LinkedIn is the third-fastest growing social network in the world with more than 300 million registered users. Each of these users have professional connections to people across several industries and groups. To grow your circle, we emphasize participating in the thousands of communities available to you as a member of LinkedIn. If you want to check out our guide on connecting with influencers on LinkedIn, click over to it here.

Some of the best groups don’t have the most members or links to share; rather they offer top engagement, frequent discussion, and a dedicated community willing to hear out your concerns. That’s why we’ve gone through the trouble to point out some of the most superb groups you can join as a digital marketer.

Here are our top 20!

  • The Social Media Marketing Group – The Social Media Marketing Group offers a diverse culmination of news, links, and updates on some of our most popular social networks. Become a member and start learning as soon as possible.
  • Sales / Marketing Executives (CSO/CMO) – This sales and marketing executives group is largely discussion-based, boding well for members really looking for second-hand experience. Get a varied range of perspectives right here!
  • Mobile Marketing & Advertising – Get the latest on events tips, and mobile commerce by joining this group. Give yourself the best chance at excelling in mobile with the Mobile Marketing & Advertising group’s excellent knowledge base.
  • Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & More – Where will you find four advisers that every brand needs or articles on the benefits of lead nurturing? The Digital Marketing group certainly has you covered in that respect, with answers to these questions and more!
  • Social Media Marketers – Improve your social marketing skills in no time flat with the other influencers in this group! You’ll trade insights, read articles, and discuss everything social media.
  • B2B Social Media – Learn the validity of tactics and strategies for effective social media in this highly active group! B2B Social Media is a helpful first stop for business owners looking to better leverage social networks.
  • Social Media Mastery for Business Leaders – Become a master of social media networking as a business leader. Get new tools to use for your social efforts and get informed on the latest news in the space.
  • Ecommerce and Online Marketing Experts – Tighten up your ecommerce funnel by learning from some of the best in the business. Your luck in digital marketing will certainly improve once you join this group.
  • Managing Social Media – Need assistance with social media management? Join the Managing Social Media group for insights and conclusions on proper management for your accounts.
  • B2B Marketing – Digital marketers from across the world, rejoice! Get suggestions for digital marketing courses, knowledgeable webinars, and more by joining this smart group.
  • The Future of Web Design – How does your brand look online? It’s of utmost importance to get as much learning as possible on ways to get your design more responsive in this digital marketing age: this group will help you do just that.
  • Web Design and Development – Get the best web development tips this side of the web! Learn remarkable tips on UX, HTML, CSS, and other disciplines to help your web presence shine.
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Watch – Keep an eye on the latest social media and digital updates from top authorities in the industry. Stay abreast of current trends when you join up with this LinkedIn group.
  • Smart Insights Digital Marketing Best Practices – The company, Smart Insights, makes sure to keep marketers well informed of the most superior digital marketing practices. Ask for help with your strategy and gather feedback from thoughtful members of the group.

And there we have it! These are just some of the top examples of winning LinkedIn groups.

Are there any other knowledgeable groups you know about that can help put small business owners and agencies on the map? Let us know in the comments section below.