Search Optimization

“If it’s relevant for real people, it’s important for us.” All new businesses take heed of this quote. SEO may be one of the best ways to rank in Google, but the underlying principles (build it for real people) should always be the base of your search strategy. The SEO Experts are here to help in this post.

Looking for a technical SEO audit for your website? There are several tools online that will do the trick. The best ones in search are listed right here by Chris Simmance (and a bonus tool you’ll do well to keep sharpened: your brain).

Investing in a proper SEO strategy will pay dividends in the long run. Keep in mind, if you aren’t investing, you can be sure your competition is doing it. Brick Marketing shares more reasons why we should invest in search.

Jordhy Ledesma shares with us the complete guide to doing SEO the right way in 2015! Read it from start to finish to get the most insight.

Social Optimization

Social media management can be time-consuming. That’s why it’s best to have tools and systems in place to outsource what you can’t manage yourself. Kristi Hines consolidates some smart techniques and tools to get your social marketing done right!

Your brand should be on social media. Why? It’s obvious, really. You can show your human side. You can bet your customers will be there. It’s also free promotion! Robert Katai lets us on the secret reasons behind brand presence on social.

Your social media influence has great potential. But before you can start netting followers and mentions, you have to give people reasons to hold you in high regard in the first place. Promote what you’re good at. Start conversations surrounding your industry. Be a force to be reckoned with! Mark Scott helps us build our social influence in this article.

Want more engagement on social media? It can often be as simple as asking the right questions. They help you gain insight into both yourself and your audience. Rebekah Radice offers 25 questions for you to use for social.

Local Optimization

In order to make local work for you, be sure to have a full-scale buying strategy for local visitors. Make use of individual landing pages for each of your locations. Know that search results are more targeted around location than ever before. Kevin Gibbons goes into more detail in his 25 things you need to know about local search.

If you’ve been spamming your local pages indexed in Google, get ready for a rude awakening. Andrew Shotland notifies us of the impending Google update that’s putting the hammer on duplicated local content, illegitimate linking, and more.

Oziti releases more than 100 local business SEO tips that you can use right now!

Email Marketing

Often times, an email receipt is a missed opportunity. As a business, you have the chance to offer customers discounts, helpful surveys, or even referral requests. Sujan Patel unveils the latent power of email receipts in his blog article.

Email marketing has a crazy amount of benefits. You can send insider info to your subscribers, ask them to purchase your services, build a correspondence leading to a massive marketing campaign. The possibilities are truly endless. Neil Patel goes in-depth as to how segmentation and targeting can increase conversions.

Nathan Barry posts an incredible guide of nine email marketing hacks (they’ll each take less than an hour to complete!). Run through this post, pick three of your favorites, and get started.

Content Marketing

Epic content requires epic preparation. Have your content at or around 2,000 words. Cite research in your content around your topic. Include real-life examples so that your audience can relate. See, we’re already on our way! Rob Wormley gives us the blueprint to crafting epic content.

Josh Spilker demonstrates why content marketing is like silly putty in this article.

In the era of quick soundbites and fast updates, longform content still has its place. AMEX does more than tell a simple story; it takes you on a journey of two female founders and their path to growing their business. Celine Roque shares the content strategy behind this campaign.

What is data-driven content? Not content based on customer insight (if that’s what you thought). Rather, it’s about telling a story through data. Search for trends in Google Trends and you’ll find yourself with loads of data for content. Joel Stein provides a top notch guide to data-driven content marketing.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile users are slippery little things aren’t they? Doesn’t mean we can’t do our best to retain them! Push notifications are the number one tip to keep users invested in your service. However, relationships and strong community will do much more to boost retention rates. Florence Broder shares all four strategies for mobile retention success.

Going into mobile optimization blind? Make use of your analytics: mobile app analytics provide much more insight into the buyer/user process. You can also get clear insights on user ROI. Laxman Papineni teaches us the power of mobile analytics tools.

With mobile, you have to remember a few key things in your engagement strategy. Personalize your content. Be simple but straightforward. Sasha Zinevych drops knowledge by sharing the holy grail of techniques for mobile engagement.

Conversion Optimization

Morgan Brown lists 32 tools for conversion rate optimization. Stupendous list!

What can help your conversions? You can try user participation, accessibility, and trust are some great ones. Luana Spinetti shares the complete list of user and design elements that help to cement conversions.

Stephan Hovnanian presents a case study in conversion in his article.

Reputation Management

Finally, Brittney Helmrich posts up the best reputation management services she knows for the year 2015!

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.



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