Search Optimization

SEO is much more than meta-data and on-page keyphrases. These days, it requires a much more holistic approach in order to get your content ranked. Make your site navigable with content linking out to relevant sources. William Yates shares more about the importance of content in SEO.

The smart team at Brandjaws give us more insight into how UX (user experience) and SEO are intertwined and why it’s important that the two complement each other.

Looking for new SEO leads for your agency? You’ve come to the right place. Make use of listing websites to find people looking to work their SEO projects. Freelance marketplaces are also highly valuable places to scrub leads. Anand Srinivasan gives us more lead options in the rest of this post.

Beginner SEOs, listen up! Search is important when talking to clients, but always remember to keep in mind how it helps from a business perspective. Be sure to do your own SEO experiments so that you can explain the exact impact of your SEO strategies. Keep referral traffic sources in mind, as they are just as important. Clayburn Griffin highlights more mistakes beginner SEOs tend to make.

Social Optimization

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.” Seth Godin couldn’t be more right. Come at social media from a story perspective, and you’ll go far. Use imagery, research hashtags for key topics, and leverage all platforms until you hit on the best fit. Abrar Mohi Shafee shares more social media tactics to put into practice.

Platforms are everything in the social space. Would you rather use WhatsApp or Facebook’s main chat app, Facebook Messenger? Think about how you can continuously stay in touch with your followers and add media to your messaging. Read the rest of Dan Frommer’s article here.

Can you generate leads with your social media marketing? If not, you’re doing something wrong. However, the point of social isn’t to just build leads — it’s to create engagement and open communication. Lead generation and active engagement make social media a potent combo. Lee Jackson has the full story.

The most effective way to social media? Use social networks the way your customers would. Jay Baer interviews Jim Belosic for more social media insights to learn.

Local Marketing

If this is your first foray into local SEO, start by taking a look at your favorite search engine. You’ll want to be listed in those search engine results. Add schema markup, integrate locality into your website, and more. Hin Lai defines these strategies more clearly in his post.

John Janstch offers more local tips to help you maximize your local search results in his article.

Are your landing pages location-specific? Do you prioritize better locations for your ads? There are several factors to take account as you try to generate a local audience. Wesley Young offers the complete list of practical tips to follow.

Email Marketing

Unleash the true power of MailChimp through drip campaigns, personalized emails, referral marketing. Savvas Zortikis presents the full guide on KISSmetrics.

There are several ways you benefit from guest posts: a new audience, more traffic, and more subscribers! The best way you can utilize guest blogs is by making landing pages designed especially for visitors from your post. Henneke Duistermaat has the complete post.

When writing your email headlines, focus on the benefit to the reader. Be clear in your intentions and be HONEST. Carol Roth shows us how to write better, more compelling headlines for our emails.

Content Marketing

To become an authority, you must write the appropriate content. Write better posts than even the best posts on your niche. Interview authority figures in your space. Do round-ups featuring your favorite experts. Sadaqut Khan teaches us more ways to build authority.

Make sure the content you publish is relevant to your audience, as opposed to mere clickbait. Be more playful and most of all, more human with your content. Define the meaning of clickbait and shareworhiness with Murray Newlands.

Content isn’t just about leads: it also ties into where the customer is in the sales process. Michael Idinopulos asks whether B2B content is in the right place or if it’s just a failure.

Can you account for your published content? If not, here’s how to do it: define your tone, be original, and communicate your goals. Alyssa Brown further helps you take the reins in the creative process.

Mobile Optimization

Google’s not the only ones making moves on mobile. The entire industry is shifting that way. Kelly Wrather points out some interesting trends to watch in the new mobile era.

Get the fundamentals of mobile SEO ready as Google prepares it’s mobile update. Make sure you benchmark your stats against your competitors so you can prioritise what to focus on in your strategy. Kirsty Hulse continues preparations in a post.

Improving your user experience will do much more for your site rankings than simply making your website “mobile-friendly”. Focus on the navigation and traffic will certainly come. Ross Hudgens shares his take on Google’s impending mobile update.

Conversion Optimization

Katey Ferenzi gives us a crash course on conversion optimization for those of you in ecommerce! You don’t want to miss this post.

Go past surface-level metrics in order to capture the true deep conversions for your sales funnel. Paul Boyce takes us through a case study of his to show us the number one mistake in conversion funnel optimization.

Reputation Management

Focus on the realm of your experience if you want to improve your reputation management. Also, take care to take in as much feedback as possible. The folks at CX Group offer up some best practices to improve your reputation.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.



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