“UpCity gives us immediate access to SEO knowledge and allows us to improve our website quickly and effectively. It eliminates the biggest obstacle in SEO, which is the fear to master this unknown and complex subject. The tool also teaches discipline and shows that SEO should be a permanent and returning activity within our marketing department.”

— Jasper Smits, Marketing Executive of Net Display Systems

“I have really found UpCity to be extremely helpful in increasing our web presence. In just a few months, our company’s website has managed to move from 100+ in google rankings to number 14, just a few spots shy of the first page. UpCity offers you flexibility so you can determine which avenues would best suit you, your industry and your budget. UpCity provides you a solid foundation on search engine optimization and encourages you to continue to strive to find additional resources and reference pages. By using UpCity, I became more open to exploring additional resources, reference pages and back links on my own that I could submit our company info to. I proudly encourage everyone to try UpCity.”

— Heather Grantlin, VP of Grantlin Landscape Services

“I find the website easy to use, and just as importantly, it is exciting to complete each assigment knowing that my work will enable our website to stand out in a crowded field of competitors. An added bonus is the low cost compared to the high prices of other SEO sites. UpCity will help our company achieve an excellent SEO ranking. As we continue the process, the value becomes more clear with every step. Do the work yourself and reap the rewards. It's fun!”

— Richard Levinson, VP Business Development of USARAD.com

“The good thing about using the service is that you simply follow the steps (literally baby steps) and you see an impact. I've seen my primary keyword rank improve from unranked to 9 in just a few months. I am by no means an SEO expert, but I've learned many things that I didn't know about as I work my way through the site. I also really appreciate the email updates to my ranking…which I didnt expect we'd be getting.”

— Marc Samouilhan, Director of HotDog Media

“UpCity is fantastic! It’s only been 2 days, but I think I’m in love. This is just what I needed to stay on top of my sites SEO. I started with a ZERO page rank, ZERO links and 10 pages deep on all my keyword searches. I am amazed at how quickly I am completing tasks and seeing results...even in just a few days! Anyone looking to quickly and easily add value and traffic to their site should use UpCity!”

— Jeremy Olson, CEO of Saratoga Jewelry Company

“I was searching for a solution to provide structure to the SEO efforts for my company. We were spinning our wheels in our on-site and off-site SEO Efforts. Too much effort expended for too little result. I searched the web and found two possible solutions: UpCity and a competitive site. I decided to try them both head-to-head for a two month test period.

UpCity was the clearcut winner! I loved the uncluttered dashboard and easy of maneuvering around the application. Two distinct features of UpCity made the difference for me. First, UpCity broke their tasks down into steps and provided a clear path for me to follow. Once I completed the tasks for step one, I would move onto step two and more complex tasks. The other site had many of the same tasks, but did not provide the simple framework to help me easily and effortlessly complete my SEO tasks.

Finally, the one feature that may have made the greatest impact on me was the "Alert" system. When I logged into the application I would see alert messages on my dashboard displaying how the keywords I was targeting were moving up the rankings in the major search engines! It was this "positive feedback" that helped inspire me to complete more SEO tasks and continually improve my results. UpCity is now an indispensable tool for my business.”

— Duane Hardy, President of Forklift Systems Inc.

“I have been looking for the perfect thing to help walk me through the sometimes incredibly mysterious and boggling world of SEO. I think I finally found it with your do it yourself service. I really like how I am clearly walked through the various steps to make the changes needed to my web site. I have not seen an easy-to-use service like this before, and I am very happy with it! I work with computers all the time, and I don't need your service to be as incredibly easy as it is to use, but I know from working with it, that it will be very easy and understandable for the vast majority of small business people.”

— Christine Marsh, Owner of Visionary and Whimsical Art

“The easy to manage, small steps approach provided by UpCity has made knocking off some great SEO steps very easy. I love that it gives us a 'road map' to follow here at www.vanns.com on steps needed to enhance our SEO. We're not paying thousands of dollars a month to some big company. Instead, we're paying an unbelievably reasonable fee and learning the steps we need to do from here forward for our SEO. The interface and approach are simple yet elegant, and we now have some great reporting that we can share with key stakeholders internally. Thanks UpCity!”

