$ 50/mo

  • 1 Campaign
  • 5 Keywords
  • Features Include:
  • Keyword Ranking & Link Reports
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Step-By-Step Guide
  • Social Profile Integrations
  • Suggested Content & Curation

Agency Pro

$ 150/mo

  • 5 Campaigns
  • 20 Keywords
  • All Basic Features Plus:
  • Branded PDF Reports
  • White Label SEO
  • Report Card
  • Sales Resources
  • Embed SEO Report Card

Agency ProPlus

$ 300/mo

  • 12 Campaigns
  • 30 Keywords
  • All Pro Features Plus:
  • Automated Reporting
  • Co-Branded Application
  • Custom Tasks
  • Team Management
  • Team Assignments & Due Dates

Enterprise Agency

$ 800/mo

  • 40 Campaigns
  • 30 Keywords
  • All ProPlus Features Plus:
  • Agency Reporting Suite
  • API Access
  • Fully White Labeled Application
  • Custom Subdomain
  • Cross Campaign Task Management

Let UpCity Do The Work For You!
We offer full inbound marketing services from strategy to execution. 

We are dedicated to helping you grow and scale your business. Our dedicated account services team will help you build a strategy roadmap personally, and oversee your services package from beginning of engagement to completion, for each client you provide SEO services to.


What does the UpCity software do?
The UpCity local inbound marketing platform was designed to help your agency scale your revenue. We do this by providing sales tools and solutions to help you close SMB customers as well as providing a robust campaign management solution for your team to efficiently manage your SMB relationships.
What makes UpCity different?
UpCity is different because we provide technology that provides actionable tasks to optimize each campaign. We allow agencies to systematically implement best practices across their SMB portfolio and do so efficiently. UpCity is also different in that we provide SEO Services in addition to the software. If your agency is short-staffed or want to offload some of the more menial tasks, UpCity can help! Our experts can complement your team and allow you to white label the work completed.
How does UpCity help me grow my SEO services revenue?
UpCity can you help you grow your services in three key ways. First, we provide sales solutions and lead generation tools to help you acquire SMB customers more rapidly. Second, our technology provides a way for your team to systematically and efficiently service your customers. Third, UpCity's SEO services allow you to outsource tasks to keep your team focused on strategy and account management and bring on more accounts with the same or less costs!
Can I white label UpCity for my clients?
All agencies that subscribe to our Pro and ProPlus plans have a full array of reports that can be white labeled and sent to your customers. We currently white label the platform for enterprise partners that have over 40 SMB clients for the platform. For more information on our large white label programs .
Does UpCity support Wordpress or other major CMS?
The UpCity platform customizes the tasks and actions based on the CMS selected in our onboarding process. We don't currently have a Wordpress plugin but we provide detailed instructions on how to get the most SEO benefit from your Wordpress CMS as well as the other major CMS'.
Do I need to hire high-end SEOs to utilize UpCity?
No! While powerful enough for experienced SEO's, UpCity is extremely easy to use and lays out the path for teams to follow to optimize and grow your clients' programs. Unlike other solutions, UpCity is focused on taking all data and making it simple and actionable. Thus, no SEO experts required.


We were seeking a vendor to bring us a comprehensive reporting platform that aggregates all SEO data in a single point for our specialists to use in servicing the accounts and for our automation to use to generate client-facing reports. The UpCity platform has met and exceeded these goals and brought us efficiencies that have boosted our service and customer satisfaction. They have been a great partner in consolidating and streamlining our SEO tools and reporting. The new tools and data they’ve brought online have been extremely impactful for our team’s ability to manage and improve our clients’ rankings.Tim Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Sesame
It’s no secret that 435 Digital loves UpCity for completing everyday SEO tasks. Typically, when somebody on our team references “claiming local listings” I pretend to be very busy and unavailable, but UpCity actually makes this kind of work a little less mundane. It also stores it all in one place — as an SEO, this is awesome. Also as an agency, we often have trouble finding software and services that can scale and provide value to all of our clients. With UpCity we’ve found a team who will listen to  our concerns, ask questions, and return MORE value than requested.Laura Fitzgerald, SEO Specialist, 435 Digital
The fact that we can leverage their team of SEO experts to complete work when needed gives us a more sustainable SEO offering that allows us to handle fluctuations in demand. UpCity gave us an easy step by step guide for our team to follow to improve the SEO performance of our client’s websites. It is one of the many tools we use to help guide the work we perform on a continual basis.Mike Sallander, President, Chicago Digital
We love the reporting and the detailed way tasks are organized. It not only keeps us on track with the SEO tasks we need to be performing for our clients but we can also very simply and beautifully send reports to our clients.Joe Amaral Operations Manager, Crystal Clear Digital Marketing
My customers don’t know that they have a visibility problem and that their competitors are out their building bridges on the net back to their own sites. With UpCity, the client now knows where they stand and get good actionable items to build a strategy for higher visibility and free traffic.Mike Hammock, Owner, Shortcut Solutions
The task functionality was a major factor when sourcing new SEO applications. The UpCity SEO customer task manager has been a huge time saver for my team. With an in-house team we were able to get organized and stay on top of the tasks that needed to be completed for our clients, streamlining our process and creating even greater value.Alex Miranda, Project Manager, MarkNetGroup