We love Local SEO for small business. It allows neighborhood mom-and-pop shops to rank ahead of the big box brands in search results. A local business has a definite SEO advantage. But properly optimizing your site for local search is not as simple as 1-2-3. Algorithms change and new rules continually come into play, you need a set of experts to keep up. I know we do.

Here’s a list of our favorite blogs, in no particular order. A compendium of those we follow for industry news (be sure to sign-up for our free UpCity Daily Tips newsletter for more small business local SEO tips).

UpCity Top 20 Local SEO Blogs

  1. Mihmorandum: David Mihm, leading Local SEO guru, provides valuable insight on everything local. On Dec. 4th, he announced he has joined forces with SEOmoz.org. In the future, he will be blogging almost exclusively in their behalf. It’s worth following him on Twitter — @DavidMihm — to see what’s next for this industry leader.
  2. GetListed Blog: GetListed provides an online tool to help business find and manage their local presence. GetListed, was co-founded by David Mihm (above) and was acquired by  SEOmoz. Stay tuned to see how the business might change.
  3. NGS Marketing Blog: Nyagoslav Zhekov is a Local SEO marketing whiz that provides consulting services and writes for many well-known US publications. He’s definitely a young talent for SEO in general to watch in the future.
  4. Local Visibility System Blog: Phil Rozek heads up this great blog with valuable content and engaged users. Take a moment to look at his page ‘My History with Local Search’, nice to see how he’s evolved with local search.
  5. BrightLocal Blog: BrightLocal is a leading UK company with great local tools for the US as well. The blog primarily provides insight on new releases and milestones for their tools.
  6. Local SEO Guide: Andrew Shotland is a leading Local SEO expert. His blog is unique and insightful. A fresh read in an industry that, at it’s core, is about consistency and repetition!  He provides news on local search optimization, small business marketing, and search engine optimization strategy.
  7. Screenwerk: Greg Sterling a wide-reaching professional background for a unique look at online marketing and Local SEO.
  8. Mike Blumenthal’s Blog: Everything you need to know about Google Local can be found in Mike Blumenthal’s blog. On first proof of this post, a colleague said we needed to move him higher on the list. Sorry, it’s random.
  9. Small Business Coach Online: Matthew Hunt champions the small business online. His blog provides insightful tips to Local SEO and more.
  10. Groupon Blog: Local deals, you bet! Watch their blog to learn how to maximize special offers in a local area.
  11. WhiteSpark: A leading Canadian Local SEO company with  a lot of great information we can use south of the border as well.
  12. SEOigloo blog: Miriam Ellis of Sola Web Design is on the must-read blog list of many Local SEO experts. With good reason. Besides her obvious Local SEO knowledge, she’s a really great (fun) writer and easy to read.
  13. Nodal Bits: Chris Silver Smith is a busy guy. He sits on boards of a range of internet companies and publishes articles on SEO across the web. His own blog is fun and informative.
  14. Expand2Web Blog: Don Campbell tackles all facets of SEO from a WordPress perspective. His free e-book on local search and other tips can help move you succeed in Google.
  15. EZ Local: A great resource for Local SEO news with youthful feel. The blog incorporates tips for maximizing mobile in your Local SEO efforts as well.
  16. Reach Local Blog: One of several service providers on our top 20 list. The Reach Local blog offers more than just Local SEO, they also provide tips on how to grow your local business.
  17. LocalBizBits: Larry Sullivan shares his local expertise in easily digestible tips on local search.
  18. BIA Kelsey Blog: Leaders in all things local. If you want to stay on top of the latest developments in Local SEO, a great blog to follow.
  19. Foursquare Blog: Keep up to date with local news, check-in updates, and app updates from Foursquare.
  20. Yelp Web Log: It’s smart business to always stay abreast of the latest from an industry giant like Yelp. There blog provides valuable tips for your business.

So there it is. The best-of-the-best blog reads from leaders in the Local SEO industry. Commit to 30-minutes of dedicated Local SEO reading time each day, it can have a huge impact on your local business success.