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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing and social media.

The world of inbound marketing sparked interesting discussions this week! Much debate brewed on the correlation of Google Plus 1+’s and increased page rank, according to Moz’s recent study. However, Matt Cutts responded, stating Google Plus +1’s do not directly lead to higher page rank. Above all, it is important to note from this whole discussion that Google Plus indeed weighs into the significance of SEO. What did we learn so far? Make sure your Google Plus Page is at its best, and check out some of our past articles on Google+ to help you get started.

Meanwhile, there are tons of great stories to read from the web today. Here are this week’s 25 best!

Search Optimization

  1. VerticalResponse’s Chipper Nicodemus gives eight solid SEO tips that every newcomer and long-time search engine marketer should know.
  2. Trying to categorize the value of link referral traffic for a client or yourself? SEOCandy’s step-by-step guide illustrates traffic from referrals using an easy-to-understand formula in Excel (don’t forget to download the Excel sheet afterwards!).
  3. Brian Dean of Backlinko provides an excellent case study about how he used white hat SEO to increase organic blog traffic by 348% in seven days. Still don’t believe it? Read this post for the full breakdown.
  4. Wondering why everyone talks about trying to rank in Google and not Bing? Well, the Head of SEO at Passion Digital explains his reasoning as to why this argument stands true.

Social Optimization

  1. Facebook is more than chats and messaging. You can effectively leverage the social network for social shares and cultivate a dedicated audience. WebDesignTalks offers tips on utilizing Facebook more effectively.
  2. Influencing the social web is definitely possible from a small business perspective. All it takes is the right approach and the necessary tools to accomplish. Josh Hamit writes a piece for Curve Interactive that explains how one can make impactful waves online.
  3. What if you could automate the process of sharing valuable content with your audience? The Next Corner demonstrates using specific social CRM tools.

Local Optimization

  1. A look inside local SMB’s reveals that 52% of them do not own websites. What else does StreetFight’s survey reveal? Check out their latest infographic to find out.
  2. As a best practice, local businesses want to build quality citations in the correct format. Make sure you clean-up duplicate listings, your zip code matches up to the correct city, etc. White Spark provides the full 43-point list here.
  3. Reef Digital Blog provides four little known SEO facts that could potentially yield big returns for your business. Local optimization guaranteed!

Email Marketing

  1. Email marketers face difficult challenges everyday. One notable aspect is email delivery time. Silverpop shares significant factors and their impact on delivery.
  2. As marketers come to terms with Gmail’s new changes, we are curious to learn what tricks will handle these changes in a positive light. Clea Moore of the Return Path Blog continues the discussion.

Mobile Optimization

  1. Curious to see how big corporations are working their local marketing? Dunkin’ Donuts is cooking up something interesting. Mobile Commerce Daily contains the full story for you to digest its learnings.
  2. Mobile device usage is increasing exponentially, and it is only a matter of time before it will be too late to make a dent. BizTech seeks to give an understanding on the business case for mobile applications in this great article.
  3. Designers often run into several issues developing for mobile apps. This cheat sheet created by Ivo Mynttinen should be a more than adequate source of aid.
  4. InformIT publishes the top 10 mobile strategy myths that most small businesses fall into believing. With the mobile market increasing everyday, this post teaches you something new and worthy to apply to your business.

Content Marketing

  1. A majority of bloggers struggle to get traffic. However, not many people aim for a Top 100 Blog in 12 months! Matthew Woodward gives readers all access to his process on how he managed this excellent feat.
  2. Ryan Hanley lays down some heavy truths about crafting content as a content marketer in this entertaining, firsthand blog post.
  3. Several SEO terms, such as headline creation, inbound marketing, and user experience, can sometimes become intimidating for newcomers. For those of you who are fresh to the content marketing space, Positionly publishes a glossary to help with the concepts and vocabulary.
  4. Google announced new rules that may impact your site content. The question is, are you going to let your website be impacted by this perspective? Maximize Social Business writes a superb article on optimizing your content in the best way.

Conversion Optimization

  1. The Marketing Experiments Blog presents a high quality A/B test that increased lead rate by 155%. Read how the MECLABS team performed the test in this post.
  2. Are you constantly optimizing your product to meet the right audience or sales process? Bryan Eisenberg enlightens us to create a selling persona in relation to our customers.
  3. Many businesses are not familiar with the concept of drip marketing as a promotional marketing method. CPC Strategy releases a detailed infographic to give you multiple ideas for your drip marketing campaign.

Reputation Management

  1. Social Media Club showcases two important B2B companies and how you can learn from their examples with regards to managing your customer relationships.
  2. Dedicated loyal followers do not come easy. Most of the time, it takes calculated tools to accumulate new customers (in addition to powerful content and services, of course). Smart SEO Designs lists the tools that market to your followers.


  • Compiled by Venchito Tampon on the Digital Philippines blog, 120 marketing tactics are piled into this hefty and valuable resource. Lots to learn from the strategies listed here.