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LinkedIn continues to rise in popularity as more than 238 million users thrive in the professional network.

In our previous post, we highlighted several outstanding LinkedIn company pages mostly created by large corporations. While there was much to learn from their pages, reader suggested taking examples from businesses that are small and medium-sized. In this post, we’ve composed a list of company pages created by companies that are similar to you in both size and scope.

Let’s go down the list with some of the best small business LinkedIn company pages:

  1. 451 Marketing – 451 Marketing pinpoints current events and relates it back to marketing on its enthralling page. The case studies, and brands to follow and gain knowledge from are right here.
  2. Animation Mentor – Animation Mentor is an animation studio that offers programs taught by Dreamworks and Pixar Animation Studio members. Their updates consist of success stories, animation images and videos, and more!
  3. Bitly – Bitly is one of the easiest ways to save, discover, and share new links. The company posts interesting data studies, company news, and job openings. Visit Bitly’s page to see the creative content it gives to its followers.
  4. Brainstorm Inc. – If your business team is having trouble using important software, try out Brainstorm Incorporated. Its specialty is training users for efficient software use. Promotions to its live chat sessions and the benefits of employee training are displayed.
  5. Cooliris – Cooliris seeks to create media-centric experiences for top-notch web platforms. Here they upload live news on the team and company breakthroughs in the media. It’s a good example to follow for web companies.
  6. Digby – We all know the digital and brick-and-mortar are combining landscapes: Digby seeks to chart and gather significant conclusions from this new terrain. Its status posts are full of news of the evolving space of this topic.
  7. Fahrenheit 212 – Curious about the next new steps in product breakthroughs? Fahrenheit 212 is an innovation consultancy that aids in creating new products and accelerating their release to market. Job openings and progressive suggestions in future technology are highlighted.
  8. Fuse – Curious about how Fuse is updating their stream? This small youth culture and marketing agency presents social media news and insights into the future of marketing.
  9. KISSmetrics – KISSmetrics is one of the best sites for learning analytics and marketing. Its page reproduces its blog content onto the company page.
  10. Legacy MedSearch – Legacy MedSearch is a staffing company that helps provide jobs in medical device employment. The managers of its page share industry news articles and webinars in order to keep its audience engaged.
  11. Nelson & Assoc. – Another small recruiting company in finance and accounting, Nelson & Assoc. posts thoughts on employment news and life from both in and outside the company. Additionally, Its facts on job availability are really eye-opening.
  12. Ninety Five 5 – Sales improvement is a constant need for many companies searching for ways to increase their revenue. Ninety Five 5 provides that with its intelligent tools and management. Its page deploys tips on sales advice with a high return.
  13. Paladin – This Chicago digital talent agency connects potential candidates to hidden opportunities. The Paladin LinkedIn stream teaches employees interesting lessons, such as being productive on vacation and marketing.
  14. Polar – Polar is a mobile advertising company that works with over 400 publishers. As you can tell from Polar’s page, helping businesses mobilize their media is what it does best. If you’re not too late, read more evidence on the page about how mobile is indeed the future for small and large businesses alike.
  15. Recorded Future – This company page displays data-oriented content centered around current events and technology. Recorded Future’s general topic of choice is cyber attacks and paints an intriguing picture of how the business portrays itself.
  16. Scribd – Scribd is one of the most popular social reading and publishing companies. Its stream consists of the latest features implemented into their platform and interviews from the co-founder on prominent sites. Scribd has a few updates, but they are worth checking out.
  17. Springbox – Springbox’s just to infer user insights from clicks and conversions. A top digital agency, it shares terrific blog posts, job ads, and social media news. It really provides a good window into the company’s culture.
  18. Slideshare – Some of the best slides on the web are based within the Slideshare platform. An intriguing tactic is how it uses its product to fill its stream. If you’re looking for sharp slideshows, don’t hesitate to visit this company page.
  19. The Southern California Group – Southern California Group is a business that specializes in outsourced customer acquisition. Videos, tips, and company events take up a good majority of SCG’s update list. Absolutely take lessons from this group!
  20. Zuberance Inc. – Zuberance is a social media company centered on Brand Advocates. Its list of articles include engaging marketing strategy ideas and thoughts on improving brand awareness.

What other small business LinkedIn company pages are special examples to follow? Keep us posted by leaving a comment below.