Search Optimization

The time for change has finally come! For mobile that is. Google’s upcoming update is going to provide mobile users with significantly altered search results that provide optimized content. Chris Crum puts together everything he knows on what’s coming and how you can get your site ready before the update goes live!

The content you write can either generate a lot of traffic… or not. It takes a certain understand regarding both what your audience wants and what the search engines need to rank your content higher. Integrate keywords into your content, leverage diverse delivery channels to extend your reach, and most of all, ensure your readers get a high quality experience! At the end of the day, isn’t that the best way to grow your site? Thomas Stern delivers a checklist that for seo marketers to focus on that exceeds on all fronts.

Auditing your site can be a pain, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. When auditing for SEO, you have to consider site crawlability, hyperlinks, your social profile… it can be a lot to look after! Anand Srinivasan puts together this more than 5,000 word guide list complete with tools to keep your site search optimized.

What will the world of SEO look like in 2015? Find out in this phenomenal ebook guide by the folks at Linkdex, complete with the thoughts and predictions from some of the biggest names in the space! Download this 175-page ebook today!

Social Optimization

These days, your messages have the potential to span the entire web, given the right incentives. This applies to social media as well. Find out where your audience is and what they like. Then, create personas and target your ideal website visitors! Ron Sela shows us how to keep this in mind while utilizing social media analytics.

How do you get more than 10,000 social shares to a brand new blog? First, make your content easy to share. Everyone has social share buttons, but think big — are yours responsive? Do they cater to users who visit across separate platforms? You should also think about engaging in paid social for more exposure. Read the rest of the tips here in Robbie Richards’ post!

There are many ways to get traffic from Facebook, many of which marketers haven’t been satisfied by. If you want real results from Facebook, check out Glen Allsopp‘s recently released guide to getting traffic. Feel free to experiment with his tips.

Transparency is the key to the success of most organizations. By showing your customers how you do business, you not only educate them, but you also build trust in the process. Kevan Lee shares the gamut of social strategies Buffer uses to grow their traffic.

Local Optimization

In order to optimize your website for local traffic, understand the nuances of local SEO. Every city sees a different set of search results and their are different competitors in each local market — make sure you’re focused on those key differences. Loren Baker gives us a top-level overview of local search engine results.

Email Marketing

Every so often, email marketing involves promoting your services through a cold email. The best way to do this well is simply to take action and be creative in your emails. Sam Parr shares his experience on getting the founder of Pandora to speak at Hustle Con.

When considering when to send emails, think about the timeframes during which subscribers open your emails. 12PM – 1PM might be a lunch break. 8AM – 9AM will most likely be a commute (perfect timing for reaching the 9-5ers!). Again, it depends on who you’re targeting. Ash shares a smart post on email timing with all the details.

This one change more than tripled Jenn Herman’s blog subscriber rates. The transformation? Mobile-optimizing her site. Check out the results in her latest blog post.

Your welcome email matters in more ways than one! Not only is it there to welcome them to your brand, but it provides an opportunity for you to engage them and offer value (while growing your revenue at the same time). Creating a welcome email series will do wonders for your customer long-term. Tom Sather shares more information in his article.

Content Marketing

As content continues to grow as a way for marketers to reach customers, you’ll have to become scrappy to stand out. Contests, quizzes, and other tools (as long as they’re educational) are going to offer much more value than standard written content. It’s time to fight passive words with interactive content!  Scott Brinker has the full post.

Having trouble getting your content shared? Use roundups to build authority and share useful information. Promote who you cite and voila! Instant shares. You can also interview influencers to create a stronger connection with the interviewee’s audience. Read on here with Robin Geuens.

Content ideas tend to be hard to come by. Analyze the competition using backlink tools to see which of their content gets shared the most. Doing this is a terrific way to test if a similar idea will gain traction. If all else fails, use customer feedback as content. Dave Schneider writes the complete post on these tips to learn from.

Stephen Moyers address nine harmful misconceptions you might have about content marketing.

Mobile Optimization

Your site’s traffic is likely in jeopardy considering the state of affairs around Google’s mobile search update. It doesn’t look like it’ll impact desktop users, however, but any mobile traffic you’ve been receiving will likely be affected. Jennifer Slegg posts some insight from a recent Google Q&A in this article.

On the other hand, Alex Graves’ post on Google’s mobile update suggests that regular sites won’t get negatively impacted. View the article and the accompanying hangout to decide for yourself.

Chelsea Terris offers more insight into the upcoming mobile algorithm update and answers all of your burning questions.

With all the update hubub going on, how exactly do you get your website mobile-ready? Kyle McDonald presents a comprehensive list of activities for you to complete to prepare your site.

When integrating mobile strategy into your site, make sure you implement the three E’s. Explore: explore everything you can about your mobile users and technology. Evangelize: be able to sell users on what you’re going to offer. Exploit: pump out mobile content like it’s nobody’s business. Grow and scale your efforts accordingly. Maribel Lopez talks the creation of mobile apps and strategy in this post.

Conversion Optimization

You can simply increase your conversion rates by offering promotions. Did you know customer purchases increase 50% when promotions are involved. Rob Brooks has the full story on increasing conversions through special deals.

“Conversion is a process, not an event.” You’re going to need a system of conversion tests in order to eventually obtain the outcome you want (increased conversion rates). Consider specific conversion testing and how they impact your bottom line every step of the way. Is your current test worth it? Does it stand to improve your profit margins? Sean Ellis shares this enormously thorough guide to discovering your business growth strategy.

Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action: all important parts of your conversion funnel. Using analytics tools, determine where your funnel is weakest. Mike Frahm shares more in this article.

Reputation Management

It’s time for reputation 101 to begin! As a brand, it’s your duty to be fair and service the customer in any given consumer dispute. However, it’s also important to be firm when you’re right, but show it in a way that doesn’t add fuel to the fire. As tempting as it is to go for the easier option, you always want to begin and end with customer satisfaction in mind. Read this post by Jean Dion to get the complete perspective on maintaining a positive reputation.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.