highlights 13 steps to a better customer onboarding strategy. In a nutshell, engage and listen to the customer on the device of their choosing.

There is a plethora of hubbub concerning Gmail’s new tabbed inbox interface. Tzvi Balbin’s Power Retail guest post gives you the tools needed to cheat the system.

Mobile Optimization

Search Engine Land demonstrates that Google mobile search revenue will top 30%, and its desktop market share will fall to 43% in a couple of years. Which market has the highest potential in our constantly connected world? We will soon find out.

Don’t ignore the writing on the wall; mobile search is slowly but surely becoming the new battleground for companies to compete for visits. Megan Marrs of Wordstream says it’s time to adjust for the era of mobile.

Mobile may be the new place to play for small businesses, but how do you rank within the search engines on such a tiny device? Tweak Your Biz has all the insider knowledge on how bandwidth and screen economy affect your mobile SEO.

Content Marketing

Not everybody is adept at crafting remarkable content. Sometimes you have to bring in outside talent to make an impact in-house. Kumail Hemani dishes all the benefits to bring in a content strategist.

Facts ‘n’ Fakes points out three little known content marketing strategies to drive potential traffic to your blog or website. Remember to use them sparingly!

Resource pages are some of the most valuable links online. Kevin Espiritu of Supreme Strategies makes a resource page ALL about creating resource pages. Smart, huh? We think so!

Business2Community has always been a beacon for outstanding content. Tatiana Liubarets compiles 26 strategy ideas you can use to distribute content.

Conversion Optimization

As always, SEO experimenter Glen Allsopp shows the ingenuity to keep testing what strategies work. Check out three up-to-date conversion tricks that capture leads.

For interested learners only: Razor Social put up a simple guide to advanced Google Analytics. Understand these terms to gain intelligence on which items convert or need improvement.

Want to know why customers are constantly leaving your website, sending your bounce rate through the roof? The Conversion Rate Experts put you in customer shoes with this stand-out blog article.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management does not have to be complicated. Rocket Media informs us of tried-and-true learnings on proper reputation etiquette.

Wondering how the bigger companies are cooperating with their customers? SUCCESS Magazine publishes advice on managing your reputation online from relevant website owners.

In times of social media crisis, it is best to exercise  authenticity and quickness above all. Internet Marketing Best of the Web offers different ideas as to what can be done when mistakes inevitably pop up on your radar.


Marketers, business owners, and, most of all, growth hackers! Do you want to learn the rules, debunk the myths, and master growth hacking? QuickSprout unveils a robust, high quality guide on the subject. This is a must read.

This post is like nothing you’ve ever dreamed of seeing. Click Consult gathers all of Matthew Cutts’ videos and boils each one down to a single sentence. Visit the Short Cutts to see what we mean!

Do you have other great articles in mind to close out the week? Don’t hesitate to let us know of some favorite inbound marketing news article topics, from both this week and weeks past!