What do you consider to be the number one marketing challenge for your financial business? If you’re like 63 percent of companies, the answer to that question is generating traffic and leads.

That’s your answer, but what’s your solution?

Here’s some news you’re going to love. Generating more traffic and leads is as simple as optimizing your landing page for your goals.

Here are 10 examples of financial landing pages that will attract high quality leads for your financial business.

Design 1: Interactive Features for a Customized Experience

bills.com landing pageSource

It’s time to throw away the misconception that landing pages need to be static pages, especially in the finance industry.

Look at how the simple addition of a slider on this page gives the visitor the ability to customize the landing page to their individual situation. The slider is almost irresistible, and why play around with it if you aren’t going to click on the red continue button when you’re done?

You can see that this page has few other elements, but it really doesn’t need any more than it has. A perfect example of how less can be more when you include the right features.

Design 2: A Lead Capture Form that Stays Put


With this landing page, we see how a little creativity increases the user experience and keeps your goal as the target the entire time.

As you scroll along this landing page, the lead capture form on the right stays in place. There is never a point when it is out of sight of the visitor. The little arm graphic that follows it around is a design touch that stands out among other landing pages.

Something else that this landing page gets right is the use of color. Everything that is tied into the goal of generating leads is connected through the same color elements.

Design 3: A Landing Page That Makes It Easy

There’s no question that the finance industry requires a different approach to marketing. Sometimes leads need more information before they’re willing to convert.

Is a landing page enough to give them what they need without giving them the opportunity to navigate away to your site?

You bet it is.

Just look at this example.

One block of text and a skillfully placed comparison chart save the lead the trouble of doing the research on their own. The single box in the signup form makes the offer even more compelling.

Design 4: Give Them Options

PNC bank screenshotSource

One of the biggest challenges for increasing the rate of conversions in the finance industry is to somehow convince the lead to stay the course and not abandon lengthy forms. Unfortunately, the online form abandonment rate for financial services is 79%.

consumers claim that the forms just take too long, and often they would rather fill out the forms in person. This landing page gives them the option of doing either, while still providing the same value incentive through a coupon.

As a business, you still capture the leads information, and they get the experience that leads to the greatest level of satisfaction.

Design 5: Another Example of Choices for the Win

chase bankSource

Like the example above, this landing page also gives the lead the choice of filling out the form online, or receiving a coupon through a lead capture.

With this page, the value statement is clearly visible in the headline and they make the application process sound easy with the line “Apply in Minutes”.

Design 6: Countdown to Success

real estate investingSource

Limited time offers, and events are a great way to drive engagement. There’s one trick that will make them want you even more.

You provide them with a sense of urgency. A sense of get it now before it’s gone forever.

This landing page includes a countdown clock above the fold as a reminder that the time to act is now. Along with this, the call to action follows the visitor as they scroll along the landing page.

Design 7: Multiple Points of Contact



This landing page designs includes a lot of successful elements in one space that can be easily optimized for the mobile user.

Two Call to Action buttons make it hard for the lead to miss the point of the landing page. But, just in case they’re not sold on subscribing, there is an opportunity to learn more about the company through testimonials, a FAQ page and a separate contact feature.

Navigation away from the landing usually isn’t a good thing. These navigation tools provide convincing information for the lead that’s on the edge.

Design 8: Make Meeting Their Need Easy

small biz loan


The first thing you notice about this landing page is the bold headline that stands out against the dark background. The promotional rate is also easily visible to encourage engagement.

While nothing else really jumps out at you on this landing page, the white capture form offers the attractive option of becoming pre-qualified with just 4 boxes.


Design 9: Bullet Points Get Attention

db hooversSource

Sometimes, financial landing pages need to convey a lot of information. The problem is that long, scrolling text can turn off visitors, especially those on mobile devices.

An effective way of getting important information on your landing page without reducing its effectiveness is by using bullet points.

On this design, the bullet points are directly opposite the capture form. This makes it easy for the lead to jump over and fill out the form, even as they’re reading through the bullet points.

The bar at the top offers ways for the lead to connect by chat or phone if they have more questions.

Design 10: Alleviate Their Fears


Alright, maybe “fear” is a bit of a strong word. But, how many leads have you lost because they were concerned about what happens once they start the process?

This landing page takes care of that. Not only does it let the visitor know how little of a time investment is involved, it also addresses a very real concern of an inquiry affecting their credit report.

This is the type of message that will generate more high-quality leads.

There’s no reason to wait a minute longer to start generating the leads your business needs to thrive. Need help crafting a winning landing page? Get in touch with a top financial web design agency.

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