Search Optimization

SEO may not be as predictable as it seems. The market is always changing and while taking a systematic approach to search can yield great results, you can’t predict which way the trends will flow. Nonetheless, marketers remain optimistic and keep taking the right actions (is that not the most important thing?). Kirsty Hulse shares the results of a report on how agencies and SEOs forecast their search outcomes.

Your blog is the lifeblood of any website. Without content, search engines won’t track you and potential customers won’t have a reason to stay on your site. However, not just ANY content will do (this is key). Dennis Seymour writes on the power of smart content and the SEO benefits that follow.

Personally, we believe outranking your competitors requires far more than targeting keywords (unless they’re not doing the best job with search to begin with). However, competitive analysis and website auditing can drastically improve your visibility. Felix Tarcomnicu provides some tried-and-true tips in his post.

Have you researched your ecommerce site so that it gets the search traffic it needs? Make sure product descriptions and variations are properly targeted, as well as blog content and social integration. Chris Simmance offers a full checklist for you to consider in his article.

Social Optimization

72 percent of Internet users are active on social media right now. That number will only continue to grow as the networks get more and more crowded. Be certain your social content not only provides insight, but offers relevant insight. Simply put, don’t be salesy and inconsistent with your messaging! Read the rest of this post with Brett Relander.

Just one in four salespeople know how to make use of social to sell effectively. This isn’t good. Reverse this trend by making social media easy for sales teams to participate in. Make it a competition, but also show them cold, hard statistics that it works. Osman Sheikh goes more in-depth in this topic.

All social networks aren’t created equal, especially where your business is concerned. Rank your top networks, prioritize your social activities, and stick to a schedule to ensure consistency. Maggie Hibma puts up more information in her post.

Neil Patel lists his tips on how to build a world-class social media dream team! Don’t miss this expert guide on the subject.

Local Optimization

Jayson DeMers shows us why local SEO with multiple locations is the same as local SEO with one location. Optimize for your surroundings, folks!

Google just added an extra punch to the local pack! Your local business listing gets pictures and logos emphasized for the search user. Check out the details in Barry Schwartz’s post.

Your local business reach can go quite far on a budget if you’re willing to take the inbound approach. Keep researching those keywords and crafting content according. For a bit of outbound, promote your business on Facebook for a more cost-effective form of exposure. Erica Tafavoti has the full story.

Email Marketing

Transactional emails have pretty big potential — they can drive revenue by more than 33% used effectively. EmailMonks highlights the stats in this terrific infographic.

What can you learn from more than 100 million emails? Predictably, quite a bit. Behavioral emails are the latest way to engage your potential customers and they’re converting like hotcakes! Learn the other astounding truths from Jimmy Daly’s incredible guide.

Rob Wormley lists the eight types of emails you should send to bolster customer acquisitions for your business!

Xavier Major provides a brief overview on how to build a massive email list in no time flat! All it takes is creating an offer your subscribers cannot refuse.

Content Marketing

How much of your content is original and how much of it is duplicated? Thats the question a lot of marketers ponder when they curate good content. What’s important to remember here is the intent. If your intentions scream “spam” expect penalties for duplicate content. Guillaume Decugis tells us more in his article.

Creating content-driven experiences should be the top priority for all marketers. Absorb your audience’s habits and hit them with the right message at a time that works for them. Read more at Mura Marketing.

Stock images — the bane of every marketer’s (and reader’s) existence. A horrible stock image sticks out like a sore thumb. A great one, however, can certainly add context to any web experience. Learn from Nick Ehrenberg and his tips on free stock photos.

Facebook has quite the information monopoly on what users are saying about a variety of topics. As a content marketer, knowing exactly what your customers discuss offers a ton of value that you can integrate into your content. Prasant Naidu talks more on the benefits of Facebook topic data.

Mobile Optimization

Whether you’re marketing on the big screen or the little screen, many of the adages from advertising still apply. Good copy trumps all, research and prepare phenomenal headlines, and know your customer. Todd of ViteB takes center stage with mobile marketing.

To get shared on mobile, think like a mobile user. Share buttons don’t adapt well on mobile devices, but finding mobile-friendly plugins for your articles help them go far. Wilson Peng posts his thoughts on mobile sharing.

David Moth provides six mobile marketing case studies for use to go through. Take some notes — helping users navigate your website with UX tips and integrating mobile incentives is worth remembering.

Conversion Optimization

I’m not particularly a fan of exit overlays, but if there are positive results, it’s always worth learning from. Coincidentally, this has much to do with when you place your overlays, as opposed to how frequently they pop up. Alex Bashinsky gladly explains in further detail.

Reputation Management

The big focus for hotels this year? Reputation management. Investment in this area of inbound marketing is expected to go up by more than 60%. Kevin May shows us a clearer picture of the landscape here.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.