Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

It’s that time again folks! The day where we collect our favorite articles that came to our attention in the inbound marketing industry. We’re excited to share these content pieces with you, as a lot of them exemplify what we do in our own marketing campaigns.

As you wind down for the long weekend, go through and pick out your favorites in our top 25 roundup for the week! Enjoy!

Search Optimization

  • We hear about schema all the time in inbound marketing and SEO conversations, but most of us are unaware of its significance. Basically, schema is a system of markup embedded into websites that provide search engines with a way to identify their data. Cody Jensen gives us a more detailed understanding of schema in the rest of his post.
  • Keywords are important to SEO, but there are arguably other aspects of website optimization that matter just as much. Content relevancy to semantic search is one of the biggest advantages a site can have to improve their search traffic. Jayson Demers lists other key items to keep in mind.
  • Schema markup continues to grow in importance, as Google’s Knowledge Graph has started to emphasize business brands within search. Learn how to get your website marked up with this post by Ben Donkor.

Social Optimization

  • LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful social selling tool. The more you invest into the platform, the more you’ll get out of it in the form of new connections and outreach from other brands. Start by adding links to your LinkedIn profile to your other platforms of use. Learn about the other three hacks by Dave Rigotti.
  • Instagram has quickly become one of the most useful tools in a visual marketer’s arsenal. It’s popular concept (taking photos with filters to differentiate them) has taken off and businesses large and small use Instagram for social media campaigns. Lisa D. Jenkins puts together the complete guide to Instagram Marketing for you to read.
  • Social media has been evolving for quite some time as a content marketing piece. It’s now transforming into an ecommerce attribute, with more data testing involved in social conversions. Jaclyn Freedman prepares us for the rest of the social media trends on the rise.
  • Why is Instagram such a great marketing platform? It’s a good deal due to the filter mechanism enabling users to craft such captivating photos. Caleb Garling writes a great piece on the power of Instagram.

Local Optimization

  • Google is constantly innovating on its search engine, as you well know.For one, the new Local Carousel has impacted local businesses dramatically. Ryan Bradley spells out the significant changes in this post.
  • Your successful local campaign is right around the corner! The first thing you should do is have concrete goals that you’re shooting for. Without that, you can’t accurately measure your performance. Casey Meraz teaches you the other tips for a strong campaign in this article.
  • 2015 is finally your year to master social media marketing! For local brands, it’ll be necessary to reach local customers. Gregg Stewart points out the other two areas to master in his write up.
  • When going after multiple locations with local SEO, there are several key things you have to remember. Keep in mind you’ll have to create multiple pages and that SEO isn’t going to improve your rankings overnight. Read this quick guide to creating multiple location pages by Eileen Lonergan to learn more!

Email Marketing

  • How many emails do you send during your outbound campaign? Heather Morgan suggests eight. But there’s a reason for that. Each campaign is hyper-personalized so that you can send an adequate number of messaging before becoming too “spammy.” Check out the data on this post.
  • Email isn’t the same as it used to be. Text blocks are no-no in this day and age as mobile devices render that sort of thing useless. Gregory Ciotti tells us more in the email style guide you didn’t think you needed.
  • Ever wanted to analyze the way big brands send out their email campaigns? Some brands send daily emails (which arguably most customers would rather not see every time they open their inboxes). Christopher Ratcliff goes into more detail on how Gap can improve its email marketing.
  • We all want customers to open our emails. Unfortunately, it’s possible to go a little overboard with certain practices. It’s common for marketers to create a false sense of urgency when messaging customers, leading to the unfortunate unsubscribe. Elisa Gabbert fleshes out all four email mistakes businesses make that can potentially clear out your email list for good.

Content Marketing

  • When coming up with content for your blog, don’t force yourself to follow the crowd. Write what you know best; readers will see your experiences come out in your writing. Rob Wormley delves deeper into this topic using an insightful talk with Jimmy Daly.
  • What’s one of the best ways to craft killer content? Understand your market’s buyer personas. Buyer personas give you an incredibly clear picture of who to write content for (great for roping in potential customers!). Inbound Rocket has the full story.
  • Content doesn’t always have to be super informative and serious in order to make the rounds on the Internet. Content can be playful and still go viral. Noya Lizor interviews PlayBuzz’s founder Shaul Olmert on this intriguing concept.
  • Sponsored content; another phrase for ‘native advertising.’ More than 73% of media buyers are already using native advertising to reach their intended audience. Chad Pollitt clarifies everything you need to know about sponsored content.

Mobile Optimization

  • 65% of Americans own smartphones, and that number is only going to keep growing. If you were considering going the mobile route with your website, now would be the perfect time! Getting a proper mobile presence is one of 14 mobile marketing tips to increase your leads; Neil Patel is here with the rest!
  • However, acquiring a mobile site for your business isn’t everything. You have to take additional steps to entice your readers to buy through your platform. Offering coupons is a great start — Rahul Varshneya presents the rest of the five strategies right here.

Conversion Optimization

  • How is your website looking these days? Is it still in need of an upgrade. Rumor has it that the way your website looks might not be as relevant as you think. David Mannheim shares some pretty convincing reasons for this in this post.
  • Twitter is more than a simple social media tool to spread your message; it’s also a network in which you can find new customers! An effective strategy for finding them is through hashtags, a method Twitter users employ to mark conversations across tweets and Twitter users. Read the rest of Kevin Strasser’s article for more information on lead generation.

Reputation Management

  • It’s imperative that you get noticed by your industry’s influencers (your reputation depends on it!). Facebook commenting can be a lucrative way for building a relationship with an authority. Dave Schneider gives us the full scoop in his article.
  • Personas are also significant to the marketers who manage online reputation. What are their interests and goals? How can you provide the solutions to them? Go through the rest of the rep management checklist with Shannon Bryne.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.