— Matt Ranta, Marketing Manager of Vann's Inc.

“I joined UpCity to find out how to approach SEO and link-building. I've followed the guidelines, and we've started to gain more traffic, more visits, and more Facebook 'likes.' It's great that we've also started getting our Page Rank up. My experience with UpCity has been wonderful.”

— Benoit Lavigne, Marketing Director of Urban Pet Boutique

“I have been very impressed with the UpCity tool. In just one week, my site went from a keyword ranking of 100+ to 40, and it's continuing to move in the right direction. I also increased orders from my e-commerce site by 20% due to the local SEO guidelines that UpCity prompted me to do. The UpCity dashboard is a great place for me to start my day. Thanks for making heartsandflowersprimitives.com a better and more profitable site!”

—Bobby Valentine, Owner of Hearts and Flowers Primitives

“UpCity has really helped us to increase our web presence. Finding a good solution is very important to our online-based business. We have seen some amazing results. We are number one in both Google and Yahoo for our company name, and we are starting to see our other keywords move up the listings. We are extremely impressed as we have only been working with you for one and a half months!”

—Sean Johns, CTO of Remote Techs Ltd.

“UpCity's step by step program is very simple and easy to use. We love how we can complete the SEO process on our own schedule.”

—Mitchell Reed Sussman, CEO of PalmSpringsVacationDiscounts.com

“It has been great working with the UpCity team. When you sign up your business and when you are working on the individual tasks, they take the time to explain the application and SEO concepts in an easy to understand way.”

—Angela Marno, Owner of Marno Designs

“The UpCity tool is very transparent and easy to use. The subject of SEO can be daunting and complex for people, but UpCity successfully encourages and helps marketers, no matter what SEO skill level, to use its step-by-step application.”

—John McCormack, Owner of McCormack Public Relations

“There is nothing like UpCity in the marketplace. When a small business signs up for a membership, what you get is a very clean and straightforward instruction manual to get your site off the ground and lift it up among its competitors. In a field like this, it's easy to spend a lot of money quickly and not see any results, but UpCity's help provides more immediate results at a low price. UpCity transforms SEO best practices into a reasonably priced, easy, package that anyone can do.”

—Alicia Sims of Irpino Law Firm

“We have been working with UpCity for only a few days now, and already we have a sense of accomplishment. Our previous experience with another SEO service site resulted in nothing but frustration and many wasted hours with little help. That has now changed! Our keyword rankings have improved. In addition, the UpCity format is easy to understand, and their direct personal interest and response is impressive. We look forward to completing each step of the process and to an ongoing working relationship.”

—Lon Copelin, Principal of MetroShelvingProducts.com

“UpCity is a great site for any small business needing help with their search engine optimization. They provide you will simple easy steps and walk you through the whole process! If no one can see your website, it doesn't matter how great it is. Help your site's rankings with UpCity!”

—Carly R. Weitzman, P.A., Attorney of Blind Ear Law Group

“UpCity has been an absolutely invaluable solution for our SEO needs. Their services are offered at the right price too. Their knowledge is unsurpassed as far as I'm concerned. UpCity has helped our SEO rankings at www.safetyasaservice.com tremendously in the short time that we have been working with them to improve our SEO stats. Thanks UpCity.com!”

—Eric Haney, Director of Safety as a Service

“Until I found UpCity, I was floundering and wasting a lot of money and time in promoting my business online. There are many SEO "hacks" out there that offer empty promises. UpCity is the exception. SEO takes time and effort, but they provide a clear path. Additionally, UpCity provides the service to help you, but the DIY part is critical. I am learning many ideas on how to refine my message and descriptions by looking at the many sites that UpCity recommends in their approach. For the money I spend, I can't think of a better way than using and learning from UpCity. Call them or sign up directly TODAY!”

