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Question 1: I’ve completed a bunch of the tasks I was supposed to do. I’ve submitted my site all over the place. Yet, my keyword rankings don’t change. Separately, my search traffic has dropped, but I”m not sure that’s related. Help!

Our Response: Clients often ask us, “Why aren’t I seeing results now?” One important item to mention about SEO is that it takes time, and we know how frustrating this can be. Although results vary, it can take several months to start to see improvement in your rankings and search traffic. In addition, various factors affect the progress of your website’s SEO, such as competition, content, industry, keywords, location, on-site optimization, quality of backlinks, and much more. SEO is a time-consuming process, but we promise the results are worth it. SEO is known to be a slower trek, but it will provide durable, everlasting, and valuable results.

We’d also like to discuss your keywords for a minute. Keyword targeting is an essential stepping stone in marketing campaign. You may want to consider choosing a few alternate keywords to test out. Your website is ranking very well for a couple keyword phrases currently tracking in your UpCity account. In particular, the primary keyword improved month over month, which is wonderful to see! However, some keywords in your list may prove quite difficult to achieve high rankings for such as “human resources.”

Keyword phrases that are much more competitive in nature are going to be difficult to earn higher rankings in a shorter amount of time. You’ve yet to see much improvement for them, so perhaps adding another keyword modifier to the term or changing it to a similar long-tail keyword may work better for you. After you’ve selected the keywords, it’s important to make sure they are inserted into your site and to follow the other on-site optimization tips we include in the curriculum. Click to find 25 top web tools for SEO keyword research.

Your website is filled with wonderful targeted content, and we can see you’ve been adding to your  marketing performance on a regular basis. With this consistent SEO work in place, you should start to see some improvement in the search and traffic results. Hope this helps!

Question 2:  I am a small local business and am wondering what specific link building task would be most effective for me.  I write at least one blog article a week, link one keyword to an inside page, link one keyword to a .org, and one keyword to our sister site.

Our Response: It sounds like you follow an active web strategy for your business with the blogging and linking! We recommend continuing to build engaging and quality content as a first priority on top of everything else you’re doing. Writing and publishing unique content will boost your overall targeted traffic and engagement as well as gain authority and trust for your business. Google will notice these components over time. Be sure to also plan a distribution and outreach strategy in addition to writing. To expand your reach and traffic, make it easy for users to share the content via your blog, email, social media, and website. It’s also important to always include those top keywords in your content.

Check out this list of top 25 experts in the field of web content to learn more tips on how to create quality content. In addition, view this list of content marketing and idea generating resources for your website.

Question 3: I am optimizing for local search. What if my business address is nowhere near the area that I serve? I have a cabinet-making company that specializes in custom closet interiors. I want the local search results to reflect my service area, as opposed to my actual shop location many miles away. Is this doable?

Our Response: UpCity members can read the answer to this inquiry, as well as many others, in the UpCity Ask the Expert Help Center. Members are encouraged to ask their own online marketing questions for their business, and our inbound marketing experts are on call to respond to all those questions.

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