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Top Marketing Consultants in the United States

When you need digital marketing services as a small business owner, there are no shortage of companies and service providers you can turn to for great work. But some small business owners may find themselves looking for a more direct, hands-on approach to their marketing problems.

For business owners, leveraging a specialist or marketing consultant can be a great way to get the marketing help and guidance your business needs without dealing with a large organization and multiple points of contact. However, when you're researching marketing consultants with a great track record, finding a trustworthy partner can be difficult.

We've looked at marketing consultants across the United States to find the best partners for small businesses! Check out our list below.

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Masterful Marketing LLC

Marlborough, MA

Debra Murphy is a marketing coach and consultant who empowers small business owners to take control of their marketing for better results. Experien...more

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Redpoint Marketing Consultants

Christiansburg, VA

Redpoint Marketing Consultants, in partnership with Duct Tape Marketing, helps local small business owners create a complete marketing system that ...more

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Jason Falls

Louisville, KY

Jason Falls is a noted marketing keynote speaker, digital strategist and thought leader. Jason Falls has co-authored two books and also speaks on b...more


Mandy McEwen

San Diego, CA

Mandy McEwen is the CEO and Founder of Mod Girl Marketing, a modern digital marketing agency focused on growing small businesses. Mandy also provid...more

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John Jantsch

Kansas City, MO

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine.more

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Mark Fortune

Little Rock, AR

Fortune Marketing Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas, offers marketing programs to help small businesses to grow their businesses quickly & affordably.more

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Geri Mazur

New York, NY

Geri Mazur Marketing offers small business marketing consulting thru its expert small business marketing coach to create marketing strategies for s...more

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Martha Spelman

Los Angeles, CA

Advising small- to mid-size businesses on their Branding, Marketing, Content Marketing and Online Strategymore

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Olga Mizrahi

Boston, MA

Olga Mizrahi, business development consultant, offers savvy & effective marketing consulting advice for small business owners. As a small busin...more

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Russ Powers

Shelby Charter Township, MI

We work with business owners that are struggling to make their business successful, and help those that worry about how to market their business.more

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Hamilton Wallace

Scottsdale, AZ

I am a small business marketing consultant. I do many things, but the goal is always the same: increasing sales.more

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Lara McCulloch

Palo Alto, CA

Award-winning Small Business Marketing Consultant helping you grow your business, attract raving fans and love your business again.more

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Diana Urban

Diana Urban is a young adult fiction author and marketer at BookBub, formerly at HubSpot. Hire her as a marketing consultant!more

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J. Genow Marketing

Want to take the guesswork out of marketing? You can. It starts with a plan, a Marketing Roadmap. Get the clarity and direction you need to reach y...more

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Martina Iring

Vancouver marketing consultant - online marketing, website creation and professional copywriting services. Helping small businesses take advantage ...more

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