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When searching for businesses or reviews online, most users will search in their nearby location. Yahoo! Local Listings is a free online local listings directory and a great way to increase your site’s local customer exposure.

After signing up your business for Yahoo! Local Listings, the detailed site information is featured in Yahoo! Local search results, as well as other Yahoo! properties such as Yahoo! SearchYahoo! Maps, and Yahoo! Answers.


Whether you currently have a business listing in Yahoo! Local or you’re creating a brand new listing, read these quick steps to get started.

A business can get listed using two popular strategies: create a brand new citation or update a current citation.

  •  1. To begin creating a free business listing in Yahoo! Local Listings, click here to log into your Yahoo! Account.
  • 2. If you are unsure whether your site qualifies for Yahoo! Local, click to view their requirements for businesses.


  • 1. To update an existing Yahoo! Local listing, visit Yahoo! Local to search for the business.
  • 2. Carefully check that the entire profile is accurate if you are unsure whether you need to update your company listing.
  • 3. If you notice an incorrect item (specifically, business name, address, email, phone, and domain), we’d recommend taking the few minutes needed to update the listing. It’s essential to make sure ALL your local information is consistent and correct.
  • 4. To make changes to your current business listing, click the hyperlink that states “Edit business details.”

When you reach the Submit Your Business Information Page, begin to fill out the data as much as possible. The more information you can add, the better. This important rule applies to Yahoo! Local and all local search platforms that list your business: Make sure the business information is consistent and correct across all your local directory listings, as mentioned above. Try to include your targeted keywords when you can, and be sure to provide a few links back to your website. However, be aware of over-stuffing the profile with keywords.

In the Business Information section, you will be asked for the business name, phone, address, email, and website.

Tip 1: If the business prefers not to display a local address for whatever reason, choose “Do not display my business address.” We’d recommend selecting this option only as a last resort.

Tip 2: You will be asked to select whether your business is online-only. This inquiry is important because Yahoo! is checking whether the website should be allowed in the directory. An online-based business will not be accepted if it does not have a current physical address.

Tip 3: You’re also required to select the primary category. To view the entire list of category options, type in three or more letters of a category you have in mind. This step tends to get people stuck because the process works a bit slow. If you enter an invalid category, a message will pop up that lets you know to begin again.

You are then prompted to fill in the Optional Business Information, which will increase your chances of more visibility in the Yahoo! search engine.

  • 1. Enter your Additional Business Information, which includes a logo, more contact methods, and Facebook and Twitter urls.
  • 2. Hours of Operation comes next, encouraging you to specify the business hours or appointment rules.
  • 3. Last, you can compile Other Operation Details, which includes specific data points like year established, languages, products and services, payment methods, professional associations, brands carried, and specials.
  • 4. At this point, the Enhanced Listing Features section is next. You’re offered an upgrade to the Enhanced listing, which includes displaying extra photos, company tagline, extra business descriptions, promoting additional pages and a coupon code. With a high price tag of $9.95/month, we’d recommend Enhanced Listings only for users who can afford the extra monthly rate. Although it may help to attract more viewers, this incentive is not crucial to participate in. A basic Yahoo! Local listing is free and still includes many important benefits.


Before you complete the final verification steps, you can preview the presented information to make sure there are no errors. You’re able to check all the data on one page without needing to revert back or change pages, which is a small, great feature in my opinion.

How do you know you’re done with the submission process? After submitting the website, you’re automatically driven to a congratulations confirmation screen. You are ensured the business listing is created and currently being analyzed by their team. Users will also be sent a confirmation email.

Important: At the bottom of the confirmation screen, users are asked to choose a method to receive their verification code in order to complete the listing (assuming the Yahoo! team approves it). Be sure to pick before exiting the screen.

Click here to visit your Account Dashboard, where you can:

  • 1. Check the current status of your business listing.
  • 2. Enter the verification code (discussed above), by clicking the “Verify” link.
  • 3. Preview and update your current listing. In creating an example Yahoo@ listing for this blog post, it wasn’t until we went back to the profile again that we realized more information could be added free of charge.
  • 4. Decide to upgrade to to an Enhanced local listing.

If all goes well, the approval process takes about 20 days for Basic listings or about five days for Enhanced listings. Allow for another 48 hours or so for the listing to appear in the Local search results.

UpCity members, follow this pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Optimize Your Presence > Expand Your Presence > Local 102: Top Local Directories.

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