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Neustar® Localeze® is an essential tool for local businesses. Localeze gets your local business scaled and listed on a variety of quality directories in a timely manner, which ultimately helps your business rank in Google’s local search results. As a pioneer in the local space, Neustar’s Localeze is often perceived as one of the most trusted authorities among all local search platforms. Therefore, it’s important that you include Localeze in your “must complete” list. This excellent infographic from visualizes Localeze as one of three major local providers in today’s continuously complex and growing world of local search data.

Localeze helps businesses gain more long-term visibility by distributing their listing data to its network of more than 150 relevant local directories and search platforms. Localeze’s clean, impactful interface manages the business listing on powerful directories, such as YellowPages, Bing Local, MerchantCircle, WhitePages, various mobile and social media sites, and many more. In addition, the service ensures your data is consistent across all its submission efforts to directories and search engines.

Process To Claim Your Listing:

We’re here to help you get started with your business citation management and make the claiming process as simple as possible.  It’s quite simple – find your business, claim it, and add your business information. You need to create a Localeze account in order to manage a business listing.

To determine how you will be managing your Localeze listing(s), click here to learn more about your options:

  • If you have a business, you can search for your business to make sure it’s not already in their distribution list. Click here to begin searching the directory. You can search by phone number or business name and zip code.
  • If you need to modify, update, or enhance your current Localeze listing, click here to log in.
  • You can also update your current listing after you search for it. If you wish to claim, enhance, or modify an active listing after finding it in the search results, click on the business name. You will be taken to the profile page, which you can review and then select one of these options.
  • If for some reason you can’t find your business when searching the directory, you’re still able to move forward with creating a basic listing by clicking the “Add a Listing” link after searching.

In this scenario, let’s assume you will be listing a small business with Localeze for the first time (see the first bullet point above).

Begin by entering the basic business information that is asked of you. Be selective and detailed when choosing your Business Categories. Localeze offers an enormous number of categories, so it can take time to sort through and choose the best fit for your company. The category aids customers when looking for your business in local search results. As you move through the basic profile area, it is important that you complete the business information to the greatest extent possible, which will bring the most value to your listing.

This important rule applies to all local search platforms that you list your site: Make sure the business information is consistent and correct across all your local directory listings, especially the business name, physical address, email, primary phone number, and website. Try to include your targeted keywords when you can, and be sure to provide a few links back to your website.

After you’ve signed up your business, you’ll need to run through a verification process by phone. Localeze authorizes your identity to ensure the information is completed correctly, so they ask that you answer a call with a specific security pin.
When the listing is live, make sure the business information is 100% accurate. The information should be correct, but we always recommend to double check your work. It’s easy to go back through your steps and modify or update any details.

In addition, Localeze’s offer is a great option if you manage or own multiple listings. The interface is simple and easy to use, and you’re given increased reach and visibility in local searches.

You can enhance your listing with personalized business data, such as graphics, business categories, keywords, hours, payment options, etc. Learn more about their solutions and services here.

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