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Almost half of all branded emails are opened on mobile devices, and mobile payments will account for $1 trillion by 2015. With these outstanding statistics coming to mind, we strongly advise you to consider your company’s mobile strategy.

Still not convinced? Startups are immediately choosing mobile optimization right when they launch is a sign of things to come. In addition, an increasing number of alert buyers purchase mobile devices and make these decisions based on an array of aspects, such as fluid user interface, and optimized content, and responsive design. However, this data does not even scratch the surface when thinking about other factors to take into consideration when contemplating a mobile budget.

Is it worth your time to give customers the best experience on all platforms? We cannot answer that question for you. However, we can lead you to 20 mobile experts and resources, setting your business on a pathway to decide if mobile should be included in your marketing toolbox. Previously published blog posts also provide an adequate base for mobile optimization and responsive mobile design.

Set aside some time to read each of these mobile experts in our list below; they know their stuff.

  1. Ajay Kulkarni –  Ajay runs the mobile division at GroupMe. Using experience gained from building strong companies and products, he drops pearls of wisdom on his blog and on Quora.
  2. Andrew Chen – Andrew is an advisor for startups and an angel investor interested in growth hacking and mobile design. Get his blog bookmarked for a true-to-life perspective inside the startup world.
  3. Applause | App Analytics Blog – Although this mobile marketing blog is geared toward app developers, there is still much to gain from these articles. Who knows? You may get an idea for your business’s mobile app from the news and examples in Applause’s blog posts.
  4. Bubba Murarka – Bubba is an investor in early stage mobile technology companies. Knee-deep in the startup landscape, he regularly issues a fresh perspective on mobile optimization throughout his blog.
  5. Cindy Krum – Cindy is the CEO and founder of MobileMoxie. She spent years learning about the mobile platform and its potential for gratness. You can check out her company’s blog here on mobile SEO and PPC strategy.
  6. Conduit Blog – The Conduit Blog is a terrific resource for finding the scoop about mobile applications in the news today! The blog’s target audience is small business owners, so you’ll feel right at home going through these articles.
  7. Fresh Tilled Soil Blog – First-rate podcasts and mobile design articles are difficult to come by. That is why we added the Fresh Tilled Soil team’s blog to the list! Visit this blog if your business is  interested in learning how user experience fits within mobile strategy.
  8. Greg Hickman – As the host of the Mobile Mixed podcast, Greg Hickman covers the topics of mobile SEO and location-based strategies. Greg’s site is targeted toward small business owners who incorporate mobile marketing into their customer engagement and revenue.
  9. Jumptap – If you are looking for a blog with in-depth mobile case studies, Jumptap is the blog for you. The site distributes unbeatable white papers and valuable tips in every post.
  10. Localytics Blog – Localytics is a blog on analytics marketing. The blog’s research results involve parsing large data to bring mobile observations on business models and mobile transactions to a general audience.
  11. Luke Wroblewski – Luke is an informed digital product leader, and he specializes in mobile design and products. He served 18 years in the mobile space, which offers plenty of learnings for business owners and designers.
  12. Mad Mobile News – Mad Mobile News displays influential marketing breakthroughs on mobile data. Sit tight to get additional industry news on the latest consumer trends and mobile devices.
  13. Marketing Tech Blog – The Marketing Tech Blog puts out prodigious posts on social media for mobile. The editors examine web interfaces and release useful mobile design infographics.
  14. Michael Scully – Since 2008, Michael has immersed himself in the mobile marketing business. Formerly of Nokia, Virgin Mobile, and 2ergo (working with a host of large-scale clients like AT&T and U.S. Cellular), he now heads up Crooked Chimney, helping clients realize their full mobile potential. Peruse this blog for valuable information.
  15. Mobile Marketing Association – The MMA is a non-for-profit organization that sponsors trade events and promotes mobile marketing efforts. Learn about mobile advertising, gaming, privacy issues, and much more when you read these informative articles.
  16. Mobile Marketing Magazine – The Mobile Marketing website centers around publishing insights from the global marketing industry. The writers post on a variety of topics, such as mobile strategy and tech news. Although this website is based in the UK, the lessons learned are universal.
  17. Naeem Zafar – Naeem is the CEO of Bitzer Mobile, which focuses on securing corporate data for mobile devices and smartphones. The company blog offers tips on mobile security and vulnerability.
  18. RunMobile – Another current events source, RunMobile compiles top news for the Android and iPhone operating systems. We also encourage you to read this blog for interviews with influential figures in mobile and social media.
  19. The 60 Second Marketer – Jamie Turner is the founder of the 60 Second Marketer blog and supplies readers with practical advice on mobile marketing and social media. Blog topics range from QR codes to digital strategy for smart phones.
  20. The Fiksu Blog – Do app reviews have an impact on mobile SEO? What are the technical specifications that possibly affect your mobile ad strategy? Learn the answers to these questions and more on the Fiksu Blog.

Have you found any of these resources helpful with your marketing needs, or do you have other mobile experts in mind? In the comments section below, feel free to suggest some mobile marketing gurus that we may have passed over.