—George Evans, Owner/Designer/MCP of Network & Web Design Services

“I had a small business of my own, and I built my own site and decided I would do all my own SEO. I spent months and months working on my listing, rank, indexing, key words, adwords, backlinks, etc! I found UpCity while assisting a friend with their site and business. I wish that I would have found UpCity when I had my business. I highly recommend using this software. Even if you are familiar with search engine optimization, UpCity is going to help!”

—Anthony Longoria, SEO/Web-Development Manager of Prime Dental Group

“UpCity is an essential tool for small business owners trying to gain a presence on the web. I started my journey completely confused and somehow landed in the lap of UpCity. This website is structured very simplistic and easy to navigate. For those of us short on time (and money), we are blessed to have a helping hand from some SEO experts at our fingertips.”

Wicked Dream Design

“It took me a long time to see who and how a company can satisfy my needs for a dream SEO Project, but ever since I have decided to go with UpCity, I have had no single cause for regret!”

— Adeyinka Siegel, Lead Solution Expert of IHostAfrica

“We've tested and tried a number of SEO software products and learning tools. We've discovered that UpCity offers one of the most complete and easy-to-use products in the marketplace today. Keep up the great work, UpCity!”

— Matthew Kelley, CEO of Gold Medal Waters, Inc.

“I am a business owner who is new to the SEO universe. After looking at numerous pricey solutions I stumbled upon UpCity. What a golden nugget! Learning about SEO for my business while executing the SEO plan they provide is a no-brainer. They offer the same services, albeit doing it yourself, at a fraction of the cost. You can pay an SEO expert thousands a month with no guarantee the job is done correctly or DIY for much less. Great job UpCity!”

— Manuel Rodriguez, Principal of Planet Broker

“UpCity.com has been extremely helpful in increasing my website's visibility. UpCity's initial analysis was right on the money, but their DIY instructions were truly amazing. They've walked me through everything I needed to do step by step, from where to create business listings online to generating links on other websites. I am on a tight budget, but their service is worth every penny. THANKS UpCity!”

— Elizabeth Null, MAT, Director & Founder of Learning Quest Education, LLC

“The experience of seeing my website get much more traffic since I started using UpCity has been astonishing! I installed Google Analytics on my site when I designed it a while ago, and watching the analytics change from a negative percentage to a 114.25% increase amazes me because I only started using your steps! I highly recommend ANYONE who has a website to use your services. Not just for a onetime service, but also as a maintenance tool for your site to continue to keep up in this ever changing world of the web. Thank you UpCity!”

— Deb Quigg, Director of Webink Graphic Designs

“Our company has been in business for over 40 years and chiefly relied on the yellow pages and referrals for all of our business. We have maintained a website for over 10 years but it has just been in the last 6 months we have noticed a significant number of customers are finding us on the web. Our position with the major search engines has not been great and I realized it was time I started to seek out SEO options to help our organic search position so we can drive more business to our company. After calling and emailing a number of SEO companies that wanted to charge anywhere from $400 to nearly $2000 I found UpCity. I chose to give them a try with the Jumpstart program while also going through the UpCity steps I could on my own.

We have been with UpCity for about 45 days and our organic listings have moved from between 2 and 6 pages back depending on the search term to the first or second page in every search engine using all of the key words that are relevant to find our industry. UpCity is well worth the cost and I am excited by how well it has worked for such a low cost. Every day it is just plain fun to see how our site is moving up using various key words! From my perspective you should try UpCity before blowing a bunch of money on companies that are expensive sales hype!”

— Scott Faulk, General Manager of Ace Plumbing, Heating and Air

“UpCity is a great way to build your site's popularity and rank, and with a Free trial there is no reason not to try it. With in-depth general and advanced search engine optimization techniques, progress tracking, and expert support, UpCity is the most comprehensive SEO tool available for its price.”

— Jeremy Moore, Owner of The PC Repair Shop

“UpCity is incredible and has been helping us learn what needs to be done on and off our site. UpCity has great webinars, great customer service, and great tools that are all integrated into an easy to use dashboard. UpCity is an excellent product that we enjoy using and recommending to our clients.”

