25 Marketing Resources Driving Inbound Traffic Around the Web: June 19thSearch Engine Optimization

SEOs and PR people have similar goals, but different tools. At SEMRush this week Aaron Agius has nine lessons that anyone who does SEO can take from tried-and-true PR strategies.

Following in the footsteps of Google and Yahoo, Microsoft has announced that Bing searches will now be encrypted by default, though as James Vincent points out at The Verge, “it will continue to include referrer strings in searches letting webmasters know that a particular visitor to their site came from Bing, but those actual query terms will no longer be passed on.”

If referral spam in Google Analytics has you stumped, then Tom Capper’s article at Distilled is a must-read. He’s got some great tips for working around the bogus data to glean quality insights.

Anyone new to website analytics knows that there can be a pretty steep learning curve. At Econsultancy, Patricio Robles has outlined the key Google Analytics features that newbies should master before tackling anything else.


Local Optimization

At some point in their career, most SEO professionals will find themselves face-to-face with a common situation: a client with one brand, and multiple physical locations. Nathan Sikes at Foxtail Marketing has some tips for local optimization when a business needs to target multiple locations.


Social Optimization

As user demands and consumer habits change, so too must social networks in order to drive growth and maintain a healthy user base. Facebook, Snapchat, and Apple are three great examples of companies that have adapted to offer users services beyond their initial missions. Read Kyle Gunby’s article at Influence&Co for a detailed look at what’s made these three companies so successful—and how they’ve turned the publishing industry on its head.

The question of “Does Google use social signals for rankings?” has been bandied about now for years, and without a clear-cut answer from Cutts himself digital marketers have had to find answers in their own data. A recent Google patent filing has reignited the discussion around social signals, and Andrew Akeson has taken a look at the question in the context of the new Twitter-Google partnership at The SEMPost.

LinkedIn provides value to marketers in many ways: it allows them to network with influencers, establish their own following and authority through its publishing program, and offers on-the-go stats and messaging, to name a few. At Social Media Examiner, a handful of social media experts offered up eight LinkedIn marketing tips that’s definitely worth a read.

Twitter is a great, teeming sea of real-time content. That’s why we love it, but that’s also why it can be challenging to keep up with the people and topics that are important to you. At Elumynt, William Harris has put together a “big list” of tools and techniques marketers can use to stay organized and get the most out of their time on Twitter.

As user behavior changes and software is updated, best practices for brands on social media will also shift. If you’re finding it difficult to steer the ship, take a look at Lyle Stevens’ article at The Next Web on the seven common mistakes companies make on social media and how to fix them.


Email Marketing

If your email marketing has delivered lackluster open rates lately, then this one’s for you: Sam Jefferies has five hacks for doubling your email open rates at the Hubspot blog.


Mobile Optimization

Is there a client or a stakeholder at your organization that needs some convincing to invest in mobile marketing strategies? Ashley Taylor Anderson has seven solid reasons that retail brands can’t afford to slack on the mobile front for you over at the Ceros blog this week.

Even if you’ve successfully integrated mobile strategies into your digital marketing mix, you may be missing out on opportunities to connect with local audiences on mobile. Warren D. Raisch has a few unexpected opportunities for blending the two at Search Engine Watch.

If you need to capture potential customers’ information on mobile, then it’s important that their user experience is as seamless as possible. Raluca Budiu has a short, sweet, and handy checklist for you to reference when you’re creating mobile input fields at the Nielsen Norman Group blog.


Conversion Optimization

Tim Ash has a great piece up at Marketing Land this week that looks at the human psychology behind building a better online form.

Why does conversion optimization get pushed to the back burner so often? Stephen Da Cambra offers some reasons why, and some tips for prioritizing it and proving value.

There’s a lot going on in the world of ecommerce. Which trend should you be paying attention to? Yogesh Trivedi has seven ecommerce website design trends to keep an eye on this year at the M-Connect blog.

The call to action is the crux of conversion optimization, but writing them is an art and a challenge for many. At Convince and Convert, Justin Zalewski has some pointers for developing CTAs that drive conversions.


Content Marketing

This week, Marketing Profs’ Veronica Maria Jarski has the 29 top content marketing metrics you should be monitoring—in convenient infographic form.

Content writers and marketers often wear many hats, and when things get busy it’s easy to fall behind on brainstorming. At Oz Content, Catrinel Bartolomeu has a great list of questions to ask yourself and spark ideation if you’ve been spinning your wheels.

Making the case for investing in content marketing to executives can be a challenging venture. John Hall has six helpful tips at Forbes’ Entrepreneurs site this week to help you out.

Adelina Tuca at Code in WP analyzed 202 popular articles published on WordPress in pursuit of the question: what gets shared on WordPress?

Recycling content is a great way to save time and effort, and get the most value out of your best content. But it must be done properly in order to avoid Google classifying it as duplicate content. This week’s episode of The Lede podcast has some pointers on how to do just that.


Reputation Management

Having trouble getting customers to review your business? Synup has an extensive list of tactics to generate reviews this week that’s definitely worth your time.

Last, but not least, Jean Dion at Search Engine Journal as six practical tips that every reputation manager should keep in mind.