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For agencies who specialize in digital marketing and social media, having a robust toolkit is no longer optional – to be successful in today’s crowded digital social market, keeping ahead of your clients’ competitors through the effective use of social media tools is a necessity.

Below is a list of ten social media management tools that will help you manage your clients’ accounts, streamline your processes, automate daily tasks and workflows, and generally operate more efficiently. Have any favorite social media tools we may have missed? Let us know!

All-In-One Social Management Platforms

These are some of the most popular and well regarded all-in-one social media management and analytics platforms offering a range of features that allow influencer identification, engagement, and analytics, publishing, and curation.

1. Buffer

buffer website screenshot

Buffer is best known for it’s simple user interface and easy content publishing experience, making it a great choice if you want to give your customers access to publish their own content. It’s weakness lies in its analytics capabilities, so many social media managers find themselves using Buffer in conjunction with other social analytics tools.

2. Hootsuite

hootsuite website screenshot
Hootsuite is an excellent all around platform with strengths in both its analytics and its publishing features. While the user experience is not as intuitive as with Buffer, familiarity with how it works is just a matter of time.

3. Sprout Social


Sprout Social was named’s Editor’s Choice for social media management platforms for SMB’s. With a unique integrated social CRM feature Sprout Social gives sales and marketing teams a more straightforward way to engage with social leads.

Content Curation Tools

If your agency is not only managing a client’s social media content, but also doing content creation then sourcing quality and relevant content can be an enormous and difficult task without the right tools in place. At agencies we have to understand what works for a wide range of audiences, and these content curation tools help us find and sometimes optimize our publishing efforts.

4. Quuu


Quuu integrates with Buffer and Hubspot to make content suggestions which you can either have posted automatically or left for approval. Quuu touts its content as “hand-reviewed in-house” so you can save time filtering through lower quality content.

5. Feedly


Feedly is an RSS reader application which makes sourcing content simple and convenient on a desktop or its mobile app. With integrations on IFTTT you could be automating the curation and publishing process by adding content to your Buffer queue or posting directly on a Facebook or Twitter page.

Social Task Automation Tools

Below are a couple task automation tools that tie all of your other social media tools together and allow you to truly automate and streamline your daily social processes.



IFTTT (If This Then That) is a simple task automation tool using conditional statements called applets. IFTTT markets its service directly to consumers so they’ve made it to be as easy as possible to set up automations.

7. Zapier


For more complicated automation tasks, Zapier is the way to go, allowing for multi-step conditional statements vs IFTTT’s two step only statements. Zapier also has over five hundred API integrations, with IFTTT sitting at about half that.

Analytics and Engagement Tools

Finally, the tools below will help you analyze your social media data, allowing you to better strategize your next move.

8. Tweepi


Tweepi makes it easier to grow a client’s Twitter following and improve the quality of followers with features that allow you to find and follow relevant users and unfollow undesirable users.

9. Mention


Among its other capabilities, Mention is a tool that keeps you and your client alert when their brand is being mentioned on the web and social media. This could come in handy in case someone is sharing a negative experience online when your speed and quality of response are crucial.

10. Buzzsumo


For figuring out what content is working for your client’s competitors or industry wide and to see what influencers are amplifying it meet Buzzsumo. The social media tool quickly and easily helps you figure out what content is working on different social platforms giving you insights into what content your customers are interested in.

Bonus Reporting Tool: SumAll


SumAll provides clean and visually appealing white label reporting of social media analytics to present to clients and gives you access to a dashboard online where all the data is displayed.

There is certainly no shortage of quality social media management tools for agencies and social media managers and there are plenty that were not mentioned here. Figuring out which are best for you is only step one though. Utilizing and then tying each tool together in a smooth process is what will take your team’s efficiency to the next level.

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