Google Plus continues to grow into a stronger social media platform everyday. Since turning two last week, Google Plus has seen more than 500 million users to date. As you can see, the platform contains a massive quantity of potential for businesses to take advantage of. Additionally, several resources exist to help you become an expert on Google+.

We realize a great deal of Google Plus information is available on the Internet, from how to use Google Plus Business pages for your website to how authorities share priceless business knowledge. As a result, we created an article series to present this information in a clear, concise manner for our readers.

Below, we compiled 20 Google+ page recommendations to follow if you manage a small business. The tips within each of these pages are unbelievably valuable for SMBs. We split the recommendations into three sections:

  1. Successful business people to follow on Google Plus.
  2. Google Plus pages on the subjects of Google Plus and Google for Business.
  3. Winning examples of Google Plus Business pages.

Google Plus Pages of Business People

  1. +Ana Hoffman – Does the phrase “big web traffic for small budgets” sound appealing to you? If so, you stumbled upon an appropriate Google Plus Page. Ana Hoffman’s blog is ranked among the top 15,000 websites in the world, and she knows her stuff. Ana regularly posts acclaimed tips on guest blogging, SEO, and traffic building.
  2. +Brian Clark – Content Marketing may be Brian Clark’s middle name. Web copy is Brian’s trick of the trade, so follow this copy blogger if your business could use a tune-up in this area of expertise.
  3. +Gary Vaynerchuk – is a businessman who puts 110% of himself and more into his work. Uncensored and unwavering, Gary’s content is sure to teach you immeasurable wisdom about business and social media management.
  4. +GuyKawasaki – If you have not heard of Guy Kawasaki, you will be blown away by his vast knowledge on the art of doing business. Bestselling author and successful entrepreneur, Guy posts helpful material that incites discussion and ignites learning.
  5. +Kristi Hines – In every business owner’s Google+ stream, updates should instruct on optimal social media strategies. Hopefully, some of those learnings come from following Kristi Hines on Google+. Her social media marketing acumen is top notch, and she consistently posts updates on the latest information and tech tools to keep you ahead of the curve.
  6. +Mark Suster – Learning sales, raising venture capital, writing emails, you name it, and Mark Suster knows it all. As an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, Mark never ceases to write posts of incredible value that anyone can use to take his or her business to the next level.
  7. +Mike Blumenthal – As the go-to authority on Google Plus Local, we recommend everyone follow Mike Bluthmenthal’s Google+ page. He’s a forward thinker in the space, constantly testing the effects of key phrases on Google Local. In addition, Mike dissects new SERP features and case studies. Need we say more?
  8. +Stephen Hughes – Eager for entrepreneurship and lifestyle insights, with a steady stream of social marketing news? Stephen Hughes’s Google+ posts give a hefty dose of inquisitiveness to content writing and marketing practices.
  9. +Saul Fleischman – Read the thoughts of an entrepreneur whose bootstrap always resonates with small business owners. Saul Fleischman is a tech startup founder interested in all things Google Plus and social media. Feel free to ask him for advice about the implications of business and social media platforms.
  10. +Luis Galarza – A consultant for small and medium-sized businesses, Luis Galarza delivers practical solutions for problems that owners see on a recurring basis. Topics include information marketing, SEO, as well as quick usability tips for Google+.

Google Plus Pages about Google and Google Plus

  1. +Google for Entrepreneurs – The official Google Plus page for entrepreneurs highlights Google’s efforts to increase entrepreneurship worldwide. A variety of value, such as live streams, news articles, and videos, will be gained from following this page.
  2. Google+ Your Business – This is the official Google Plus for Business page using the platform to connect with their customers. Read about the creative ways companies use Google Plus, join hangouts, and watch videos inclusive to Google.
  3. Google Plus for Business – Compiled by 12-online marketer Chris Lang, this page offers articles, news, videos, and tips on Google Plus for Business. Only the top online marketers give advice here, so rest assured, the perspectives are incomparable.
  4. +Google Analytics – Targeted to the more tech savvy business owner, the official Google Analytics Plus page includes posts about content experimentation, data visualization, and webinars. An experienced Google team curates this page, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you delve in!
  5. Plus Your Business (Page) – Are you baffled by the thought of effectively managing Google Plus for your business? Since this group contains some of the top Google Plus community managers (like +Lee Smallwood, +Andrew Huskinson, and others we’ve previously highlighted), mastering the platform will prove to be informative and supremely exhilarating.

Google Plus Business Page Examples

  1. 30 Lines – 30 Lines is a company that centers on expanding your web presence. Taking a look at their Google Plus page, you will view how 30 Lines shares valuable advice and interesting posts with their audience.
  2. B2C – The topics of lifestyle, social, news , and technology are covered on the Business2Community Google+ Page. B2C provides a great example of how  sharing valuable content will create success for your social media presence.
  3. Distilled – This page contains the superb work of an international online marketing agency (an exceptional act to follow). Distilled shares company news, hangouts, interesting articles and infographics.
  4. HootSuite – The HootSuite Google+ page posts infographics, tips, and trends in social media. After exploring HootSuite, readers will view their posts as creative and charming. Don’t hesitate to follow and gain more ideas for your business’s Google Plus management.
  5. +Simply Business – Simply Business is one of the UK’s biggest providers of business insurance. These bloggers successfully invested and integrated social media into their business. Simply Business shares fascinating articles and Google Hangouts with their followers.

As mentioned, we will continue to cover this exciting and growing subject. Would you like to suggest a Google+ Business page that sets a good example for other businesses to follow? As always, let us know down below.

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