Search Optimization

How keen are you on your audience seeing your links? If you aren’t, that may be a sign you shouldn’t be going after those links. Building valuable links brings back a stronger and more relevant audience to your site. Andrew Dennis shows us the right strategies we can use to build better links.

What SEO myths have you come across in your research? There are many that can significantly the perception of your search tactics. For example, sitemaps do very little for improving your rankings. However, implemented correctly, sitemaps make it much easier for Google to crawl your site. Neil Patel explains more SEO myths.

When adding links to your site or trying to become more relevant in search, it’s important to keep track of your rank potential. Your page authority, number of links, trust flow, and other metrics all factor into how highly you’ll end up ranking. Nick Eubanks gives us a thorough breakdown on the subject.

You can never get too much advice from SEO experts! Getting keyword ideas from your internal search data, discovering awesome content, and speeding up your download speed are just a few tips that will do wonders for your search marketing. Dave Nevogt has the entire list of tips right here.

Social Optimization

Looking for more business for your site? Utilize the power of social media. Connect with top influencers through LinkedIn, make use of Twitter Search, and try out links. You’ll be quite surprised by the results! Kevin Strasser offers more detail within the post.

To improve your social shares, you’ll have to take extra special measures. Include testimonials on your website. Make your social share buttons prominent, especially on mobile devices. Mike Patch unveils all of the seven social proof tactics in his article.

A question: should your company’s CEO be active on social media? You be the judge. 82% of employees believe that a social CEO helps reshape and positively impact reputation. Is your CEO being active on social media? Dionne Lew gives more information here.

As social creatures, it’s no surprise we enjoy using social media. Users of all age groups are active on social media platforms everyday. Building social proof on these networks is a terrific first step to growing your traffic. Alicia Doiron shows us how social media increases both social proof and sales.

Local Optimization

More than 94% of mobile users search for local information. There are several ways you can capture this traffic as a local business. First, you can do video tutorials. Video is going to get bigger in the mobile space, so you’d do well to make sure you offer assistance through the medium. Also, be sure to get your local citations in line. Chuck Price helps us further mobilize our local strategy in this post.

Matt McGee shares exciting news regarding Bing’s new agency-friendly local business listing tools! Learn more here.

Having local SEO problems? We’ve got you covered. A couple important things to do are to connect your domain to Google Webmaster Tools and encourage happy customers to leave reviews. Vee Popat gathers more great insight for local site owners.

Email Marketing

The art of persuasion often requires tight precision in email marketing. You have to consistently reciprocate value, be careful asking things of your subscribers, and get them to like you even more. Alexis Rodrigo cleans off his weapons of persuasion for email.

How can you make the most of your email leads? Segment the top performers. The most valuable customers should always be priority. However, you should focus on constantly improving your own business; ask people who stopped using your product why they did so by email. You may in fact convert them once again! Madhurima Nag gives us the scoop on ecommerce email marketing.

It’s surprisingly easy to build an email list when you know exactly how to make use of certain strategies. Online quizzes can be an excellent way to build a list. Josh Haynam publishes three great case studies on the power of online quizzes in building leads.

Content Marketing

Geoffrey Radcliffe talks about smart SEO techniques to get the most out of your content in this interview with Rocketship.

Scott Solomon helps us understand the significance of marketing automation to your content.

You can make content in a myriad of ways – crowdsourcing, commissioning, creating, and even curating. Melissa Attree talks about the four C’s of content marketing.

When it comes to content promotion, there are several ways you can tackle it. Tom Demers lists 30 creative examples of content promotion.

Mobile Optimization

This post focuses more on Google specifically and why it needs Android on mobile devices. Benedict Evans has the full post (must read).

Are messaging apps the future for digital marketing on mobile devices? This is looking to be the case, as businesses start looking towards messenger apps to reach customers in a new way. Read the full report with Michael Essany.

Have you ever thought about how marketing in low connectivity environments can affect your reach? We didn’t either until now. Despite the hype, we’re far from being a completely connected world. To combat this, A/B test your content to handle disconnections and optimize for lower resolution screens. Steven Collins offers some much needed advice on the accuracy of mobile marketing reach in low connectivity environments.

Conversion Optimization

Ramona Sukhraj shares helpful tips on improving your pricing page conversions (seven tips inside)!

Check out this helpful conversion rate optimization primer written by Nicole Miller.

Reputation Management

With your reputation constantly on the line, you have to be prepared at all times. Zac Johnson consolidates 97 online reputation resources for us to read up on.

72 percent of customers regularly research customers through social channels. Do we have your attention now? If you make customer service a priority, this won’t be much of an issue (rather, it would be a nice statistic to share with your competitors!). Eddie Reeves teaches through a quick post on Reputation Management 101.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.



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