When it comes to reaching your target audience, few platforms have the power of Facebook. As the leading social media site, it reaches an incredible 1.23 billion daily active users. The social media giant also has an established advertising system that allows brands to target people based upon a wide variety of demographics. Well-targeted ads can be powerful ways to grow brands, but some ads definitely work better than others. Here are ten types of Facebook ads which work and you can incorporate into your own PPC strategy.

  1. Lead generation ads

Facebook allows you to create lead generation ads, where you can add a form collection field. When you use this feature, Facebook will even automatically fill the form for you, making it easier for your customers to respond and boosting your completion rates, boosting your email list.

2. Retargeting ads

Facebook also runs retargeting ads. These ads allow you to reach customers even after they leave your site. Considering that nearly 7 in 10 people abandon carts, these ads provide you with an excellent opportunity to remind people of the value they left on your site and bring them back to complete the purchase.

3. Video ads

Videos have become impressively popular on Facebook, with users watching around 8 billion every day. Video ads allow you to tap into this trend and create heavily engaging ads that will attract attention and help grow your brand.

4. Ads to target existing customers

Facebook ads can also target people who have made purchases from your organization in the past. In fact, people who have already made a purchase from your business spend an average of 33 percent more than new customers. Use Facebook to introduce past customers to new products or services.

5. Dynamic product ads

Dynamic product ads can be particularly valuable investments on Facebook. They allow you to personalize the ads and show the customer the different products that they were specifically looking at the last time they were on your website. Using this type of ad has been shown to deliver 3x higher conversions as well as a 65 percent drop in CPC.

6. Customer engagement ads

Remember that customers today place value on building relationships with organizations, and that social media platforms have been built to nurture relationships between people. Use your ad space to create thank you’s or personal messages. Let people know you value their interactions with your brand. Use the ad to build relationships and drive loyalty.

7. Local-targeted ads

Local-targeted ads will allow you to reach people who live within a short distance of your physical business and let them know about the latest deals or exciting events at your store. Customers value information about their local businesses: 50 percent of those conducting local-mobile searches will visit a store within a day.

8. Ads with exclusive offers

There are a variety of different exclusive offers you can advertise for people who agree to follow your brand page, such as discounts and deals or exclusive opportunities to try new products. Your ad space can be used to build your page’s followers and encourage brand loyalty.

9. Event promotions

Events provide organizations with great opportunities to engage prospects and past customers in person, but sometimes getting people to show up can be a challenge. Use Facebook to promote events with engaging images, personal invitations, and reminders. This creates a more personal invitation to the event and encourages participation.

10. Ads with relevant, engaging images to pull in new traffic

There are a variety of ways that you can use Facebook ads to reach out to people who have interacted with your brand before, but do not neglect your potential to also reach a completely new audience. Since Facebook allows you to promote ads based on demographic factors, you can analyze the traits of your existing audience and use them to identify new prospects. Include engaging, appealing images and invite these prospects to visit a particular piece of content or your Facebook page. These ads introduce new people to your brand, expanding your reach.

Facebook ads can be an easy way to interact with an incredible audience of prospects right on their social media pages. By using these ads wisely, you unlock the potential of the platform and engage effectively with customers. Keep these types of ads in mind as you design your next campaign.

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Jordan is the Manager of SEO & Social Media at UpCity. With almost a decade of experience designing websites and writing compelling copy, Jordan has helped countless brands find their voice, tell their story, and connect with real people.