With ever-increasing competition in the lodging and leisure industry, creating a unique marketing strategy for a hospitality company can be a difficult project. Our team has searched all over the web to find great hospitality marketing blogs to help keep you up to date on the latest industry trends and best practices, new tools and marketing platforms, and strategies to help your hospitality business stand out. Check out our list below!

Hotel Speak


Hotel Speak covers luxury catering services, online marketing and digital attraction initiatives. From automated check-in guides to mobile how-to articles, Hotel Speak is a one-stop-shop for all your hospitality marketing needs. Fear not, because Hotel Speak puts each of its concepts in quick, digestible formats.



Hospitalitynet offers in-depth insight into various hotel markets, focusing on location-specific hospitality concerns, hotel news and marketing innovations. It’s a fantastic news website, and it’s commonly used by business professionals to stay updated on today’s leading hospitality marketing approaches.

Hospitality Times


Priding itself upon its news relevancy, Hospitality Times is another website deserving of praise. It focuses on customer relationships, underlining the common problem of no face-to-face encounters. Additionally, it balances the hospitality industry’s ever-growing aspects with modern catering approaches. Far more than a simple marketing blog, Hospitality Times succeeds as a constant business companion.

Hotel Marketing Strategies


If you’re looking for today’s leading strategies, future possibilities and an in-depth look at hospitality marketing’s changing landscape, Hotel Marketing Strategies is for you. Really, it’s a fantastic addition to any hospitality marketer’s resource collection. Check it out, and check out their massive portfolio of hotel additions for marketing ideas.

USA Today


USA Today is praised by many, and its hospitality marketing blog posts are certainly worth a read. While not as niche as other blogs, USA Today does contain valuable global news relevant to the future of hospitality and catering. It similarly covers growing markets, hospitality’s ties to the travel industry and a variety of “best of” lists well worth a visit.



Mashable, too, covers a considerable amount of hospitality news. Again, however, it primarily covers worldwide news, social media events and generic industry knowledge. If you’re serious about hospitality marketing, you should keep Mashable on your reading list. It covers comprehensive marketing strategies and must-have tools for modern success in many industries.



Tnooz covers transportation news, hospitality marketing info, social media advancements and general business news. Sourcing websites like FastPayHotels and TripAdvisor, Tnooz is an excellent collection of trends, insights and articles. Specific to Tnooz is its high focus on tourism. Another comprehensive news collection to check out, Tnooz remains indispensable as a hospitality marketing resource.



Revinate prides itself upon its relationship-building videos, hospitality marketing insights and in-depth market insights. While its tools are purchasable, it still packs several incredibly useful insight blogs. It’s one of the hospitality industry’s leading insight tools, and it’s trusted by a variety of modern providers.

E-Marketing Associates


For the hospitality marketer searching for online tools, innovative mobile outreach programs and trackable results, E-Marketing Associates has an answer. Its blog is useful, specifically, to hospitality marketers looking to break into Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media websites. Commonly sourcing Google+ and TripAdvisor, E-Marketing Associates offers up-to-date news, strategies and insights.



Hotelogix covers hospitality automation, helping decision makers integrate critical operations within one platform. While technically a product, Hotelogix still has some of the Internet’s best blog-based resources. Hop in, browse and check out their industry coverage. Even if you don’t subscribe to Hotelogix, you can still leave with an updated view about the hotel industry’s fascinating marketing depth.

CN Traveler


It’s good to have a consumer’s perspective of hospitality marketing. CN Traveler covers editor’s choices, popular destinations and winning marketing strategies. More importantly: It features leading industry gurus who discuss the modern hotel business climate. While you won’t find direct strategies here, CN Traveler is useful for its deep understanding of the consumer’s buying mindset.



Touted as the Internet’s must-read hotel marketing blog, Hotelmarketing holds several secrets to continual growth, hospitality leadership, sales management and technology improvements. It similar covers modern hospitality news, covering travel deals, design strategies, innovative booking strategies and—yes, digital marketing.

Boutique Hotel News


For the high-end hospitality marketer, Boutique Hotel News promises a unique perspective. It offers business ratings, seller’s guidelines, marketing tools, renovation strategies and branding ideas. It does cover industry leaders, which is useful for the niche, and it additionally covers success stories spanning across the hospitality world.

Vikram Singh


Vinkram Singh is a comprehensive digital marketing blog, focusing on modern online branding strategies. It focuses heavily on hotel marketing performance analytics—which is valuable—and it discusses a variety of hospitality business shifts currently impacting the industry. If you want quick, digestible content, Vikram Singh is a valuable resource.

TravelMedia Group


Travelmedia Group, too, focuses on social media marketing. It additionally covers the many challenges of hotel operators focusing on marketing initiative delegation, hospitality services, online responsibilities and improved search engine optimization. Really, any hospitality marketer can benefit from TravelMedia Group’s blog posts—which help readers make step-by-step digital marketing plans.



BlogNotions covers the latest hospitality news, gathering resources from well-known industry experts. Trends, digital data, press releases and hospitality project news is all covered. BlogNotions similarly covers the gap between hospitality and food, discussing the value in streamlining every angle of customer service during marketing events and initiatives.

Bed and Breakfast Network Blog


Bed and Breakfast Blog covers an important hospitality marketing niche. Focusing mostly on hotel information, tips, recipes, real estate value and—of course—the customer’s experience, Bed and Breakfast Network Blog is a fantastic blog for low-scale marketing efforts. If you’re engaging hospitality marketing on a small scale, start here.

Oracle Hospitality Check-In


Oracle Hospitality Check-In is a one-size-fits all hospitality blog covering hotel rate codes, guest marketing, creative hospitality designs and modern hotel news. It uses industry insight experts to provide lesser-known views of the hotel world, helping marketers engage consumers practically and effectively.

HOTELS Magazine


HOTELS Magazine covers hospitality trends, marketing news and international hospitality approaches. It offers unique investment tips, too, gathered straight from industry professionals with decades of experience. Its focus on real-time analysis, too, is a unique quality. Make no mistake, the professionals featured in HOTELS Magazine are highly authentic.



Talkabouthospitality covers international hospitality, making marketing connections in the digital and physical world alike. Focusing on the world’s newest hotel marketing launches, design shows and hospitality innovations, the blog is an invaluable resource to any hospitality marketer seeking rare insights.

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