We’re on a roll with our expert advice! This week, we’re taking it to the social media streets. We all certainly know how to use social media (tell that to the endless army of millennials sending mass tweets and sharing millions of YouTube videos and status updates a day), but not all of us understand how to use it effectively.

It seems when manning our own social media accounts, it’s easy to come up with something to share. However, when faced with sending messages as a company, we instinctively place filters on how we share content. Although we shouldn’t move away from professionalism in social media, a lot can be said about adding value as a person on social media instead of sending lukewarm messaging over our business profiles everyday.

In order to help you regain your focus on social media, here are 20 experts here to share timeless tips and advice on social media strategy.

Here we go!

“Know the best days and times to post for your industry and demographics. For many businesses, this is Monday through Friday at around 10am and 4pm. However, this will vary depending on who you’re targeting. Do your research.” – Drew Hendricks

“Consider social media as a long-haul activity. Even if you end up abandoning in the short-term, your only real hope of success in social media is taking the long-term view. Social media will be neither a quick fix nor a home run.” – Minter Dial

“Just by monitoring mentions of my username, I can find people who are interested in the posts I write, and then quickly follow them or favorite their Tweet.” – Belle Beth Cooper

“Build Facebook Groups. As organic reach for the Facebook pages of companies continues to diminish, entrepreneurs, marketers and publishers should instead consider creating and managing Facebook Groups. The advantage is that members can opt in to receive direct notifications about updates.” – Firas Kittaneh

“Listen up! Social listening is a science. The greater your audience and the volume of conversation around the brand, the more difficult it can be to find the nuggets of insight in the noise.” – Larry Kim

“Successful profile pictures are easily recognized by followers as belonging to your brand when they are scanning their feeds, and they don’t distract from the feed content by being too flashy or complicated. Above all, your profile picture should be lasting so that it’s always recognizable.” – Emilie Futterman

“Despite the era we live in, where most attention spans rarely last longer than 15-20 seconds, a longer post may actually work to grab the attention of your followers (with the exception of Twitter). By sharing longer, but digestible, social media posts with your followers, it could very well help boost brand recognition, as well as lead to more engagement and interaction with customers.” – Megan Ritter

“The average time marketers spend on social media each week was 6 hours.

About 37% were engaging in social media for 11 hours or more. Even if you have a very small budget, you need to allot some time to social media marketing.” – Lori Soard

“Know that Twitter is power. Once you find and follow your target(s), watch and listen. Don’t tweet to them or send them a direct message right away (which you can only do if they already follow you). Learn what they share and re-tweet and start using your account to share similar things.” – Adam Fridman

“Automation is a keyword when it comes to post scheduling. Your job is to create the content (I budget about 2 hours per blog post) and set the time when each post will be released. Then, use appropriate social media tools that allow you to automatically publish those posts now and repeatedly into the future.” – Neal Schaffer

“As a team of one, everything is going to fall on your shoulders. “You’re going to have a lot more responsibility, a lot more accountability, and a lot more autonomy than if you’re a part of a 10 person social marketing team,” Polk said.

You’ll have to know your brand inside and out, and all the reasons that you do what you do on social media, especially how they align with the company’s goals. Knowing all this will function as a filter and help you decide what to post, where to post it.” – Erin Carson

“Trying to benchmark other people’s Fans and Followers is a fools game. You’ll start making bad decisions because you’re trying to “keep up”. And when you make bad short-term choices, your long-term success will suffer. The best tactical ideas and campaigns haven’t happened in your industry yet. So use arbitrage marketing to figure out what new, untapped opportunities you can seize and gain an early lead. Look at what people are doing in other industries and try to experiment with similar tactics.” – Brad Smith

“Create social media challenges. Setting goals and accountability is the key to your social media success. Setting challenges for yourself can be done with only one hour of free time per day, simply follow the tasks you laid out beforehand.” – Silke Jager

“To save even more time, you need to stop over-thinking social media. One of the biggest advantages to being a small business owner is the authenticity you can give your brand. Be yourself, be real, and be honest; you’ll find social media takes a lot less time when you just share what represents you and your brand.” – Kristen Curtiss

“Just because you don’t have a large audience on social media doesn’t mean that you are limited to your initial fans. Social networking sites like Facebook have programs where businesses can advertise on their network. You can target people by their demographics and location, making it a very cost effective way to build a fan base or promote your products and services.” – Paisley Hanson

“Too many businesses are trying to be too many things. Instead, focus on what makes you unique and incorporate that into your social media strategy.” – Mario Armstrong

“Social media isn’t a sales platform: A properly arranged social media strategy can serve as a great sales funnel, but social media itself isn’t about sales. It’s more about growing awareness for your company or brand, much like a booth at a trade show. Social media is about showing the world you’re open for business, not trying to sell something to everyone who wanders by.” – Peter Borden

“Real standouts respond and connect with their community. Congratulate people on their successes and offer helpful suggestions when you can. Acknowledging those who RT you is always a nice idea – take if a step further by sharing content from those who share unique and interesting posts.” – Marsha Collier

“Social media has also produced the need for customer service teams to get social. More and more customers are taking to social media to air their complaints instead of calling customer support. In fact, 42% of customers who reach out to brands via social media anticipate a response in less than 60 minutes.” – Mark Stokes

“Getting your entire staff involved in social media lets your followers “meet” your whole team and may even give your staff the chance to demonstrate the values of your business.

“Our core belief is that ‘people matter’ and we want to make sure that all of our supporters know that we care and listen,” Neufeld says.” – Sarita Harbour

These were certainly great tips, but do you have anymore social media knowledge to add to our panel of experts? Submit your own advice in the comments section below!