It’s the month of December, and the holiday season is quickly upon us! Businesses everywhere are feeling the brunt of customers purchasing from both their real-life and virtual storefronts.

Dealing with this wave of hungry customers is exhausting if your business lacks the necessary tools. Even if we cannot predict every major occurrence that happens to our companies, these existing web apps can give us the edge and a boost in sales and traffic.

We assembled a list of the top 25 web applications to help increase sales for your business throughout the holiday season. Each one can benefit your enterprise in a unique way. Through customer service, payment processing, social media, or analytics, these tools will strengthen your product offering. In addition, they will ensure your customers are satisfied and encourage them to tell other potential customers about your superb services.

Without further ado, we present the list!

Sales CRM

Base CRM – Take a look at the sales CRM that boosts your online market reach. Through customer, lead, and sales management, Base offers a strong lineup of top features designed to be accessed across several platforms, mobile or otherwise. With Base, you keep contact with your leads and customers anytime and anywhere.

Contactually – Contactually tracks all of your conversations across every existing channels. The app ensures the lines of communication don’t flatline, allowing you to stay engaged with your most important relationships. Whether you run your business as an individual or team, Contactually puts contact front-and-center in order to keep sales from falling through the funnel.

Help Scout – Help Scout is customer support without the hassle or the headaches. Superior customer service solidifies customer loyalty, aiding businesses in retaining customers for future potential sales opportunities. Sign up for a free trial today!

Infusionsoft – Infusionsoft is an application to increase marketing, sales and decrease your time investment. This CRM helps to organize your contacts, time, and data. Utilize systems that automate your lead capture, email follow-up, and sale closure.

Insightly – Insightly is the number one small business CRM with more than 350,000 users worldwide. With the Pro plan, save 50 GB worth of data and unlimited contacts complete with important notes, files, and event reports.

Highrise – Forgetting to follow-up with clients during holiday time is one of the top reasons companies lose revenue and sales. Highrise is the solution keeping track of proposals and deals, with over 100 feature add-ons and reminders to stay focused on keeping in touch.

Nutshell – Drive sales and lead management with Nutshell. Insightful, workable reports, powerful sales automation, and team management give Nutshell a strong feature-set for business owners. Use this CRM for your business and see how it boosts your revenues.

Pipedrive – Helping you focus on the best deals and sales pipeline management, Pipedrive delivers excellent sales CRM. Google Apps and mobile integration give businesses the time needed to focus on making the holiday sales anywhere you go.

SugarCRM – Sugar CRM mixes the social, mobile, and engaging aspects of consumer applications into one eloquent platform. Offering forecasting, reporting, and so much more, SugarCRM may be the only relationship management tool you ever need.

SurgeHub – SurgeHub displays true mobile sales engagement to the highest degree. It tracks inefficiencies in the sales process that delay your small business from getting paid. SurgeHub’s mobile content management is similarly featured for smart sales tracking.

Velocify – Velocify for Salesforce helps accelerate performance in selling, productivity, and results. In addition, this app offers seamless integration to core business systems. See the sales opportunities where you couldn’t before with software designed with successful selling practices in mind.

Vendio – Vendio aids in selling products for your online business, as well as Amazon, Ebay, and even Facebook. No need for programmers, consultants, or web developers. No contracts, no listing fees, and no transactions. Give it a try today!

Zoho – Zoho is a full-service product that takes care of invoices, contacts, custom apps, recruiting, CRM, and more all in one place. This suite offers all the components you need to connect with your customers, team, as well as business insights.

Social Media/Site Traffic

HitTail – HitTail is the long-tail keyword research tool of the future! Small businesses owners realize that competing for short-tail keyphrases is astronomically expensive endeavour. Why not go for the next best, and more profitable, thing and go for organic keywords. They are much less predictable, but researched in the right way (with the right tool) and you may be lucky enough to hit upon a niche that wants what you’re selling.

LocalVox – LocalVox helps make online marketing simple, affordable, and most importantly, local. The platform allows you to broadcast local business events through social media, email campaigns, and mobile marketing. Need we say more?

ShortStack – Just in time for the holiday season, you can use ShortStack to generate Facebook contests for small businesses, agencies, and designers. If you’re looking to increase your Facebook fans, run a promotional giveaway, or easily generate sales for your business, the ShortStack app provides a large array of features ranging from custom app support to advanced analytics.

Geckoboard – The Geckoboard platform connects your key metrics data all in one place. The information is presented in an easy-to-follow visual designs. This way you can track the events that matter to your business.

SocialOomph – Find, follow, and monitor social media with SocialOomph! Schedule status updates, save reusable drafts, and integrate timelines across all social media platforms. Remember that keeping contact wherever your customers are is the key to moving a sale forward, and SocialOomph benefits your contact goals.

Conversion Tracking

Improvely – Conversion tracking, click fraud monitoring, and A/B testing are the name of the game in improving ecommerce, and Improvely shows you how. You can also increase sales by distinguishing fraudulent clicks on your ads from real ones, making sure that your sales pipeline is prim and proper!

ClickTale – The best way to see what stories your landing page holds is to use ClickTale. This app records the mouse clicks and cursor movements of all visitors to your page, giving you the edge on how people are utilizing your site. Try the FREE plan (5,000 recordings/month, unlimited heatmaps, and session playback) to potentially augment your site configuration based on the results.

Billing & Payment

GoPayment – With holiday shoppers on the go a good majority of the time, credit card payments can seem slow and tedious to perform. To solve that problem, GoPayment arrives on the scene! The payments are easy, mobile, and ready in an instant so that your business can spend more time improving the customer experience than making simple transactions.

Recurly – Are you looking for a robust subscription billing system? Keep track of the sales billing cycles for every customer you obtain with Recurly. Gain business insights, spend less time on insignificant sales data, and recover lost revenue for the good of your company.

Square – Intuitive easy-to-use tools sum up the Square app. Ring up customers and track sales for each of your products. If you’re looking for the sales app to get for this holiday season, try out Square.

Venmo – If you are looking for a quick and easy payment solution hardwired to work for mobile devices, take a look at Venmo. All payments are easy and secure to track. Watch your business thrive when you take transactions from any location.

Wave – Personal finance and faster payments are Wave’s main attractions. Account, payroll, and invoicing help you keep track of where your money is going for your business. Never miss any of your customers’ payments with Wave on your side.

Are you ready for the holiday season with these apps in mind? Let us know how you’re preparing and which apps you depend on most to increase sales.