A surprising number of dentists, doctors and physicians need up-to-date news about the dental marketing world. Today, health information drives policies. It’s important to read up on the industry’s newest trends. More importantly: It’s a good idea to check out the latest, greatest initiatives in dental marketing. A lot of information is available, and finding it can be overwhelming. Below, we’ve compiled the top 20 dental marketing blogs—served comprehensively for your convenience.

One: Officite Blog



Officite Blog covers social media marketing in the healthcare industry. It similarly covers the aspects of online review, which is a unique angle in the healthcare marketing world. Complete with guides, digital reputation information posts and even today’s biggest trends, Officite is incredibly valuable.


Two: MyDental CMO



MyDental CMO covers a variety of dental marketing avenues, mostly focusing on social media strategies. That said, the basics of self-promotion cover far more than other blogs. Unique to MyDental CMO is its coverage of online metrics calculation. Today, digital marketing relies upon real-time monitoring—which many of the site’s posts cover.


Three: Go Ask Fred



Go Ask Fred is a one-size-fits-all dentistry blog covering different marketing initiatives around the country. The blog series additionally promotes dental marketing via the owner’s digital book. It covers a wealth of strategies, using real-life anecdotes to power dental marketing solutions.


Four: WEO Media



The WEO Media blog is a fantastic dental marketing resource, too. Covering the ever-changing world of digital marketing, the WEO Media dental marketing blog focuses on promoting patient growth while micromanaging one’s own success.


Five: Dental Practice Marketing and Management Blog



Packed with testimonials, online resources and multimedia, Dental Practice Marketing and Management Blog spans across Google tools and today’s newest marketing challenges. The blog heavily focuses on emergent strategies, helping new dentistry professionals get a grip in the fast-paced professional world.


Six: Sesame Blog



Sesame Blog takes the social side of dentistry marketing, focusing on client relationships and patient retention. Readers can expect easily digestible content, a comprehensive approach to social media marketing management and the dentistry world’s latest innovations. Sesame Blog additionally focuses on Twitter, helping dentists market to patients on a level they can understand.


Seven: American Dental Association



The American Dental Association isn’t only for practitioner news. Dental marketing is covered, as is small business budgeting. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a new business owner, the American Dental Association offers comprehensive marketing news, tips and tricks. It’s worth a visit, and it’s definitely a good resource to keep around.


Eight: Optio Publishing



This dental marketing blog focuses on website marketing. Featuring digital marketing news, practical tricks and social media campaign ideas, Optio Publishing is an incredible resource for dental field newcomers. It similarly promotes free PDF guides—so you’re never left without on-the-go resources.


Nine: Referral MD



Referral MD is an up-to-date blog collection focusing on referrals. While not comprehensive, it does offer several unique avenues for exploration. Spanning across healthcare practice marketing, dental media marketing and kid-friendly advertisement, Referral MD is definitely worth a click.


Ten: Kickstart Dental Marketing



This top local agency helps readers learn to manage, improve upon and succeed with networking. Aside from the site’s blog, its promotional material is worth a look. The material isn’t for beginners, however, which might be difficult to digest if you’re not seeking critical marketing education.


Eleven: DentalMarketing.net



This blog covers much-needed information about dentist-related content marketing. Helping readers create, promote and succeed with content is its main focus, but it also covers social media marketing, the history of dental marketing and a collection of vital dental marketing resources. It’s a strategy bank, first and foremost, filled a ton of external resources for your consumption.


Twelve: Red Star Marketing



Red Star Marketing focuses on the revolution of inbound marketing, helping readers accommodate for new industry tactics with advanced insights and outlook blog posts. Its focus on website marketing is unique, as its attention to detail. If you want a closer look at digital dentistry, how it’s promoted and its future—Red Star Marketing is the blog to read.


Thirteen: DentalBuzz



Dental Buzz is your one-stop shop for today’s leading dental marketing news. Covering a variety of contemplative marketing approaches, the blog series doesn’t hold back when the dental world, as a whole, is questioned. It’s powered by successful dentistry marketers, presenting digestible, memorable information.


Fourteen: PracticePlan Blog



PracticePlan makes use of age-old techniques to focus on cutting-edge digital marketing approaches. It additionally covers the importance of making business partnerships as a dental provider, presenting strategies for conversion, retention and long-term service planning. PracticePlan is an excellent source for dental marketing finance, too.


Fifteen: Dentrepreneur Solutions



Dentrepreneur, unlike other blogs, focuses on new dental industry innovations. It doesn’t shy away from the world’s problems, either, focusing on the challenges many dental groups face today. While dental marketing is included, Dentrepreneur primarily focuses upon the expanding dental world as a whole. Similarly, it covers leadership values, service provider guidelines and step-by-step business growth plans.


Sixteen: Dental Marketing Guy



Dental Marketing Guy isn’t a one-man show. In fact, it’s a collection of the world’s leading dental marketing professionals. Expect valuable insights, hidden factors and campaign management tips. Each Dental Marketing Guy post is sincere, well-informed and tactical. If you’re knowledgeable about SEO, Dental Marketing Guy has deeper insights well-worth the reading investment.


Seventeen: Dental Marketing Blog



Dental Marketing Blog is a fantastic choice for dental marketing newcomers. It explains digital marketing news in digestible content, making it a go-to resource for any and all dental professionals. Dental Marketing Blog shares unique approaches to the Information Age, too, helping readers comprehend Google visibility, digital marketing and similarly hard-to-reach areas of comprehension.


Eighteen: Firegang Dental Marketing



Firegang Dental Marketing covers dental marketing trends, rounding up several “best of the best” lists for dental marketers wanting to make a splash. It also covers dental industry news—tying it into common dental marketing techniques. Dental marketing isn’t useful without industry news, and Firegang Dental Marketing certainly takes an informational approach to all things business-related.


Nineteen: The Dental Warrior



Also a YouTube Channel, the Dental Warrior offers a massive collection of dental news, tips, tricks and marketing tools. This is another comprehensive blog, so you’ll need to dig a little for the marketing-related content. The blog’s comprehensive approach to dental marketing is, however, worthwhile. It covers niche topics many blogs overlook, making it a gem for most dental marketers.


Twenty: Roadside



Roadside may be a subscription-based digital marketing resource, but it covers dental marketing extensively. Check out its connected dental websites, too, as they’re connected based upon Roadside’s highly relevant industry marketing tactics. Blog posts similarly cover social media marketing news, so you’re never left in the dark.

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