Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has seen more than 150 million monthly active users and 16 billion shared photos. These statistics alone are more than enough reason to start jumping on the bandwagon and building an instagram community, especially for your local business.

Creating an Instagram account allows small businesses to display their human side, as taking and sharing photos is more of an art form rather than a means to generate revenue. Though this method leads to maintaining consumer trust, treating Instagram like any other marketing channel might not yield to ideal fruitful results. So how exactly should your business use Instagram? We thought you’d never ask!

The rest of this article provides 20 top examples of different local businesses that do an exceptional job at using the Instagram platform. Check them out and see which one resonates with the style you want to create for your business’s Instagram profile!

1. @alliumchicago – Allium Chicago is a restaurant and bar serving seasonal American cuisine. As you can see from its photos, the exquisite food centerpieces are the star of the show here. With its vibrant colors and local dishes, Allium Chicago is the owner of an excellent profile.

2. @badrhinoinc – This Pennsylvania-based social media company shares all kinds of interesting marketing photos, from catchy quotes to images of rhinos (its brand logo).

3. @brooklynbowl – Brooklyn Bowl is a a New York live music venue. The Instagram shows an artistic point-of-view with its main photos centering around colorful performance posters and live bands.

4. @ceiliskitsilano – This is an Irish pub with several locations in the Vancouver, Canada area. Ceili’s active photos mostly showcase customers, a carefree and warm atmosphere, and great food.

5. @fayflyer The Fayetteville Flyer is a small news source that reports on the events of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Its Instagram stream covers all kinds of interesting events and sights for its individual news stories.

6. @fridayandriver – Friday & River displays high-quality, stylish photos of its handmade leather goods. In addition, the business runs contests to generate buzz around its brand and products.

7. @greengrocerchicago – Looking at its photos, you can tell Green Grocer Chicago takes pride in displaying its fresh produce. The account features the neighborhood grocery’s healthy green vegetables and assorted organic products.

8. @lovelovedarling – This unique makeup boutique in Seattle, Washington, Love Love Darling, provides makeup services for weddings and general purposes. This Instagram account presents its varied wares to customers with its stylish products and real-life photo shoots.

9. @ohtobeadog – Even a pet care store in San Gabriel Valley maintains a top notch Instagram portfolio. It’s not difficult to add a photo every so often! The Internet loves cute dog photos, so this album of pets works in Oh To Be A Dog’s favor.

10. @omnomnominc – Om Nom Nom Cookies is a vegan cookie company that includes humorous and relatable photos on its page. We give top marks for captivating creativity with this social network.

11. @reedsgingerbrewnortheast – Reeds Ginger Brew in New York includes brand-focused images around its main drink. This is another significant example of spreading your brand message through social media.

12. @robinhoodnyc – Robin Hood NYC’s page chronicles the people and efforts that are fighting poverty. Take a look at this account to find an example of dedicated programs working together for a common cause.

13. @situstudio – Situ Studio is an architectural design and research firm based in Brooklyn. The photos highlight different kinds of incredible structural designs and scales.

14. @solebicycles – Solé Bicycles in Venice, California is anything but ordinary. With its own perspective, this small business promotes its bicycles in unique photos with interesting people and locales. Definitely a model to follow if you are in the business of selling transportation or other utilitarian gear.

15. @shopboomerangs – Boomerangs is a non-profit thrift store in Boston. The Instagram page includes merchandise photos from an array of different angles, making the shots look dynamic and intriguing.

16. @shwoodshop – Shwood Eyewear in Portland, Oregon includes a bevy of enticing shots of eyewear, as well as special deals promoted through Instagram. They reveal different frame styles in a clean, unique way.

17. @travelcountry – TravelCountry is one of Florida’s top outdoor outfitters stores. The team presents new concepts and upcoming adventure brands on its photostream.

18. @trovegeneralstore – The Trove General Store in Paoli, Pennsylvania, is a clothing and accessories store. Trove makes its vast product line look enticing as well as the scenery behind each item.

19. @vervecoffee – Coffee-brewing is a very subtle art form, and Verve Coffee gives a brilliant job of putting that careful work into its photos. The photos stretch beyond the finished product, presenting the location behind the many coffee ingredients and locales.

20. @vinatero – Vinatero is a small wine and beer shop in Los Angeles. The business promotes beautiful drinks and upcoming deals that will persuade any regular customer to follow the Instagram account and return for another drink right away.

Are there any other local business Instagram pages worth following? Suggest your favorites in the comments below for a spot on this top list!