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Writing content is definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution for every business. For some websites, recording and publishing video content makes more sense for their target market.

This is a key point to understand before beginning content curation.

Regardless of how much content you create or what message you are trying to send, your video content must ENGAGE the audience.

Take a look at our previous articles on video marketing blogs, creating a YouTube channel business, and video meta data to learn more.

In the hopes of helping small business owners find the answers to these questions, we brought together 20 successful Youtube and Vimeo channels to offer as resources.

These channels drive valuable traffic with their engaging and original video content. Check them out to begin creating a video marketing plan for your business whether on Vimeo, YouTube, or another capacity.

YouTube Channels

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk – Gary Vaynerchuk’s channel is worthwhile for several reasons. His videos deal with general business perspective and marketing acumen. The “Thought of the Day” format particularly works with Gary’s style of talking. He hits a point home within a two to five minute video that will fire you up on the path to business success.
  2. James Wedmore – Specializing in marketing and video production at its best, James Wedmore advices small business owners on getting their feet wet in video marketing. Testimonials, interviews, and webinars are included.
  3. I Will Teach You to be Rich – Ramit Sethi’s channel includes value added material like interviews from top experts in marketing, psychology, and practical financial knowledge. Also, take note that each of his videos portray a unified visual style.
  4. Jeffrey Gitomer – Jeffrey Gitomer is a world-renowned sales expert, and his channel is an excellent representation of his knowledge. Within this valuable videos, he answers audience questions as well as shares informative webinar recordings.
  5. Lewis Howes – Lewis Howes’s YouTube channel focuses on lifestyle design and marketing for the solopreneur. He highlights idea creation and social media tips.
  6. MarieTV – Looking for smart business advice? You found the right place! Marie Forleo brings on guest interviewers, along with her own expertise, to produces videos that come alive.
  7. ReelSEO – Tim Schmoyer and Mark Robertson offer a high quality experience and meaningful SEO content for their viewers, ranging from interviews, screencasts, tips, tricks, and more. With their dedicated audience and daily updates, Tim and Mark exponentially increase their subscribers on a regular basis.
  8. Salesforce – As another engaging experience, the Salesforce channel includes talks with industry experts and various products tips. If your company sells a suite of products, follow Salesforce’s example of content curation.
  9. Smart Passive Income – Created by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, one interesting aspect of this video channel is that he walks viewers through his exact processes and tools. Video topics include how he earns a profit, how he completes SEO, and how he works through audio podcast production.
  10. Social Triggers – Derek Halperin of Social Triggers provides a fresh and practical perspective on successful blogging hacks. Additionally, his videos are short, sweet, and to the point. These two aspects together make his channel one of the best we’ve seen.
  11. Small Business Administration (SBA) Here you will find the official channel of the U.S. Small Business Administration. The value proposition is in the form of hour-long discussion regarding the state of the small business world.
  12. The Rise to the Top Building an online presence requires the foresight to learn from the right leaders. David Garland teaches viewers how to create engaging businesses through his long-form interviews and quick tips series.

Vimeo Channels

  1. BBB Connection – The Better Business Bureau profiles individual entrepreneurs in quick yet impactful snippets. These short videos uncover timeless advice and learnings in the business world.
  2. Diagramified – The Diagramified channel uses an illustrative video style to train first time business owners. Most videos are less than a minute, ensuring that the concepts in the video are concise and easy to grasp.
  3. HootSuite – HootSuite is a great product, and the video page reflects its strong product. With creative video ideas and large production values, HootSuite’s channel pushes the level of content quality to new heights.
  4. HubSpot – Content marketing and sales information is the bread and butter of the HubSpot channel. If you are interested in becoming a high level marketing expert, you must watch HubSpot’s videos.
  5. Made by Hand – This channel is an engrossing take on a skilled trade. While not all small businesses make products, the way the Made by Hand channel documents work in a way that brings the viewer into the crafter’s world. This demonstrates that any task can be made to be enthralling.
  6. Les McKeown – Les McKeown owns years of experience with C-Level executive teams and business growth strategies. Watch his webinars to get an example of how he forms thoughtful, unique content.
  7. Vorsight – Curious about incorporating sales and social media to maximum effect on your website? Watch every video on the Vorsight Vimeo page. In-depth webinars with the most influential partners persuade Vorsight as an incredibly valuable resource.
  8. Social Selling and Training Tips – Jeff Molander centers on social selling to benefit small businesses. With years of experiences helping entrepreneurs and companies, Jeff’s channel is extremely helpful.

Do you know other smart Vimeo or YouTube channels that small businesses will learn from and we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.