bandaid-crossHave you Googled yourself or your company lately? Do you know what people are saying? If you don’t, you should. The internet has made the world a much, much smaller place.

Today, managing your online reputation has never been more important. It has also sprung a host of consultants, monitoring tools, and agencies to help with that (sign up for our free UpCity Daily Tips newsletter to get more tips on managing your reputation).

20 Leading Reputation Consultants, Monitoring Tools, & Agencies

Online reputation management is a relatively new and complex field. A world where search engines place a huge value on customer reviews—unethical competitors can cause havoc and disgruntled customers have a very strong voice.  Many reputation management experts and tools help erase bad information so work they confidentially on making the bad stuff go away. Our list of experts and tools (in no particular order) can try to help you figure it out.

  1. Dorien Morin-van Dam More in Media — Dorien knows small business social media and reputation management inside and out. Her blog provides practical tips and she strives to help her clients understand what she is doing and why. Her hourly consulting fee and services list is refreshingly transparent in a complex industry. A must-read for all small business owners and anyone social media adverse!
  2. Jeff Bullas — Jeff Bullas is a well-known leader in social media and brand management world. His blog focuses on all social media issues that impact your company and his passion for demystifying the topic is apparent. That he’s a great writer and published author doesn’t hurt either! He goes beyond consulting on social media engagement, he coaches and mentors companies on effectively managing their brand online.
  3. Andy Beal — Andy is one of the world’s leading experts on reputation management. He is an author, speaker, and founder of the monitoring tool, Trackur (see below). His blog is primarily a compendium of articles and interviews but the information is valuable and having it all in one place makes it extremely easy-to-find.
  4. Don Sorensen Big Blue Robot — Don is a leader in executive and corporate brand and reputation management. His philosophy of managing your reputation before it manages you, is a good one that all of us can learn from. He focuses on SEO and strategy to push forth good news about you and your company.
  5. Bryan Bruce Your Brand Voice — The personal blog of Bryan Bruce, the founder of Your Brand Voice, a social reputation management agency. While YBV focuses their marketing services primarily to the hospitality industry, their reputation management advice is suitable for everyone — even if “your company has never set foot on the field.”
  6. Philip Sheldrake — The personal blog of Philip Sheldrake who is a Managing Partner of the Euler consulting group in the UK, author, and expert of almost anything around communications and ‘social business’. Philip appears at conferences and other speaking engagements, he is a champion of using social media for your business.
  7. Trackur — Trackur is a leading social media monitoring software founded by reputation expert, Andy Beal (see above). The blog offers practical advice for small and large companies alike. Unlike some of the other broader social media tools, Trackur stays focused on the art of reputation management. Their quick and easy tips make improving your reputation a snap.
  8. LocalVox — LocalVox is a leading platform for local, social and mobile marketing for businesses. They’ve really simplified multi-channel marketing for small businesses and allow you to manage (and promote) your social reputation across all channels. A great tool for any small business owner on the go!
  9. Profile Defenders — Dedicated reputation managers at your disposal! Profile Defenders helps individuals and businesses erase negative reviews and replace them with other positive messages using an in-house proprietary software. They offer great testimonials for their services in an industry that is a little cloaked in mystery:   “They fly under the radar and produce top quality results!”
  10. Reputation Management Guys — While it’s not a blog, I couldn’t resist including this reputation management service for it’s fun and ‘private investigator’ feel. After all, if someone tarnishes your name, don’t you want a stealth approach at straightening it out!
  11. Google Me — Google allows you to monitor mentions for your name and manage what people see when they search for you. They also provide tips for removing unwanted content.
  12. ReputationHawk — Founder Chris Martin knows a thing or two about reputation management, he began the service in 2007 before many of us realized the danger of what bad online press could do. Since then he’s been featured in many publications. Explore his list of articles, it isn’t a blog but interesting and informative reading just the same.
  13. — has been in the industry for awhile and offers a good monitoring product for personal or business use. Their blog might not be regularly maintained but their list of resources is full of valuable information.
  14. Imforza — A full service internet marketing company and a blog that has some really great content. Their post for Online Reputation Management Tips is awesome with great resources for anyone that wants the basic course on how ORM is done. Well worth the read.
  15. OutSpoken Media — OutSpoken is a full service social media agency. They work with individuals or businesses to assess the reputation problem then develop a solution unique to your case. Their blog offers a wealth of info on all social media, reputation, and marketing topics.
  16. Social Mention — Not a blog but it is a great social media monitoring app so I had to include it in our round-up. It monitors over 100 social media properties and flows data into a single stream. SocialMention makes monitoring so much easier, it’s perfect for the small business owner with little time to spare.
  17. Customer Lobby — Customer Lobby is known for securing and hosting local reviews about your company. It is a proactive approach to gaining those valuable customer reviews we all covet. Their reputation marketing blog is ideal for small businesses wanting to improve their online presence and reputation.
  18. BrandWatch — Their social media monitoring tools and technology allow you to improve customer service and make the most of social CRM to grow your business. Going beyond simply managing your reputation, the blog offers a wealth of information on using social media for brand and reputation marketing. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?
  19. Main Street Hub — Main Street Hub is an online monitoring service that also guides your response to reviews while helping you create highly targeted campaigns  that engage and motivate your customer. Their premise is positive actions in social media immediately translate to sales for local businesses. We like that!
  20. UberVU — UberVU provides a social media monitoring platform that integrates data and reporting from across the web. Perhaps a little more sophisticated than many of our SMB clients need but great to see how holistic reputation management is handled.

At the end of the day, it’s your reputation on the line. Be ready to take control and proactively manage the good, the bad, and the untruthful.