In today’s digital age, technology constantly changes and trends consistently move forward. As we speak, mobile-optimized sites are becoming more prevalent, while old designs continue to be reimagined.

We are living in a world where mobile devices and tablets count for more than 40% of Internet usage. Companies, large and small alike, absolutely cannot ignore the growth of digital usage. Web pages can no longer be designed for the average desktop user. Now, they must be configured for both mobile and desktop platforms, or at the very least, adapt to all platforms.

Below we compiled a list of 20 smartly designed small business blogs. They may not all be completely optimized for mobile devices, but they each provide a robust user and reading experience for visitors. We encourage you to check out these websites and apply some favorite characteristics to your own website.

1. Infusionsoft’s Big Ideas Blog has a very effective and impactful design. With a clean font, immersive logo, and many ways for readers to access content, the Big Ideas Blog is a site that small business owners should emulate.


2. The Brandmaker News blog takes on a Pinterest-esque design with its clean and engaging layout. Mobile device users will find this blog provides easy content to and scroll through and read.

BrandMaker News

3. One feature we particularly want to point out about this small business blog is how it showcases large photographs. Quality photos produce a more inviting, traffic-friendly blog for visitors, which is a technique that SNAP Agency blog utilizes to great effect.

SNAP Agency

4. The Magnificent Milestones blog is another smartly built site. The social media buttons lie at the bottom of each post, and it displays large images with content and descriptions underneath. These components add up to a flowing design that delights and encourages site exploration.

Magnificent Milestones

5. Plivo’s blog design is refreshing in its display and visitor experience. The blog utilizes a consistent color palette that doesn’t overwhelm the blog reader. Furthermore, the mobile version is fully optimized, demonstrating fluid interaction on mobile devices.


6. The Magoosh blog uses a streamlined interface and a couple of strong colors on the page. Despite these basic items, a simplistic design works for the blog. The sites forces the user to concentrate his or her focus on the center of the page.


7. The A Smart Bear blog indulges in the popular design schemes of “Popular Posts,” social media profiles, and subscription fields. The overall layout is solidly designed and user-friendly for new visitors.

A Smart Bear

 8. Looking for a neat and trim feel that captures your audience’s attention? Take a gander at the Thanx blog. With small unused space on the sides of the page, the clean navigation bar and detailed pictures put the site over the top.


9. The Binpress Blog synchronizes its color, font, and style format to create one of the most perceptively stunning looks on this top 20 list. Great job, guys!


10. The WDG blog is distinctly optimized for mobile; its transition between desktop and tablet usage is smooth as silk. We encourage you to explore this dynamic web development website.


11. Striking, engaging, and full of color, the LocBox blog pops up relative images in every post. With a minimalist sidebar and enticing content, the LocBox design works in its favor to bring in engaging and responsive readers.


12. Can it get any simpler than this design? The Chef Steps Blog points to one strong blogging purpose: Not to acquire leads or collect emails, but to push quality content. Without confusion or distraction, this blog demonstrates one of the best ways to distribute your wares.


13. The Panic Blog crafted its blog as a pinboard for all of the latest musings and occurrences in the engineering industry. The rich detail in the eye-catching illustrations really make this blog stand out from the crowd.

Panic Blog

 14. Pipedrive supports a simple color scheme and a great amount of content distribution across the page. This blog promotes easy scanning for readers, without forcing them to make confusing decisions based on what to click or read.


15. The Apartment Therapy Blog focuses on the three-column blog scheme. In this particular case, the layout is not cluttered at all. In fact, the majority of the right sidebar consists of merely the search bar, while the social media content and badges are on the left.

Apartment Therapy

16. The BungoBox Blog has a vibrant personality very apparent in its design. The graphics and the dark yellow, marigold color throughout the site represent an old-fashioned ambience. This responsive blog establishes the significance of properly pairing art and colors on a website.


17. The True Ventures Blog serves up quick and visually appealing buttons and a smart use of fonts, while it gives viewers meaningful and timely content. The blog design is effective and simple in its purpose.

True Ventures

18. The Appboy Blog exemplifies an excellently designed site for desktop and mobile platforms. On the mobile version, you view a reduced version of the visuals above but retain the same great content. This blog is absolutely worth taking a look.


19. The design of the Freshdesk Blog looks similar to its logo – crisp, clear, and fresh. This is another blog that is beautifully optimized for mobile. With the mobile version, the design quality is still retained, continuing to make it immersive while keeping it streamlined.


20. The Idealists Blog focuses on large images and a minimalistic sidebar. Although there is not an email subscription available for readers, they still find slick looking, original content  on the blog everyday.


The web is a gigantic place, and there are many more well designed small business blogs than those listed here. We encourage you to suggest some of the best blog designs to add to our list. Let us know in the comments section below.