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Question 1: I am interested in viewing what people are saying about my business on the web. Are there any free reputation management tools out there?

Our Response: There are some great social and rep management tools out there to help you keep track of your social media strategies, as well as monitor who is talking about your business and related subjects. We’ll name a few of our favorites here. For one, Twitter can be a great, free way to respond and interact with your customers, and you can also use it to check searches related to your business and keywords. Google Alerts is another social monitoring option that is easy and simple to use by getting email updates everyday. Another one is HootSuite, which allows you to organize a dashboard and view multiple social accounts at one time. We love this app and use it on a daily basis. Although HootSuite does cost money, there is a free version as well. If you are thinking about paying for a reputation management tool, the Hootsuite or Sprout Social software are quality options. Let us know if you need more ideas, and we’d be happy to help! See also 5 Easy Tips for Social Media Success. Contact UpCity today about affordable social media services.

Question 2: Why is anchor text important to link building?

Our Response: Anchor text is the underlined visible content that is displayed within a hyperlink. Visitors of the page can click on the anchor text and be taken to a given link, and the anchor text tells them what they will find. When you create a link in a directory or website as part of your inbound link-build strategy, the site will generally use your business name as the anchor text to link to your business. As part of its overall ranking algorithm, search engines utilize the anchor text to determine the key concepts and correct value on the landing page. As a best practice, your anchor text should be thought out. It’s ideal if the anchor text in your SEO plan is kept short but includes at least one of your targeted keywords. However, online marketers are learning that the overuse of keywords in your anchor text sends a warning to Google, causing a negative ranking reaction as well.

Question 3: Everyone’s talking about reviews these days. Why should I care? Why are local reviews so important?

Our Response: UpCity members can read the answer to this important inquiry, as well as many others, in the UpCity Ask the Expert Help Center. Members are encouraged to ask their own online marketing questions for their business, and our inbound marketing experts are on call to respond to all those questions.

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