Automotive marketing is a dynamic industry that can overwhelm even master marketers. These 20 best automotive marketing blogs help light the way with insightful blogs that help to teach social media and digital marketing to automotive dealers, those who market for them.

Click Here Publishing

The Click Here Publishing blog focuses on innovative ways to reach existing automotive customers and social media and digital marketing for the automotive dealership. Expect a ton of blogs on how to use various social media platforms and how they are different. The blogs are informative, easy to follow, and interesting to read. Expect a new blog each week and a healthy back library of blogs. This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to expand their social or digital marketing strategy or who wants to research new ways and venues for marketing to automobile buyers.

Dealer Authority

The Dealer Authority blog is a wonderful blog that focuses on the fact that your customers are humans. This is an excellent blog for anyone who needs to produce content for readers, not computers. Expect topics on putting personality into your content, social media connections, setting marketing goals, and even how using world events help to increase readership. Expect a single blog per month.

Relevate Auto

The Relevate Auto blog offers a mix of social media and digital marketing topics for people who want to understand both of these forms of automotive marketing. Expect topics that compare direct mail marketing to digital marketing, and the rise of social media marketing for automotive dealers, and the power of your reputation when it comes to attracting leads. The blogs are well written and full of details.

Kruse Control

The Kruse Control blog is a social media driven blog with rich topics such as how to solve social media challenges by improving your social media strategy, how to create content that sells, how to develop better content strategy, and many other topics. The blog is perfect for anyone who struggles with social media, and who wants to step-up their game when it comes to developing leads from social media. Expect a new blog each week.

9Clouds Inbound

The 9Clouds blog offers a wide range of automotive marketing topic that include analytics, digital ads, email marketing, SEO, Social Media, how to produce outstanding web content, and much more. This blog is perfect for people who want to flesh out the potential of their marketing strategy to reach more new customers while tempting existing customers with offers, and target marketing services.

Naked Lime

The Fresh Squeezed Blog of Naked Lime is a hot bed of dealer-centered automotive marketing tips, tricks, and education. Expect deep topics such as infographics that teach you about social media, moving to multi-channel marketing, breakdowns of industry case studies, and what is CRM. The blogs here are perfect for people who need to increase their market share while looking at new ways to generate leads, reconnect with old customers, and explore or revamp existing marketing strategy.

Mudd Advertising

The Mudd Advertising blog is a dearer rich ad agency with a healthy blog full of tips. Expect short posts that are direct and to the point on topics like the basics of SEO, Why digital advertising is important, etc. The team here has three decades of helping over 4K dealers improve their marketing. The blog is perfect for anyone who is struggling to make sense of automotive marketing. Expect new blogs about once every two weeks.


The DealerSynergy blog is a digital marketing blog that offers easy to understand digital marketing posts that deal with organic traffic, tips on reaching your target audience, and even posts about how to close a car sales deal. This blog is perfect for anyone who wants to better understand their site’s role in digital marketing and who may also want a few more resources to try.

Hedges & Company

The Hedges & Company blog offers a deep trench approach to automotive marketing. Expect to find topics on how to use big data, Automotive SEO, working with Google SERPs, and tips for all units of dealerships including parts and service. This is a great blog for every member of the automotive marketing team. Expect new posts every week with plenty of in-blog data, graphs, and analytics.

Dominion Dealer Solutions

The Drive Dominion blog is a platform-based blog that touches on many of the social media marketing trends within the automotive industry. expect tips and how-tos on topics such as modern car pricing and marketing, reputation management, social media and SERPs. This is a great blog for people who want to find easier ways to generate leads via the many social media platforms without a huge investment of time.


The 3GEngagement blog is an automotive digital marketing arena. Expect topics like how to connect with automobile shoppers, understanding CRM, building brand equity, dealing with Google. This blog is only updated quarterly but they offer a solid set of blogs that are full of inspiration. This is a great blog for anyone wondering what the deal is about digital marketing for the automotive dealer.

Sting’s Automotive

The Sting’s Automotive Marketing Blog offers a cool inside look at marketing topics that help drive the automotive industry. Expect topics such as how to understand Google analytics, Tips about automotive SEO, and a lot of talk about automotive marketing best practices. This blog is perfect for anyone who needs a checklist for automotive marketing. This is a blog that is only updated about once every three months, but they have a decent amount of back library blogs available too.

Full Throttle Performance Marketing Platform

The Full Throttle Performance Marketing Platform blog is a well-rounded blog with topics that span email marketing, search strategy, and plenty of how-to topics such as how to write the perfect CTA. This is a wonderful blog for anyone who wants information about how to improve their marketing and also those who want to find new ways to market. Expect about two blogs per month with a hardy back library of blogs.


The DealerRefresh blog is a great blog for anyone who is looking at moving their automotive marketing to the far left of peak efficiency. This blog tackles the comparisons of cost vs value vs results. Expect topics such as early lead capture vs ad costs, and what consumers want from automotive marketing. Expect several blogs a week and plenty of insight into each blog. These are not short, filler blogs and most of them span 1000 words of more of outstanding discussions, tips, and inspiration.


The DrivingSales blog offers a deep look into the entire sales process and offers tips and tricks on how to apply that knowledge to your dealer’s marketing strategy. Expect topics such as factors behind Showroom sales, consumer generated content, online selling, lead generation, etc. This blog is perfect for the dealer marketer who needs to expand marketing opportunities but who has also run out of ideas. Expect new posts about every three days.

Automotive Digital Marketing

The Automotive Digital Marketing ProCom offers rich content and topics that is aimed at car dealers, automotive marketers and sales managers for both independent dealers and multi-franchise dealers. Expect outstanding content on Social Media expectations, how to apply social media to your dealership’s marketing and some key marketing insights that approach digital marketing and traditional marketing ideas.

Auto Raptor

The Auto Raptor blog offers a wide range of topics from lead generation, marketing, sales, and tech. Expect topics on how to sell to Millennials and how to improve the SEO performance for your dealer’s blog. They post new blogs ever 2-3 days. The reading is good and there are plenty of topics to keep you moving forward with ideas and insights. This is a great blog for anyone who wants to tweak the performance of their automotive marketing.

Showroom Logic

The Showroom Logic blog is an innovative blog about how technology can help improve automotive marketing. This is the brainchild of Neal Gann who is also the CEO of Showroom Logic. Expect blogs about every week to two weeks on topics that range from target marketing, increasing market share, and digital marketing tricks and tips. This is an awesome blog that is perfect for anyone wanting to explore data, marketing, and emerging tech.


The FlexDealer blog is an excellent conversational blog with a ton of deeper content. Expect posts about once ever two weeks on topics like why online marketing for car dealers fail, webpage design, and the differences between websites that are consumer friendly vs. dealer friendly. There is a ton of topics that range from SEO  and social media marketing for automotive sites, to how to handle leads.

Graham Oleson

Graham Oleson’s Automotive Marketing blog is full of great content, providing deep agency insights, case studies, and industry trends that give a unique insight in an ever-changing marketing landscape. Expect a handful of high-quality posts, and make sure you keep an eye out for case studies.

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