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Video content has a huge impact in today’s competitive digital marketing world. Video sharing on social platforms has definitely motivated a surge in video popularity, and YouTube can be argued as its #1 contributor.

YouTube is an inexpensive and smart platform when thinking about incorporating video into your marketing strategy. Unbelievably, YouTube sees more than 800 million unique visitors per month, and four billion hours of video are watched per month. It’s no surprise that YouTube is the largest video sharing network and still growing. No matter what type of business you own, YouTube provides an effective, fast, and simple method to distribute business information. Posting and sharing videos on YouTube is an influential method to increasing your web visibility, as well as building quality inbound links and buzz back to your site.

To post a video on YouTube’s free platform, you will need to create a free YouTube account and destination page for your business. YouTube doesn’t have accounts specifically targeted to small businesses but we’d encourage you to compile and personalize a channel that differentiates your business from others. Read more quick tips below.

It’s Easy to Get Started: The process to create a YouTube account for your business is very basic. Click here to sign into Google and begin generating your YouTube channel. Sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one established. It’s important to note that YouTube recommends choosing an email address that is not related to your current professional or personal email address.

Adding Video Content: Begin to add quality videos to your business page. Uploading clips to YouTube takes a short amount of time. Click the Upload link at the top of the page, and then choose the file from your computer you want to add.

Got Writer’s Block? Videos should evoke the interest of your target audience. Here are just a few ideas – upload videos you’ve created in the past, highlight an event you attended, post a recent commercial, advertise a specific product or timely promotion, showcase an instructional tutorial of how to perform a specific procedure, tell a customer success story, tell a humorous behind the scenes story about your employees, reveal a lesson of the week, etc. There are so many options for video content. Be creative! See also How to Use Video Search Engine Optimization to Increase Sales.

Low budget? No problem: Nervous about not not having the funds to pay for a master video, or don’t think you know enough about creating videos to promote your business on YouTube? Drop that thought! Video is just another type of content and doesn’t need to be thought of as complex. One of the reasons why video content is so effective nowadays is because of the low cost. A business can be creative and come up with a successful video marketing strategy with a very small amount of set-up money. In addition, video content comes from a wide variety of sources. Thousands of video amateurs are finding great success with YouTube despite having mediocre film experience or a small budget to work with. At the very least, a combination of passion, a clear-cut plan, and basic, DIY video-editing equipment are all you need to produce a quick video.

Lesson Learned: Overall, the more videos you can upload over time, the better. However, each one should be prepared with quality, time, and care. Create videos that add value and will help or boost your audience in some way. Valuable video content that satisfies your audience’s needs is crucial to becoming an authority in your industry.

Remember to Optimize: Optimizing your videos is powerful! Quick SEO optimization tactics help get the videos found by search engines and therefore better optimized on search results pages. For example, the video title should capture your audience. You may upload a compelling and entertaining video, but by labeling it with a boring or unrelated title, you’re much less likely to gain free traffic you could potentially earn. In addition, be sure to add targeted keywords to your title, tags, and descriptions; these are significant SEO factors that will boost your chances to get ranked in Google.

Get the Metrics: Many people don’t realize YouTube offers an intelligent video insight dashboard, and you can also find more advanced data through Google Analytics. This important insight assists businesses to better understand their target audience and act on their findings. Learn more about how many views videos are getting, demographics, engagement, shares, video popularity, traffic sources, and much more insight behind the scenes.

Sharing = Winning: Adding a video to YouTube and moving onto the next one is simply not enough. After posting a video on YouTube, we can’t stress enough how important it is make sure the video is accessible and sharable. This social sharing strategy should always be a build-in step of the video set-up process; link the video to your other social accounts as soon as it’s posted on YouTube (or the other way around). We’d recommend embedding and sharing it on other major social sites as well as publishing it on your blog. Videos should always offer an accessible method for people to distribute the clip themselves. Embedding the video will also increase engagement opportunities with video viewers.

Personalization is Key: YouTube is huge, so it’s important to complete the YouTube page information about your business to the greatest extent possible. Personalizing and branding a channel page with your company information is recommended to bring in more viewers. As another way to stand out and help your videos get found, consider customizing a background image or banner to display at the top of your dedicated channel.

Refer to these other useful resources as you begin to build your YouTube page:

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