You depend on quality leads to grow your insurance business. But, how do you go about acquiring them? You could buy them, but only 20.5 percent of agents say that they’ve had success purchasing leads.

So, it looks like you need to go out and get them yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it might seem. You probably already have the number one tool for generating quality leads.

Yes, it’s your landing page.

The right landing page can make all the difference in your lead generation campaign. Here are 10 examples of landing pages that will get results for your insurance business.

Design 1: Irresistibly to the Point


How much content do you need to include on your insurance landing page to get results? Well, not much at all when you have a cute gecko on board.

While not every insurance business has a mascot with such notoriety, there is a lot that can be learned from this landing page.

For starters, the headline is huge and encourages the visitor to begin a quote without bogging them down with heavy insurance facts.

There are so few elements on this page that the ones that are here have no choice but to stand out and demand attention.

Design 2: Another Example of How Less is More in the Insurance Industry


This landing page is built entirely around the lead capture form. While this might not work for all industries, it works wonderfully for insurance companies.

The free incentive is something that the target market is going to find valuable. Following the lead capture form are details about what makes this such a great offer.

It’s a classic simple design that meets its goals.

Design 3: Mobile Matters



There’s one huge mistake you could be making with your landing pages that’s costing you conversions.

Not having a landing page that’s optimized for the mobile user.

The number of searches done from a mobile device has surpassed the number of searches completed from a desktop, and knowing how to adapt your landing page to mobile devices is crucial to your success.

This example illustrates how to get the most out of the limited real estate on mobile devices. There’s nothing in the way to slow down the load speed and there’s no reason to scroll through lengthy content before getting to the call to action.

Design 4: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

insurance landing pageSource

Nobody really wants to go insurance shopping.

So, it’s a good idea to remind them why it’s important when you have the chance. That’s why this landing page, which is full of emotional appeal, works so well.

Not only are the images focused on family, but this landing page uses space to point out the specific ways that life insurance can help your family. This is a very effective use of space and an excellent choice of content to generate leads.

Design 5: Emotional Appeal – Take Two

insurance example 5Source

Are you catching on to the popular theme with insurance landing pages? Insurance is dry. Real life images that tug at your heart make you more approachable.

Without the image at the top of this landing page, there would be very little appeal in filling out the lead capture form, especially since it’s a bit lengthier than we see on a lot of pages.

The single sentence under the lead form headline quietly makes note of 170 years of service. Other companies might have used this as the primary selling point, but this landing page keeps it in the background where it adds credibility and trust without interfering with the emotional appeal of the page.

Design 6: A Headline That Sells

insurance example 6Source

Sometimes a headline is all that you need. There isn’t a lot on this page to take away from the headline that drives home the point that insurance is meant to protect your family. Add to it the subheading that makes it seem possible to afford life insurance no matter what your budget, and you have an equation for success.

The call to action button is highlighted in a bold color, plus we also like the addition of the number for the quote hotline for the lead that’s more comfortable talking to someone in person.

Design 7: Bold Elements

insurance example 7Source

Before we point out the obvious bold elements on this landing page, let’s take a second to look at the background. In sharp contrast to the block elements on the page, the background is scenic. A blue sky, and an open field. It almost adds a subliminal message of how relaxing and carefree your life can be when you’re not worried about insurance coverage.

Moving past the background image, the CTA is front and center. It can’t be missed. The arrow at the bottom of the page answers questions about which insurance companies are included in the quote service. A lead can easily see if they can get a quote from the company that they’re most interested in.

Finally, the phone number is easy to find for visitors that would rather speak to someone in person, plus they know that they will be speaking to a licensed representative, which adds a confidence factor to the entire page.

Design 8: Of Course, It’s Progressive

insurance example 8Source

Progressive has landing pages mastered. They rarely, if ever, get it wrong.

Take this one for example.

The background is white, neutral and non-distracting. The headline “Peace of mind comes standard” adds emotional value. The CTA is front and center plus they make great use of limited space in pointing out three main ways that adequate insurance coverage is essential.

It doesn’t look like they were over thinking the elements when creating this page, even if a tremendous amount of thought went into the final product.

Design 9: Last Chance

insurance example 9


This isn’t the actual landing page. It’s something even better.

When you find yourself on the landing page for this company, you’ll see a standard, well designed page. Solid, but not necessarily remarkable.

Then, as you move your cursor to bounce out, this happens.

As special bounce-prevention page pops up.

Notice the “Before you go” line. While you were browsing their landing page they were hard at work generating a quote. Are you really going to back out when the work has already been done? Probably not.

This is an example of a brilliant way of reducing your bounce rate.

Design 10: Value Message That Makes You Feel Good

insurance example 10Source

Who doesn’t like to save some money, especially on something like insurance?

Allstate does a great job of creating a classic landing page that generates quality leads. What really stands out on this landing page is the value message for safe drivers.

45 percent or more. That’s a big chunk of money and a great incentive to take the time to fill out one box to get a quote.

A great landing page can make the difference between a bounce and conversion. Still, only 52 percent of companies ever test their landing pages to make improvements. Let us help you discover how your landing page could be working even harder for you. Get in touch with a top insurance web design agency and find out how they can craft a winning page design for your business.

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