Search Engine Optimization

Which organic search marketing software is best? You can find out for yourself by comparing top tools on the G2 Crowd Grid or download a full report.

Were you paying attention when emojis began to appear in Google search results a couple weeks ago? Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that the search engine will drop emojis from results—this doesn’t mean that websites with emojis in their content will face any kind of penalty, just that we won’t be seeing them in our search results. Barry Schwartz has details at Search Engine Roundtable.

Linkbuilding strategies have changed quite a bit over the years. At Moz, Paddy Moogan has a good overview of how the practice of linking has adapted over time to Google algorithm updates and new technology.

Google has launched an exciting new feature in Google Webmaster Tools. The Search Analytics report allows for more robust reporting on your website traffic and lets you explore metrics like mobile vs. desktop traffic, international impressions by country, and more. The old Search Queries Report will still be available for at least three months.

Social Optimization

One way to drive social engagement is to offer blog readers an easier, more immediate way to Tweet your content. Tim Soulo has three quick tips for creating Tweetable quotes in your blog content over at BloggerJet.

Are you getting the most out of your Google Plus marketing efforts? Ben Fisher has five tips for successfully promoting your business on Google Plus over at Social Media Examiner.

How can Facebook advertising and SEO work together? Anand Srinivasan has a few pointers at Business 2 Community.

Local Optimization

Neil Patel has some advice for search marketers who’ve yet to perfect the art of local optimization in a post-Pigeon world. Head over to Search Engine Land to find out why you should be targeting neighborhoods instead of cities, pick and choose the best directories for your business, and more.

Email Marketing

Email marketers are missing out on a huge opportunity. Research from Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Census shows that only 20% of email marketers are using behavioral triggers in email. David Moth has the breakdown of the census data.

Content Marketing

Boost engagement with your content with some smart interactive tools. Yael Kochman at Roojoom reviews 13 interactive tools to help you get more out of your digital content.

Success as a content marketer requires more than killer copywriting skills and design chops. You have to know how to analyze data to inform your strategies and report on your campaigns. James Perrott at SEMRush walks you through the data you should be looking at to quantify your content marketing efforts.

How does ROI for content marketing compare to that of native advertising? Kelsey Libert takes an in-depth look at some very interesting research at the Moz blog.

Many marketers struggle with blogging, whether it’s finding the time to write, coming up with post ideas, or fostering engagement with their content. Stephanie Saretsky at Copyblogger will tell you how to cheat writer’s block, which Analytics report will give you the best insights into your blog traffic, and more in a new podcast.

Are you using video to its full advantage? If video isn’t already a part of your content strategy, Antonio Calero has five reasons over at Social Media Examiner why it should be.

Content marketers are often so focused on creation and analysis that they forget due diligence in one key area: legal. At Copyblogger this week, Rachel Rodgers walks us through the importance of taking a step back and examining four key ways to make sure your copy is legally protected.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is a huge concern in the travel industry, especially for hotels. Did you know that in a recent TripAdvisor study, 60% of hotels surveyed reported that they plan to invest more in online reputation management in 2015. RJ Friedlander has the full story at Travolution.

Mobile Optimization

Alicia Doiron at Payfirma has an informative write-up on consumer mobile behavior in-store. Consumers use their phones to compare pricing, find coupons, search for product information, and more. If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, it’s important to stay on top of mobile shopping habits.

As if you needed another reason to optimize for mobile: more Google searches now happen on mobile than on desktop in the US. Learn about some new paid search advertising options that will cater to mobile searchers at the official Adwords blog.

If you’re in the app marketplace, then this is essential reading from Google. James Tiongson explores the ways users find apps, why they download, and perhaps most important of all—why they abandon them.

Conversion Optimization

For e-commerce businesses and marketers, Jennifer Lonoff Schiff’s article “12 Easy Ways To Lose Your Ecommerce Customers” is a must-read. If your site isn’t converting the way you want it to, chances are one or two of her points will hit home.

If your landing pages are underperforming, it’s time to experiment your way to a solution. At Experiment Engine, Ray Loyd has three A/B testing suggestions to help you drive form submissions.

Different advertising strategies and platforms will call for different approaches to defining ROI. At New Breed Marketing, Matthew Buckley walks us through how to use attribution modeling to calculate ROI.


Last, but not least, a few odds and ends:

What must every entrepreneur know about digital marketing? Neil Patel has those six things up at Forbes.

If you’re an e-commerce retailer, then this article on PCI compliance by Tracey Wallace at the HubSpot Blog is worth the read. 43% of companies experienced some kind of data breach in 2014—don’t become a statistic. Learn how to ensure compliance and protect your customers.

In our field, you hear the phrase “big data” thrown around a lot. But what does it actually refer to? At, learn about the four V’s (Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity) that characterize Big Data and what’s next for the industry.