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Question 1: My friend told me to automate my social media reach outs by using one main tool. I’m confused by this statement. Shouldn’t I my performing my outreach separately for each social media platform?

Our Response: The debate about social media outreach tools is growing everyday so this is a great question! Social automation solutions are efficient and helpful, and they can manage time and content especially for small business marketing plans. However, it’s very important to ensure you’re still using a personalized and thoughtful voice in your social media outreach plan.

Some people may argue these management tools are an easy excuse or prevent you from really listening to your customers. On one hand, we do find that some tools work better that others for specific industries and platforms. Whatever method you choose, we’d recommend testing out any  rep management tools you feel comfortable with before making any final decisions. You’ll find many tools are free or low-cost. No matter what solution(s) your business chooses to utilize, it’s essential to create messages that accentuate each social network. For example, you have a 140 character restrcition in a Twitter post, but on Facebook you  have more flexibility and can write two great sentences without length restraint. In addition, we feel these social automation tools work great as monitoring tools, even if you don’t necessarily use them to distribute all the content 100% of the time.

If you decide not to use a rep management tool, there are other strategies to help save time! Why not divide and conquer days of the week with your co-workers and manage content by compiling an editorial calendar ahead of time? Another idea is assigning specific platforms to individuals who “specialize” or express a passion for a specific social site like Facebook or Twitter. Getting everyone involved will help, and hopefully they’ll be excited to contribute compelling, quality content. Check out this recent post for a long list of impressive reputation management blogs to follow.

Question 2: Could you provide some quick tips on becoming a better niche site?

Our Response: Focusing on a niche website is important because you are moving away from competing with the heavy hitters out there. For example, you could own an e-commerce website that sells baseball equipment, but you’d never be able to compete with large-scale retailers or websites for the same product. Sites like Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and Wikipedia are competitors that are almost always going to rank high in Google. However, this trend is normal and not necessarily a bad thing.

Therefore in this competitive market, it’s important to choose a specific item, topic, or set of products to specialize in. Thinking about our baseball equipment example, one idea is to sell a variety of left-hander baseball gloves. Selling left-handed baseball gloves would be a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd, increase your chances to rank better, and potentially earn more revenue. Think outside the box in your industry! Focusing on a particular niche for a particular demographic or market is important for any small business.

Question 3:  I am building a new site and am curious if there is a benefit from an SEO standpoint between using WordPress or Joomla to build my site. Thank you!

Our Response: UpCity members can read the answer to this inquiry, as well as many others, in the UpCity Ask the Expert Help Center. Members are encouraged to ask their own online marketing questions for their business, and our inbound marketing experts are on call to respond to all those questions.

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