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What’s been happening this week in the world of marketing? Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of  inbound marketing and social media.

This week in inbound marketing, social becomes more local and television becomes more social. In other words, digital media is moving forward while new marketing tactics surface. As news spreads about NSA’s peak into our privacy, questions emerge about the impact of privacy protection and how much we are willing to have our lives connected to the web.

For now, let’s peer into the grapevine and check out some new developments.

Search Optimization

There are many ways to build valuable backlinks back to your site, but which tactics are the most effective? James Agate provides the verdict with ten commonly known link-building strategies.

White hat vs black hat SEO: which skill comes out on top? Martin Macdonald offers his perspective on the matter.

Are you looking for linkbaiting advice and tips? Venchito Tampon compiles an inside peek through an interview with Chris Dyson of Triple SEO.

Are PR agencies affected by Google’s recent updates to its guidelines? Lee Odden thinks so but probably not as much as one would think. Read on for the full story at Top Rank Blog.

Social Optimization

Privacy in social media marketing is an important aspect to take into consideration. IMedia Connection presents a detailed post on the crucial legal concepts to keep in mind.

If you have not already jumped on the Google Plus bandwagon, eBiz ROI reveals the definitive case why now is the perfect time to set up your Google Plus page.

Before you start impacting the world with your insightful social media content, are you prepared with the right plan to carry out your ideas? Fear not, as Ralph M. Rivera gives a FREE downloadable plan and instructions on how to use his helpful content calendar.

If the rules on privacy online couldn’t get anymore ambiguous, Facebook creates profiles of anyone who doesn’t use the platform BUT is connected to someone who has imported their contacts into it. Read groovyPost for more information.

Local Optimization

Are you interested in learning if recent SERP changes impact marketers’ efforts to gain from local SEO? Brafton cites a study that pinpoints these effects.

In this powerful piece, StreetFightMag questions the legitimacy of Google’s acquisition of our personal data through consumer surveys.

We know earning reviews is the name of the game with local optimization. However, how exactly do you begin a game plan that won’t get you in the doghouse with the directories? Joel Klettke’s guest post on iAcquire recognizes the proper steps to bring more reviews.

Email Marketing

Henneke Duistermaat dispenses 37 great email marketing tips for augmenting your writing approach. This article is a must read!

In light of Google’s major changes to the Gmail platform, how can this controversial update potentially benefit marketers? Kevin Senne writes at Direct Marketing News to discuss all you need to know.

On the other side of the fence, Justine Jordan releases an interesting study regarding a large drop in Gmail opens. Could this decrease be a possible result of the new tabbed inbox interface?

Content Marketing

Timeliness is of great importance in content marketing (why do you think the news is so popular?). If you are not yet taking advantage of the current trends, Delighted Robot’s post will convince you to begin concentrating on the content marketing pathway.

There are many ways to conduct your content marketing. Nis Frome via Content Marketing Institute uses Tripl, a social travel platform, as an example of how discovering innovative ways to distribute content leads to new customers.

What do you believe is the purpose of content marketing? How important is driving traffic or capturing leads? Optify offers up its stance on the matter in this enlightening post.

Conversion Optimization

Believe it or not, your website is structured like a search engine. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to treat it like one! Melissa Fach spreads ideas on making your site easier to navigate through search.

Valuable marketers will tell you that tracking social media ROI is an arduous task. SociallyGold synthesize the steps to calculate ROI.

Discussion boards are a smart way to familiarize yourself about a subject. Alaister Low of GrowthGiant compiles the 10 best Quora threads to read about conversion optimization.

We market to customers who are more complex than most people will realize. PerformanceIN presents five interest facts about “neuromarketing,” an internal response to marketing.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management is more than preventing negative reviews. It’s also revolves around REALLY listening to your visitors. Memeburn furnishes four effective tips to managing your online agenda.

AllBusiness Experts explains why using Wikipedia as a reputation management tool can be a double-edged sword.

Building rapport with clients takes time and effort and is often aided by your online relationships. State of Search writes about maintaining healthy relations between the agency and the client.


Simon Trainer lists six actionable and essential SEO blogs for link building and generating traffic. Check out these worthwhile blogs to add to your reading list.