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Social media marketing requires a brand to be many places at once. And if you’re still trying to do that manually, then you’re sacrificing productivity and wasting your time. At Intelligent HQ, Paula Newton has a list of 50 social media tools to help you save time and get more out of your social media marketing.

Businesses have been dealing with declining organic reach on Facebook for a while now, and now that organic post reach is estimated to have sunk as low as 2%, it’s clear that this is another place where marketers will now have to pay to play. Brian Hasenbauer has an insightful post over at LeadG2 covering how today’s digital marketer must navigate (and allocate) between paid and organic social media efforts.

If you’ll be hosting a Twitter chat any time soon, be sure to check out Elena Terenteva’s tips at SEMRush on how to generate a high-quality discussion.

We know that images are highly effective social content. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then, a group or list of them must have a lot more to say. Steve Rayson breaks down the ever-popular (and very engaging) Picture List Post and its variations over at Buzzsumo.


Conversion Optimization

If you’ve been seeking inspiration for your conversion optimization efforts, then look no further than Facebook. At the Conversioner blog, Doug Baltman dissects Facebook landing pages throughout the platform’s history, following its timeline of explosive growth to highlight a few key lessons on how to create successful landing pages.

Shopping cart abandonment is a fact of life for ecommerce websites. At Experiment Engine this week, Ray Loyd has seven tips for moving your customers through the purchasing process and diagnosing shopping cart abandonment.

Spencer Lanoue put together a very helpful post on five essential design principles that top tech companies employ to engage and convert users. You have to know your target audience very well, and your design should reflect their needs and behaviors.  Asana, IBM, Facebook, Google, and the Stanford Institute of Design lead by example.



There are many considerations to factor in when performing keyword research for a new SEO campaign. Lead generation should be one of them. Matthew Gratt at Term Explorer has a great overview of how to put together a keyword list that will drive leads.

Google Analytics offers a wealth of information, but the insights aren’t worth much to an SEO client if they aren’t thoroughly understood and then correctly explained. At Moz, Tom Capper takes four common misuses of Google Analytics metrics to task, and offers suggestions for producing better analyses.

Schema markup, microformats, semantic search, and you. How does structured data in your content translate into a successful semantic search strategy? David Kutcher has the answer at Confluent Forms.

Is there a ‘golden ratio’ for anchor text in SEO content? Ryan Stewart doesn’t think so. Instead of trying to divide and categorize your anchor texts, he says, take a more natural, user-friendly approach to linking.

SEOs are always looking for new tools to get the job done. Ninja Outreach published a list of 100 (free!) Chrome extensions, sorted by type, that can help hardworking SEOs be more productive.

Digital marketers are, by nature, versatile: they have to have a solid understanding of how content, paid advertising, social media, and organic search work together, and are tasked with staying on top of a constantly-changing technological landscape. At Search Engine Journal, Joe Putnam has a list of 10 crucial skills ever digital marketer must possess.


Email Marketing

Subject lines can be tricky for even the most seasoned email marketing pros to get just right. At Impact Branding and Design, Ramona Sukhraj highlights four common subject line mistakes and how to avoid them.

The email marketing provider Iterable is the latest company to take recent research on mobile consumers and run with it. A new Iterable feature sends push notifications on Apple and Android devices, allowing marketers to reach mobile users  in a way that email alone can’t do.

Are there magic words that will help boost your email open rates? As a matter of fact, there are. At Boost Blog Traffic, Devora Goldstein outlines 17 high-impact words that can help you leverage human psychology to make sure your message is reaching your audience.



Mobile Optimization

Recent research shows that over half of ecommerce sites’ traffic is from mobile devices. Is your website equipped to convert mobile visitors? At Payfirma, Aimee Millwood has some great suggestions for optimizing all of your digital marketing campaigns for mobile.

At the Imonomy blog, Shirley Pattison covers the latest trends in mobile marketing, ranging from the best mobile ad networks to in-image advertising.

In the days leading up to “Mobilegeddon”, search marketers had warnings and advice about “mobile-friendly” and “responsive” websites coming at them from all directions. At Pagewiz, Kobe Ben Itamar cautions marketers and web admins that “responsiveness” could actually have a negative impact on your conversion rate.


Reputation Management

At Search Engine Land, Chris Silver Smith has ten steps you can take to address a negative online review.

What are endorsements on LinkedIn really worth? Kat French has an in-depth post up at Social Media Explorer that covers the history of the feature, as well as their value for professionals active in the network.


Content Marketing

Many people who find themselves in the role of content marketer or content strategist have writing backgrounds, and know that coming up with the message is only half the battle. Visual content is highly successful, and if you aren’t a designer by trade, there are plenty of tricks and tools out there to help you create it. This post at Kissmetrics is a great place to start.

Neil Patel’s step-by-step guide to writing effective headlines is a must-read for anyone who writes marketing copy.

Evergreen content is the gift that just keeps on giving. At the Hubspot blog, Sujan Patel has several tips to help you create content that will drive traffic and provide value long-term.

How will native advertising impact content marketing in the long run? Alexei Lee has some ideas at Fourth Source.

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