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If you search Google Plus, you are bound to find some powerful people on it. Influencers from all walks of life share their thoughts throughout the platform. However, what if you have trouble looking for the right kinds of influencers for your industry?

Turns out, many people don’t have the time to invest in finding quality connections or pages. Thankfully, you have us here at UpCity to take that responsibility off of your back! Sit tight, as we’ve compiled twenty more Google Plus Pages that your business should follow.

This is part two of our series, folks, so don’t expect us to pull any punches with this post. If you want vibrant relationships on Google+, every page on this list is worth following (or at the very least, taking cues from). Check out Part I if you missed it.

Google Plus Pages of Business People

  1. +Akvile Harlow – Social media, marketing, and SEO are among the subjects you will find from search marketing enthusiast, Akvile Harlow. She shares the latest inbound news and tips on her Google Plus page.
  2. +Alan K’necht – Curious about the future of digital marketing and social media strategy? Alan K’necht delivers a detailed business lens to view these inspiring subjects.
  3. +Brent Csutoras – Social media marketing consultant Brent Csutoras provides his perspective on the marketing and social media. He also thrives on various social media platforms.
  4. +Casie Gillette – As the Director of Online Marketing at Komarketing Associates, Casie Gillette promotes the latest news in the digital landscape.
  5. +Christina Trapolino – Involved with online communities for more than 10 years, Christina Trapolino is a master of community management. Even though she posts less often these days, her Google Plus posts and teachings are an eye-opening read.
  6. +Dana Lookadoo – SEO and social media are moving closer toward being one and the same, and Dana Lookadoo reveals this understanding and more on her page. As an SEO consultant and company founder, she has significant advice to give readers.
  7. +Danny Sullivan – The founding editor of Marketing Land and Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan talks thought-provoking trends in marketing and online media.
  8. +John Blossom – Interesting news in tech is always exciting, especially when John Blossom is the guy posting it. He is a content and technology marketing strategist and analyst, so you better believe John deduces trends in marketing extremely well.
  9. +Jonathan Fields – Content marketer extraordinaire Jonathan Fields brings many years of experience and value to his work. His Google Plus page consists of entrepreneurship, inspiration and wisdom.
  10. +Kim Beasley – Google Plus Hangouts can be challenging to set up on your own, especially if you’re not technologically savvy. Kim Beasley remedies that issue by providing Google+ hacks and tips.
  11. +Kimberly Castleberry – Kimberly is a social media technology strategist who shares social media news, current events in tech, as well as a fair amount of off-the-wall gifs. Charming engagement and attitude definitely make her page one to watch.
  12. +Natalie Villalobos – Google Plus community manager Natalie Villalobos hosts hangouts, gives advice, and talks about Google products. Jump in and reach out to Natalie, as she would be more than happy to help your business.
  13. +Peter G. McDermott – Experiencing trouble when trying to connect with your small business audience? Peter McDermott finds interesting graphics and suggestions targeted to engaging a community.
  14. +Shannon Hernandez – Need a quick hand to compile Google Plus for your website? Check out Shannon Hernandez, and take a gander at his free Google+ podcasts and workshops.
  15. +Tony Robbins – Looking for inspiration at its greatest? Tony Robbins is someone that every business owner should follow; his mindset is similar to the most successful influencers in the world. Give his page a read, and be blown away.

Google Plus Pages about Google and Google Plus

  1. +AdSense – One specific feature that we enjoy about Google Plus pages (the official company pages) is how they share a sense of community and engagement compared to other social networks. For more motivation, learn about ad optimization and connect with the Google Adsense team through exclusive hangouts.
  2. +CreativeSandbox – The Google team excels at helping people find what they need and are geniuses at creativity. The Google Creative Sandbox highlights visionary ideas from a whole range of topics, including advertising, science, and technology.

Google Plus Business Page Examples

  1. +TELUS Business – When you follow the TELUS Google Plus page, you find constant contact, open engagement, and discussion of market trends. Expect to read information on tech, data privacy, and social media to be abundant in this space.
  2. +AdMob – A shining example of mobile advertising, AdMob uses its Google Plus page to provides talks, infographics, and live hangouts. Follow them for best practices in advertising and future product updates.
  3. +Linkdex – Always sharing quality content, the Linkdex platform focuses on the value of content marketing, public relations, and SEO. We encourage you to catch videos, meet up at events to talk marketing, and more.

Well, that just about wraps up our two-part series covering Google Plus page recommendations. Happy birthday, Google Plus! May your third year be even more amazing than your first two!