Marketing professionals LOVE web analytics. Online measurement has brought unprecedented data. It’s no longer just about how many people look at your site or the number of products they bought, today’s analytics tools integrate social media and campaign tracking, mobile data, paid advertising stats, and so much more.

Each click on your website tells a little something about a visitor. It’s fascinating information (sign up for our free UpCity Daily Tips newsletter to learn more about using web analytics to grow your business).

In no particular order, here are 20 experts that all small business owners can learn from.

  1. Occam’s Razor – Avinash Kaushik is pure genius. Not just because he clearly knows what he’s talking about but Avinash makes it easy for all of us to understand. From small business analytics beginners to experts in the field, everyone can learn something from his blog. His mastery of social media makes it easy to to find and follow him.
  2. Allison Hartsoe – Allison’s blog tagline says it all “Web analytics tools, marketing tips and insights specifically for busy people.” Her tips are concise and well-written. A self-professed serial entrepreneur and internet diva. Awesome.
  3. Flurry – Enter mobile analytics, a topic most of us know little about. Flurry make it accessible and helps us understand more about this fast-moving space. One to watch for sure.
  4. Yoast – WordPress expert and developer, Joost de Valk, gives insight on how Google Analytics can make our blog a better place. Any small businesses using WordPress as a platform MUST check it out!
  5. Web Metrics Guru – Marshall Sponder is a well-known analytics expert and speaker. He has a great writing style and injects his personality into information that can seem a bit complicated at times. His focus has shifted to social media where many of us struggle in measuring ROI.
  6. ClickTale – ClickTale has an interesting spin in the analytics and conversion space. They list themselves as Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) experts and their software tracks mouse clicks creating playable video of a customer’s browsing history. Very cool. Oh yeah, their blog has great analytics info, too!
  7. Cardinal Path – This team isn’t just about analytics but they believe in the power of data and make sure their clients understand it, too. They provide training seminars around the country on Google Analytics and AdWords.
  8. Google Analytics Blog – The name pretty much says it all. Of course, they write only about how to use Google as opposed to sharing information on other tools.
  9. Luna Metrics – A quick peruse of the post titles tells the story well. From XML site-maps to mobile analytics, they can get you up and running on analytics at every level. That they clearly define their audience and have a great user interface.
  10. Eric T. Peterson – A well-known author and speaker, Eric is a seasoned analytics expert. Even while he’s busy, someone on his team has something interesting to share. Be sure to look at the team posts by John Lovett, Adam Greco, Brian Hawkins, and Kevin Willeitner while you’re there.
  11. Conversion Rate Experts – Leaders in the field of conversion, this company is focused on helping customers convert traffic. They also provide readers with recommended resources, whitepapers, and info on leading analytic tools. Really helpful stuff.
  12. Trendslide – An analytics dashboard for your mobile, gotta love it. This slick app pulls data from your sources into the cloud for accessibility on the go. Their blog is focused on mobile marketing as much as looking a mobile analytics which is fine, most of us need more info on this channel in general.
  13. SiteTuners – Tim Ash knows everything there is to know about landing page optimization and shares it freely. Not kidding! His blog offers a wealth of info on what converts on a landing page and why.
  14. KissMetrics – Leaders in conversion tracking and onsite analytics. They provide a host of valuable whitepapers and tools that small businesses can use today. Practical advice even for newbies!
  15. ROI Revolution – ROI Revolution has been in the online data and marketing space for 10 years, a lifetime for most of us! They provide some great tools for online advertising such as an AdWords assessment among others. They are Google ‘driven’ and certified.
  16. Crazy Egg – Best name and blog tag line: “Hard boiled conversion optimization and design advice”. Crazy Egg provides web eye tracking technology that allows you to understand how visitors ‘look’ at your site. Their blog doesn’t just address analytics but web marketing in general.
  17. SeeWhy – A website conversion company that focuses on reducing shopping cart abandonment by recapturing customers through automated tools and notifications. Their blog also focuses on important conversion issues in the e-commerce industry.
  18. Click Conversion – A fairly straight-forward approach to blogging about all things analytics. Easy perusing and with a priceless philosophy on digital marketing “Will is much stronger than Skill”. I second that!
  19. UserTesting – Primarily on our list because their service is incredibly valuable. For a low cost, you get a mini-focus group. A set of qualified individuals to complete tasks that you define on your website and provide speaking feedback on the user experience as they do so. Their blog provides analytics insights as well.
  20. Visual Revenue – A provider of news and publishing software that uses predictive analysis to give you data on what should appear on your homepage. No guesswork, just data, analytics makes things so much easier!

Honorable Mention

Conversion Conference Blog This could (and should) have been on my original list. An all-star line-up of conversion experts blog on topics of interest in preparation for the Conversion Conference tour in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Berlin, and London in 2013. Certainly worth attending if you’re looking to improve your website conversion!

Now that we’re all smarter because of these experts, go forth and measure. Your business will grow in leaps and bounds once data drives your decisions.