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Everyday, consumers are hit with hundreds of different marketing messages every year. Their streams are hit with so many status updates, paid ads, commercials, and email promotions that it can be difficult to get a word in edgewise as a business. Think about it from a consumer perspective; the average consumer has to sort through several email subscriptions a day, and tries to go through them as quickly as possible. At this point, you should be asking, “Is my content worthy enough for even a minute of my audience’s time?” Answering that question requires you to look at all parts of your email list funnel.

Growing your email list can be a challenging hurdle for many businesses, but overcoming it can go a long way towards your business’s success.  In the end, you’ll have a satisfied subscriber base that proactively promotes the value of your content.

To guide your list in the right direction, we’re sharing 20 strategies to effectively build your email list. If you want to learn some of the top email marketing statistics, check out our post on the subject.

Let’s get to it!

1. Encourage people to share your emails.

Are you asking your subscribers to share? Your emails will spread much further and with more frequency when you ask at the bottom of your emails.

2. Offer visitors value in return for subscribing.

In our fast-paced Internet world, users want instant gratification. Always offer your new readers some of value in return for hitting that “Subscribe” button.

3. Measure the efficiency of the signup process.

Is it easier for a customer to sign up, or do they have to go through several hoops? It’s important to make the process of signing up as simple and as painless as possible.

4. Ask your audience to sign up.

It never hurts to ask! The more you take the time to ask for subscriptions, the more people will choose to sign up (as long as you don’t go overboard and constantly disrupt their web experience).

5. Drive more targeted traffic to your blog or website.

By driving relevant readers to your site, you’re more likely to end up with subscribers who adore your content. Guest posting and linking out to related websites and topics is a marvelous strategy in this regard.

6. Capture emails during online purchases.

Your business is missing out on a huge opportunity if you’re not collecting emails through online purchases. 63% of marketers found this method to be very effective.

7. Leverage your existing email addresses.

As a business, it is very likely that you have leads you are not leveraging. Use these emails to build out your list and ask for referrals to your company.

8. Create contests to get subscriptions.

Giving away some a product or service in exchange for subscribing can do wonders for your list. While this may be a short-term solution, give it a trial to perceive if readers stay engaged long after the contest expires.

9. Create a separate landing page.

Landing pages were made for email capture and have existed in the marketing world for years. Emphasize the value your business can offer in terms of content for maximum conversion.

10. Make your opt-in form hard to overlook.

There’s a good chance that your readers aren’t subscribing because they can’t find your opt-in box. Be sure to increase the visibility of your form so your readers can’t miss it.

11. Utilize paid digital efforts.

Drive visitors to your email subscription page using paid ads. Keep in mind the cost of acquiring an email subscriber before you purchase, as we recommend this as a last resort if the free methods aren’t getting your list growth to budge.

12. Incorporate surveys.

Offering visitors a free survey can be a great way to get subscriptions by placing the option to subscribe at the end. This strategy demonstrates your willingness to listen to visitors’ needs.

13. Use gated content to get readers to invest before signing up.

Crafting a white paper or another form of content behind a subscription gate prompts users to provide more personal information. Make sure the content is exclusive and high quality.

14. Highlight the value of your email list under the opt-in box.

Adding a short blurb underneath your opt-box clearly presents reasons why visitors should subscribe. This reduces the tension some readers have in adding your content to their inboxes.

15. Build out your list through social media.

Don’t waste the opportunity to convert social media activity into email signups. Place a link to your subscription page on your brand’s Facebook, Google, and Twitter pages.

16. Don’t buy your list.

If there’s one thing that you should NOT do to grow your list, it is to buy a list of subscribers. Even if the list is targeted, it does not guarantee they will be interested in your content. Grow it organically for the best return on your investment.

17. Use WordPress plugins to grow your list.

If your blog or website is using the WordPress platform, take advantage of the plentiful plugins you can download on the system. Plugins range from an automatic subscribe function to calls-to-action to attract subscribes.

18. Target mobile users with your email.

Mobile users check their email just as much, if not more, than desktop users. Keep them in mind as well when crafting and formatting email content.

19. Promote your list though scarcity.

Deliver timely offers to email subscribers. Offer discounts, coupons, and other promotions that you can only take advantage of when you subscribe within a certain time frame.

20. Follow up with your customers.

Do you have an autoresponder series set up with your email marketing software? Continue to re-engagement with your subscribers long after they’ve signed up so you can be top of mind.

We hope you enjoyed our top 20 email list-building strategies! Let us know of any other strategies you come across that we haven’t listed here in the comments section below.