Search Optimization

Your website isn’t the only place you need to make optimizations for search engines—take full advantage of all of your media assets, including PDFs. Learn how to optimize your PDFs for search engines from Damon Rutherford at Econsultancy.

Andrea Lehr explains key differences in how different generations interact with digital content at the Moz blog.

Blue Nile Research has released a fascinating report titled “Psychology of the Searcher”, which looks closely at the ways users interact with search engines. Did you know that 27 percent of searchers phrase their queries as a question?

Social Optimization

Any content operation—whether you’re writing social media posts, blog posts, or longer items like whitepapers—will quickly spiral into disarray if you’re not keeping to a tight publishing schedule. Hubspot’s Cory Eridon has a free social media calendar download marketers can take advantage of to keep things organized.

Ever wonder how the most popular hashtags are born? Elaine Filadelfo details the lifecycle of #tbt at the Twitter blog.

Social media marketers often find themselves forced to get creative with restricted budgets. If you only had $100 a month for social media marketing, how would you spend it for maximum return? Kevan Lee at the BufferApp blog has some suggestions.

Are you using Instagram to its full potential? Tom Channell has six tips and tricks for taking great photos and maximizing engagement at Digivate.

Local Optimization

MediaPost’s Tanya Gazdik Irwin interviewed Douglas Cohen, the manager of digital marketing and SEO at ADT Security in Miami, on utilizing local information, paid ads on social media, millennials on mobile and more.

Yelp’s Q1 earnings are up over last year, but fell short of many analysts’ projections. How is the local review giant handling an increasingly mobile user base? Read Chris Crum’s article at Web Pro News to find out.

Email Marketing

There’s always room for improvement in email marketing. Igor Polevoy at Multichannel Merchant has some good tips for ensuring that you’ve crossed all your t’s and dotted all the i’s. For example, are you remembering to include useful alt text for images in case they don’t load in a subscriber’s inbox?

Get more conversions out of your email marketing efforts with schema markup. At the Moz blog, Kristi Hines shows you how.

Content Marketing

The ReadThisThing team put together a comprehensive list of 50 ways to beef of your storytelling skills on Medium. Whether you’re a content marketer or the author of the next great American novel, it’s worth a read.

Whatever you need your WordPress blog to do, there’s a plugin for it. Stop by the BloggingWizard blog for Adam Connell’s list of the 17 top plugins for bloggers and content marketers.

Content marketers actually have a thing or two to learn from the interactive videogame industry. At A List Apart, Steph Hay discusses the strategy behind content-first design and how it helps you help your customers.

At, Tracy Vides explains the five ways that webinars are more effective MOFU (“middle of the funnel”) assets for content marketing than ebooks.

At MarketingLand, Jayson DeMers has written up a great overview of how your brand, content strategy, and overall inbound marketing efforts should fit together. To avoid a “too many cooks” situation, it’s important that companies set clear marketing goals and define the roles of everyone involved—after all, a salesperson’s view of content marketing and what it should accomplish may be very different from an SEO strategist’s.

Reputation Management

This just in—new legislature could offer customers who write bad reviews of businesses protection from “non-disparagement” clauses and fines. The Consumer Review Freedom Act of 2015 could change how consumers who publish negative reviews are protected when contracts are involved. Chris Morran at The Consumerist has a full write-up.

Online reviews can have a huge impact on business’ bottom lines. But they aren’t always accurate. Jonathan Reagle takes a look at how the social graph can (or can’t) deliver more accurate review information for online consumers.

A recent IESE study used data to determine some effective strategies for getting more online reviews, and best practices for responding to them. Many of these will seem like common sense to experienced online marketers, but it’s helpful to see the data that backs them up.

Conversion Optimization

YouTube Cards: do you know what they are? If video is even a small part of your digital marketing strategy, then they deserve your attention. Christian Karasiewicz at Social Media Examiner lays out how you can use this tool to keep your video viewers engaged and drive traffic to your website from your video content.

YP released a lookalike tool for audience retargeting, letting advertisers track users’ movements across the web. Emily Alford has the details at Search Engine Watch.

Mobile Optimization

Are you missing out on mobile conversion opportunities? Amanda Durepos will tell you how to get more mobile conversions on the Unbounce blog.

Now that we’ve come out on the other side of Google’s mobile update, Lisa Cannon has six ways for you to amp up your mobile marketing strategy at Business 2 Community.

And last, but not least–to maintain a coherent and effective digital marketing strategy across all of these channels, you’ve got to keep your team members organized. One of these 12 collaboration apps may be the project management tool your team needs. Piotr Koczorowski lays out the benefits of each at the UsabilityTools blog.