With the transition to the Innovation Age, everyone is familiar with SEO, also known as search engine optimization. As a brief introduction, SEO is the practice of designing a website so that it ranks highly on the search results page. Now, Google has introduced something called the Google answers box. The Google answers box is a great way for websites to increase their visibility and traffic; however, the question is how people can get their websites to appear in the Google answers box. There are a few characteristics that Google looks for to make this happen.

Structured Data is Key

The tricks of SEO are still helpful for Google answers box. Google is still looking for information that is relevant to the needs of the users. What’s relevant to the user is a website with structured information that is quick to read and easy to digest. A solid example is a step-by-step guide as shown below. A step-by-step guide has a clear structure that is easy for almost anyone to follow. Structuring the website is a great way to get featured in a Google answers box.

The Site Needs More than Just Hyperlinks

From the basics of SEO, everyone knows that hyperlinks are helpful for improving a website’s ranking. This is still important; however, the Google answers box will require something more. Instead of the basic hyperlinks to relevant sites, Google answers box is going to look for action-oriented hyperlinks. In essence, this means that the hyperlink should have a verb in it that will encourage the user to do something. The Google answers box is meant to provide quick answers to common questions. These questions usually revolve around an action. Therefore, the Google answers box will look for action-oriented hyperlinks when looking to land content in the answers box, as shown below.

The Content Should be Featured in Prominent, Authority Pages

In order for people to land their site at the top of the Google answers box, the content should be featured in some of the leading authorities in the field. One of the easiest examples is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is generally a conglomeration of the some the leading research in the field compiled into one database. When people ask a question, it is not unusual for the information from Wikipedia to be pulled from the site and placed in the answers box. If a website’s information is already featured in a major authority, it has a better chance of winding up in the answers box, as shown below.

What About the Call to Action?

Many people are concerned about having their information pulled into Google answers without having their link placed in the answers box. While it is still early, pages with quality links to leading websites in the field seem to have a higher chance of having their links placed in the Google answers box.

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