Top 25 Smart Real Estate Marketing Blogs

With the advent of digital media, the ebbs and flows of the real estate industry have become much more visible. Brokers can tweet other agents in the cloud, share their opinions on housing market changes as they occur, reach new markets, yet relate to buyers more and act less like salespeople. Furthermore, agents can gain insights in the market and efficiently share through blogging and social media.

As a result, several real estate agents have become considerable content producers. These influential agents create online resources that inform and inspire their colleagues and customers. Additionally, these real estate bloggers are sharing free knowledge. This means that business owners and clients looking to invest in commercial real estate or their first home can be educated from a variety of viewpoints first before they make purchasing decisions.

Every week, we bring together top-tier content creators from different niches in order to educate our audience. This week, we present the top 25 commercial and residential real estate blogs for your learning pleasure.

Residential Real Estate Blogs

  1. Agent Image Blog – In the age of the cloud, not everyone knows how to manage his or her web presence. Come to this blog to read great material on how to do exactly that. The Agent Image Blog excels at website optimization tips for real estate agents.
  2. Blogging Real Estate in NoVa – Chuck Rifae is a licensed real estate broker who operates in the D.C. area. This content is a great example of how a modern residential agent markets his wares with an online presence.
  3. Crib Chatter – Crib Chatter displays expensive million-dollar homes, condos and penthouses. Read this Chicago-based blog for buyer tips, deals on high-end luxury homes, and more.
  4. Coy Davidson Blog – Coy Davidson teaches commercial real estate with an interesting emphasis on how technology and the changing demographics affect the overall housing market.
  5. Chitown Property Group – This blog serves as a database for local Chicago property listings. In addition, it showcases illuminating articles and infographics on residential deals.
  6. Dave Kohl Real Estate Marketing Blog – Since 2008, Dave Kohl has been blogging about real estate. He divulges real estate copywriting tips, as well as his opinions on the evolution of the market.
  7. FlyerCo – Take a look at one of the top lead generation blogs for real estate on the web! FlyerCo provides excellent tips how to get traffic, leads, and search referrals for your real estate website.
  8. The Chicago Real Estate Local Blog – Eric Rojas is a trusted advocate for real estate who explains the downtown Chicago scene with entertaining images and breakdowns of the hottest properties.
  9. Getting Real Blog – Gary Lucido writes this local blog about the Chicago housing market and the key players that contribute to the industry.
  10. ICSC Blog – The official voice of the retail real estate world, the ICSC maintains a deep focus on monthly shopping center statistics and displays interviews with industry professionals.
  11. Llenrock Blog – This blog consists of an experienced real estate team who expound upon the thought-provoking landscape of the housing market. Excellent weekly top ten lists and videos will help progress your commercial estate knowledge.
  12. Mr. Chicago Luxury Real Estate – While Sheldon Salnick focuses on high-grade homes, he invests extra energy into detailing the real estate architecture he sells. Is your lifestyle complementary to the build of your home? Read the blog, and you will learn the answer.
  13. Real Estate Communities Blog – Chris Savage writes about investing, buying and selling homes, in addition to prospective technology trends in the real estate sector. Expect to get solid advice for beginners jumping into real estate.
  14. Real FX Group Blog – Anthony Gilbert gives prodigious insights on the latest local real estate trends, as well as the basics behind being a trusted broker.
  15. The Real Estate Bloggers – Tom Royce writes about real estate development and mortgage information. Look for interesting news headlines and national real estate coverage right here.

Commercial Real Estate Blogs

  1. A Student of the Real Estate Game – This blog invites you to absorb the no-holds-barred perspective from a young, successful VP of a commercial investment real estate firm. Joe Stampone’s writing is geared toward real estate collaboration, learning, and innovation in the space today.
  2. BoomTown Blog – On the BoomTown Blog, the writers are driven to create content that propels forward the future of real estate. Topics covered include inbound marketing, real estate news, and social media engagement.
  3. BrokerSavant Blog – The BrokerSavant team curates the BrokerSavant Blog and gives massive insight into the economic implications of commercial real estate. Read this blog to stay informed on digital advertising and real estate current trends.
  4. Duke Long Blog – What do you picture when you hear “real estate” and “social media” used in the same sentence? Hopefully, you imagine the expert broker, Duke Long. His blog  explains how social media and digital marketing effect commercial real estate brokerage and networking.
  5. The Geek Estate Blog – What do you find when you combine commentary on real estate and technology? Enter the Geek Estate Blog. This real estate community is chock-full of helpful learnings on digital media and tips from finance and real estate industry veterans.
  6. Union Street Media Blog – Should you own a mobile website as a real estate agent? Do you know how to drive traffic to your real estate listings? Discover answers to these questions and more on the Union Street Media Blog.
  7. Properties Online Blog – The Properties Online company blog offers online tools for more than 20,000 real estate professionals to get more leads and traffic. Amanda Cornelius is the main writer zeroing in on the latest technology tools to benefit agents.
  8. The Housing Bubble Blog – Ben Jones writes about the housing price boom and its affect on real estate agents and the economy. This blog offers fascinating opinions intended for readers well versed in the current media surrounding real estate.
  9. Intero Real Estate Blog – This California-based company blog has offered updates on local events for high-end homes since 2007.  Progressive reviews on the real estate industry reside here.
  10. Real Estate Marketing Blog – Vinny La Barbera teaches real estate website owners how to optimize their sites for maximum leverage using resources like videos, and social media tools. Beginners will appreciate how Vinny’s blog offers simple and unique content.

Do you know any real estate bloggers who are making waves on your end of the web? Let us know in the comments below!