— Donny Michel, CEO / Co-Founder of Smurk Creative

“UpCity offers a huge relief to a small business such as myself. UpCity lays out everything for you, in very simple terms, using a step by step process.

I tried to find links and complete important SEO tasks myself by searching the internet but became overwhelmed with all the complexity. I then searched for professionals who charged a jaw dropping rate with a not so enticing sales pitch such as ‘get links fast’ or ‘rank first within a month’.

I knew that REAL link building takes some time to obtain quality links and getting your site ranked in Google is not as easy as it sounds. UpCity is a do-it-yourself service that allows you to complete tasks that will cost thousands elsewhere.

The service is brilliant, low cost and best of all, it works! My site is consistently increasing in rankings after I complete the tasks assigned in my UpCity curriculum.

I recommend UpCity to businesses that have a budget but also seek results. Thank you UpCity! You have truly helped me grow my business in the search engines, and I am very grateful for this little gem you have created.”

— Dustin Sanders, Owner of Prodigy Piano Studios

“UpCity is so simple, you can't do anything wrong. UpCity is addictively easy-to-use and allows us to be SEO ninjas. I think the biggest result we have noticed with UpCity is our searchability. We have picked up a number of requests for proposals, from businesses who never would have paid attention to us initially, because we were able to raise where we sit in the search engines.”

— Chris Nadeau, Chief Love Officer of Evolving Solutions

“UpCity has been a life saver for our business. Prior to signing up, we weren't visible at all on search engines, and we didn't know where to begin to get our business into the results. UpCity's beautiful site layout, powerful suite of tools, and easy to follow steps made it super simple for us to get our business in front of customers. We've been able to achieve the #1 position for our primary keyword in only a couple months. Thanks UpCity!”

— Tony Chase, Project Manager for Chase Building Group

“I took you guys up on your seven day trial and immediately knew I wanted in. When I have a little time, UpCity is there waiting for me. I can work for my business anytime I like, and UpCity will tell me what to do next and what effect my work has so far. No guessing or spending too much time on the wrong tasks. When I get a little lazy, they even send me a note about how I could just do this one little thing to help my site this week. Sometimes I need that kind of encouragement. A gentle reminder with a tiny dash of guilt thrown in to get my motor started. I recommend you to whoever asks how I do my "web stuff."

The best part is that it really is me doing this work, and understanding as I go along instead of just paying and trusting, without knowing whether I got what I paid for. Kudos guys. I am very pleased and have results already - real results that I can see, and that are mine to keep.”

— Edward Cline, Owner of Rainbow Services

“UpCity is a wonderful SEO tool especially for SEO beginners. UpCity has helped me navigate and understand the SEO jungle, as well as the important role it plays in my business. I recommend UpCity for small businesses wanting to learn or enhance SEO practices.”

— Matthew C., Owner of Tri State Domestic

“I've been looking for SEO help for months, and I've been scammed by snake-oil salesmen claiming to know SEO. Finding UpCity was great. I'm not only using it to learn more about SEO, but also I'm using it as a monitoring tool for consultants. The site is easy to understand and comprehensive.”

— Mike Moyer, College Counselor of College Peas, LLC

“As a multidisciplinary website design and internet marketing agency, we are often asked to design websites for new brands and businesses. Far too often, our clients expect us to design a website that will instantly rank in search results. Yet, many times they haven’t allowed enough budget for internet marketing once the site launches, having spent most of their marketing dollars on the design of the new site.

This is where UpCity fits in for us. UpCity gives us the opportunity to offer pre- and post- launch SEO plans to our clients at a more affordable price point than if we offered these services "from scratch." Additionally, for our ongoing internet marketing work, UpCity is useful to us as a blueprint of essential SEO tasks to supplement with our own services. In short, UpCity is a great product that uniquely fills a void we've long grappled with here at Splat.”

— David Hitt, Founder & President, Splat, Inc


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