As we’ve stated previously, using social media to the advantage of your business is a skill that can be learned. Rest assured business owners, there is hope! You just have to follow the advice of some of the most seasoned social media managers on the interwebs. We’ve gone through some of our favorite tweets for learning how to use social media, and picked out the ones that deliver the best value. Check out the hashtag #sociamediatips, for more advice on powerful social media.

Continuing on our roundup of social media tips and resources for improvement, here are our top 25 tweets for beginners on social media!

1. Give value

It’s just as Greg says: giving value is the name of the game, and you don’t play, don’t expect to win. Always seek to be an authority be giving value.

 2. Be consistent

Don’t be known as someone constantly sending mixed messages. Discover your voice and stick with it for the long haul!

3. Include pictures

Include pictures in your tweets to engage your audience on another level. Who knows? That might be the very tweet that captures their attention.

4. Don’t convert non-believers

Mark speaks the truth: don’t bother trying to convert people who aren’t interested in your services. Focus on the people already awake to your idea.

5. Deliver the message.

Shannon’s right in that you should make sure you post content relevant to your followers’ interests. Make every post count.

6. Be proactive.

Don’t be passive; be proactive. Brett advises making an honest effort to engage and understand your followers.

7. Be yourself.

Ashani suggests be yourself and be authentic! People like it when you aren’t afraid be transparent.

8. Ride the wave of influence.


You won’t always be at the top, nor at the bottom, according to Shane. Be willing to put your best foot forward, no matter what the landscape.

9. Focus on your followers’ level of engagement.

Anne knows your fan count is irrelevant. What’s more important is how many your followers engage with your brand and your content.

10. Jump right into the deep end of conversations.

As Kim says, don’t just send updates, get right in the conversations and share ideas in your industry.

11. Post different messages for different social networks.

Tailor your updates for different social media platforms. Sending the same message verbatim, beats the purpose of following your brand on separate networks.

12. Use Twitter Cards.

Don’t neglect the use of Twitter Cards for opt-ins and signups. They make conversions all the better.

13. When in doubt, include less hashtags.

Don’t overdo it in the hashtag department.

14. Keep your message simple.

Make your social media message as easy as pie to understand. If it’s too complex, it may be a sign to change things up.

15. You don’t have to be ALL business.

Chloë shares some much needed advice to business owners. You don’t have to be all business!

16. Practice the 80/20 rule.

Aoife shares a rule that is true in every sense of the word. Take note.

17. Be helpful.

Always be willing to provide assistance through social media. As Jason says, be the person that can answer questions.

18. Give value: length is irrelevant.

The length of your content doesn’t matter. Share substance (HT to Nina).

19. Only be where you want to be.

Pick your strongest networks, and stick with them! Estelle agrees that you don’t need to be everywhere.

20. Don’t ask; show and tell.

There’s no point in asking for a follow. We agree with Nathalie that potential followers don’t like obligation.

21. Check your references.

Mireille says don’t just share ANYTHING with your audience. Verify the information you send your followers.

22. Keep an eye out for new business.

Social networks can be great places to find leads.

23. Communicate effectively with your audience.

Communicate in a way that your audience will understand. Basically, as Debbie posted, understand your audience.

24. Test out Klout.

Try using Klout to get a gauge on your social media value.

25. When one door closes, open another one.

Chris points out that you should have alternatives when someone unsubscribes from one of your channels. Great strategy!

We hope you enjoyed our favorite advice tweets to help social media beginners on the path to success! Do you have any other advice tweets to share? Let us know in the comments below.